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How help the needing Americans?

Now in the USA not the best times. Crisis.

Many people lost work, and with it and the health insurance. There is no money to pay on the credits and accounts, sometimes there is nothing to feed children.

Every day on television show unfortunate families which are forced to leave the houses and to go practically on the street. It is quite natural that the population at such disastrous situation begins to receive the social help from the state.

But the speech in article will go not about state, and about charitable, free aid by that who needs it. I generally want to describe own impressions of the one whom, as well as where this help was given to people. As a rule, such help is provided by the charitable organizations and funds which in America there is a great variety, and also certain citizens on a need of the heart.

Even before my arrival to the USA the husband several times wrote me that he was engaged in charity. Sorting house blockages, he found a set of things which became or are small, or for some reasons lie without the use. He packed several bags, called local church. From there arrived volunteers and all with gratitude accepted.

Somehow, reading the local newspaper, he came across the announcement of a certain charitable organization which asked to offer old cars which do not use in economy. The husband in garage had several years old Chrysler Town & Country which was still “on the run“. He called this organization, from there people quickly arrived and took away the machine. It turned out that the charitable organization repair cars which it receive as a donation, and then free of charge gives to the families needing cars.

Already being in the USA, I saw many examples of how people help those who especially need.

In everyone even the smallest settlement there are banks of products. Everyone can bring any products of long storage there. Visiting grocery supermarkets, I saw that on an exit there are boxes with the inscription “For Bank of Products“. You can buy something in shop and right there put the gift in a box. Many people and do, buy some canned food, packings with pasta or rice, candies.

We grow up some farms which are engaged vegetables and fruit, very often during a season of harvesting deliver to banks fresh production. For these farms in case of donations the preferential taxation is provided. On the TV repeatedly showed how people come to such banks, choose products necessary for them and with tears in the eyes thank hospitable owners for their care and the timely help. Collecting products, their packing and service is carried out by volunteers.

By the same principle also ware banks are founded. For collecting things, for example, in the different districts of Tucson constantly there are big trailers where volunteers are on duty. After the journey it is possible to see the big posters inviting people to endow things and clothes unnecessary them. As a rule, by the end of day trailers considerably are replenished with the brought and brought things. In evening and morning time of a bag with gifts it is possible to leave in the special container. At some shops I saw special boxes where it is possible to bring and lower books which you already read.

In our city there is one more very good tradition. Inhabitants often leave at a roadside of roads (opposite to the houses) furniture and household appliances which still can serve to new owners. Anyone or the person in need can take away absolutely quietly these things, without asking permission of the former owner.

And still. Tucson has the Internet website where any offers everyone absolutely free of charge that at it in economy superfluous. For example, today I glanced on this website and found out that it is possible to become the owner of the working TV and DVD - a player, one lady offered a new bag with golf clubs and quite decent desktop for the computer. Someone gratuitously gives full equipment for future mother. It is a lot of offers with a request to take away children`s things and toys. Besides, people leave also announcements with a request that it is especially necessary for them at present. Here such bilateral communication exists between donators and recipients of the necessary things.

Charity especially “comes to life“ approximately a month before Christmas holidays. Somehow I was in Arizona State University and saw a box with children`s toys about the elevator, and announcements with a request are higher to bring something for children`s gifts by Christmas. I very much regretted that I with myself had nothing. But the error managed to be corrected quickly. Having visited our policlinic, I found out that under a New Year tree locals organized collecting toys, sweets and children`s books for children of our settlement. I brought the contribution in this process too.

Last year weeks for two till Thanksgiving Day (it is celebrated on November 24) Donna there is an owner of the small shop located in our settlement - took the initiative to organize charitable food for all comers of inhabitants. It hung up at itself in shop the announcement that on Thanksgiving Day she invites everyone to a lunch. If someone something can prepare or offer money - it is welcomed, but it is not obligatory. The main thing that people came. What here began! The initiative committee was formed, people planned everything and began to act.

At last, came on November 24. The people began to gather actively, hostesses flashed the culinary art and brought turkeys, salads, pumpkin pies and still some unfamiliar dishes. For viands counters with offices for each dish as in the dining room, turkeys remained hot in special capacities were put. Soft drinks in a wide choice were available in the refrigerator.

By the cars children brought the musical equipment as speech of singers in country style was planned. When we arrived, the turn already queued up to racks with food. The husband fast found a box where it was possible to lower money and returned to me. Our eyes ran up from abundance of food. Of course, each of us received several pieces of a paltry idea with cowberry, mashed potatoes and a set of salads. Having taken on a jar of cold “soda“, we settled indoors, but many preferred to go to fresh air (where tables were also laid) as there was as in summer warm weather.

It is necessary to tell that lonely very elderly people - several men and two ladies came. Possibly, visit of a collective lunch became a bright event in their lonely life. They were passed to a counter without turn, and then they successfully joined a friendly staff of fellows villager.

When the lunch was in the heat, review of national talents began. The audience was addressed by several singers: someone sang songs to the accompaniment of the guitar, someone used a good soundtrack and powerful amplifiers. Several hours past almost quickly. It was time to come back home. Donna had a lot of food, she told that she will call our church that from there arrived and took away everything remained as in church this day festive charitable action was organized too.

From the given examples it is visible that the main line of charity in the USA is the free and easy choice of a form, time and the place, and also content of the help to those who need it.