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Why Russians buy real estate in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria becomes more and more popular among the Russian buyers of real estate, the reasons for that an infinite set. The most important, in my opinion is that in Bulgaria Russians feel at home. Agree, it is important - to feel at home abroad!

It is possible to feel comfortably on a visit in other country, in hotel, during holiday. But in the own house even if you there constantly do not live, there is a wish to feel all - at home.

Bulgaria is close located territorially. Flight does not take a lot of time and does not take away a lot of money.

Congenial and to language residents of the country sincerely kindly treat Russians, and most of Bulgarians also speaks in Russian.

Slavic cuisine. It is very important, it is always difficult to change in a food habit root. Though arrived to Bulgaria the habits towards an overeating risk to change the majority. Bulgarian cuisine is unusually tasty. Add the Bulgarian hospitality, abundance of fruit and seafood here, and after holiday it is already possible not to get into favourite jeans.

culture, Close to Russia. And that is important, in Bulgaria live a little and natives of the countries of Asia, Africa and the Arab East do not seek to live there. It does Bulgaria by truly European state.

Real estate prices in this country for the present remain at the low level in comparison with other European Union countries. But experts predict significant increase in the prices after the entry of Bulgaria in a zone of Schengen in March, 2011.

Seizing in Bulgaria in the nearest future will grant to the owner the right for the constant Schengen visa.

the Prices absolutely for everything in Bulgaria sincerely please, including the cost of utilities. In the majority of the countries of Europe nervously distorts inhabitants at memories of accounts on water and electricity.

Magnificent climate from the point of view of its change. You will not feel acclimatization. In Bulgaria in the same way there is all the 4th pronounced a season, but all of them are much warmer. Here it is possible to enjoy snow in the winter and to be fried in the summer on the sea beach.

It is just necessary to add to this point that in Bulgaria the flora, richest in Europe, and fauna, 17 national parks and reserves, falls, caves, the most beautiful mountain lakes and the Alpine meadows, mineral springs, mud resorts, absolutely unusual clean air and the valley of roses. The queen of flowers precisely knew where to lodge.

Owning real estate in Bulgaria, you can gain income from delivery it for rent when you do not live there. Laws of the country it allow.

do not have restrictions for the lower limit of cost of the bought real estate. You have the right to buy a tiny lodge in mountains for 5000 euros (and such offers are available). For comparison: acquiring real estate on Malta, you should lay out not less than 105000 euros.

Between Russia and Bulgaria the arrangement on pensioners exists. It means that wealthy pensioners can right after purchase of real estate in Bulgaria constantly live in the country and receive there the pension.

According to official figures today owners of real estate in Bulgaria are more than 300 000 Russians. The majority of them pensioners, but each of us once to them will become, and therefore everyone has an occasion to reflect, having read all above.