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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on September 18 - 19? “Remix needle“, etc.

this week in the Russian hire leaves at once 10 movies which will try to refresh slow film fall with if not quality, then quantity. Among debutants there is no horror film, the fighter or a fantasy, but there are several melodramas, dramas and thrillers. Let`s long not enjoy a prelude, we will pass to the review at once:

1. “Flower of a devil“. I carried out the First acquaintance to the melodramatic thriller about love in terrible night at movie theater when before a session “Uncontrollable“ started the commercial of the new movie of Ekaterina Grokhovskaya (“The irrevocable person“). I am not familiar with more early works of this girl, but viewing of a trailer led me into an unambiguous blind alley. If I looked - at “Twilight“ (that I am going to make sooner or later, it is necessary to collect only the strength), then I would be visited, certainly, by the state in the people called “deja vu“. “The flower of a devil“ even in the look which is cut down to a condition of a trailer strikes with the full helplessness and total copying of mediocre Hollywood thrillers. The same student who dreams any obscenities with participation of the ominous, but charming rider, the same love Shura - mess from a garden - mazo a bias (“Dracula 2000“ and same “Twilight“), plus any devilry, some books with the drawings appearing from blood, huge flowers and other utter dregs. Surely I recommend for viewing to all at whom finally faded a cerebellum or that who comes to movie theater only to eat and communicate. I warn the others - waste of time and money.

2. “The murderer in me“ (The Killer Inside Me). From the previous creativity of Michael Uinterbottom I remember only “Code 46“, very interesting as envisioned, but a little tightened fantastic drama with Tim Robbins`s participation. The criminal thriller “The Murderer in Me“ managed to participate in the program of the Berlin Film Festival, and here in film distribution failed. Did not rescue a picture even participation of quite good actors: Kasey Affleck, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Neda Beatty and Elias Koteas. A story about the representative of the law who actually is a cruel murderer and the psychopath could not break through to the viewer because one shocking and aspiration to show more low requirements and desires in separately taken shot it is obviously not enough for success. In total - to us it is more habitual when police officers on the screen protect peace citizens, but do not kill for the sake of own pleasure.

3. “Remix needle“. Risking to draw upon itself an indignation storm, I will note that and Kino groups I treat Victor Tsoi`s creativity extremely quietly, almost indifferently. Yes, they have a two-three of the clinging songs. Yes, in due time Tsoi did to many noise, at first the life, then the tragic death. But if specifically to concern the movie “Needle“ (1988) of Rasheed Nugmanov, then in the context of time and images, this tape turned out very timely. Remix is not alteration and even not a remake, it is a rehash of an old melody in a new way. In our case Nugmanov only added to a timing tape (if to be exact, 6 minutes) and tried to make the beginning and the end of the movie more obvious. Perhaps, thereby it spilled a balm for the soul of true admirers and Tsoi`s fans, I do not know. If ask me, then it is better not to touch and leave some movies everything as it is. On the places. The trouble is that the present generation has no heroes and there are no idols therefore from time to time in a turn are started old, checked by time, types. What for? the Answer to this banal question I will lower.

4. “To children to 16 …“. the Director Andrey Kavun is well-known to the domestic viewer. Even if you it is not aware that he actively takes part in shootings of the Russian series (“Cadets“, “Your honor“), then for certain heard or saw “Hunting for a piranha“ and “Kandahar“. Good, strong, quite watchable tapes with good actor`s game and the strong scenario. From what bodun, I`m sorry, pulled Kavun on shootings of a full-length tape about present youth, I am not aware. Whether long dream, whether desire to swim with the current, created by sensational scandalous series “School“ and other hand-made articles on “modern customs“. With confidence it is possible to tell one, a picture “To children to 16 …“ you should not look to 16, later. I always mince words, and here characters for some reason are not present this “movie“. Worst of all, that similar cheap stuff makes the way on the wide screen and is sold out in thousand circulations of DVD, is deceptive enticing reckoning of to a genre of the comedy and melodrama. Typical new Russian cinema - ready to slap the viewer a muzzle in dirt and at the same time not timidly to ask money for the ticket. You will not wait!

5. “Chat“ (Chatroom). What is a chat, I believe, knows everyone because this word with the advent of the Internet strongly sat down at our lexicon. Silent, impersonal communication in a network where everyone can become that whom he is not, to stay in a skin of the hero or anti-hero, to make friends or to acquire enemies. “Chat“ is the English psychological thriller with participation of young British stars removed by the famous Japanese director Hideo Nakata. Nakata - an iconic figure in modern Japanese cinema, his authorship possesses already become classics “Call“ also “Dark waters“ according to novels of Kodzi of Suzuki. Leading roles are played Aaron Johnson here, he is “Fuck-up“, and the young starlet Imogen Puts (“Centurion“ and the future “Night of fear“).

6. “Alpha and Omega: Sharp-toothed friends“ (Alpha and Omega). I constantly ask myself a question why we, have each animated film some friends, forest, underwater, now here sharp-toothed. Really tugoumny localizers do not have elementary sense of proportion? Companions from “Tsentral Partnership“, this question to you. However, we will leave our poor alone. Joint an americana - the Indian project “Alpha and Omega“ (so call the main characters of the animated film, a wolf and a she-wolf) was read by the famous American actors Justin Long, Danny Glover and now deceased Dennis Hopper; this animation movie telling about life - life of a pack of wolves is also devoted to memory of the last. This week, besides Russian “Ugly duckling“ is the most obvious choice for a family visit of cinema.

Besides the above-stated film premieres, on screens of the Russian movie theaters some more beginners will appear. It is the last year`s French melodrama “Inclination“ (Partir) with participation Christine Scott Thomas (“The English patient“), a picture about inconvenient love, the vicious communication which broke out between the young worker and the wife of the successful doctor. French love and are able to shoot viscous, passionate and drama film about all love deviations. The Spanish drama “I too“ (Yo, tambien) narrates about touching love of Daniel to the ordinary woman. Usual, by itself, in comparison with Daniel because he has a Down syndrome which, however, does not prevent it to enjoy life fully. It is interesting that its role is played by a prototype of the character, Pablo Pineda, the only person in Europe with the similar diagnosis who graduated.

Finish the list of debutants the Russian animated film “Ugly duckling“ , new doll, more rigid, than a classical Soviet animated cartoon, adaptation of the well-known fairy tale of Andersen, and the screen version of the world famous opera of Giacomo Puccini “Bohemia“ in which the main women`s part is performed by our former compatriot Anna Netrebko.

This week, despite abundance of new names, the choice to carry out extremely difficult. The most part of film novelties leaves mixed feelings at the first acquaintance. I suggest you to take independently of the decision, having adopted the above-stated information.