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What the Pharaoh Tutankhamun died of?

the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the son of the Pharaoh Ekhnaton, became known when in 1922 it was found almost not plundered its tomb in Valley of the Kings. The tomb was found by British - the Egyptologist G. Carter and his sponsor lord J. Karnarvon.

It is established that Tutankhamun at the age of 19 years died that always gave the grounds to consider his death unnatural. The period of government of Tutankhamun was not noted by anything any more - less considerable that allowed G. Carter to declare: “At a present condition of our knowledge we can only tell with confidence one: the only remarkable event of his life was the fact that he died and was buried“. Especially as, on the Pharaoh`s early childhood, from his name governed the regent - the courtier Ay and a voyennonachalnik of Horemkheb who after Tutankhamun`s death consistently became Pharaohs.

His father, the Pharaoh Ekhnaton, a great number of former gods superseded a cult of god of Aton - the sun, forbade all others, and named the successor Tutankhaton. Subsequently the faith in former gods led by Amon was returned, the Pharaoh became Tutankhamun, however and god Aton was left, and its cult was cancelled after Tutankhamun`s death. The early death of the Pharaoh and accession of sopravitel of Ay and Horemkheba gave the grounds to consider this death unnatural.

The researchers studying causes of death of Tutankhamun as its reasons called: open fracture of the leg; malaria; skull injury; scoliosis (backbone curvature); falling from the chariot during hunting; obesity; poisoning; and others. Modern experts in criminology consider that he died suddenly, and, perhaps, was killed with unnatural death. Obvious violations of the funeral ritual accepted for Pharaohs, the tiny sizes and incompleteness of a tomb and other signs testify to it, as usual happens at violent death of the Pharaoh.

The former employee of FBI of the USA G. Cooper and the criminalist from the State of Utah M. King undertook criminalistic investigation. Investigators studied large volume of information in the form of books, scientific materials, photos of a tomb, x-ray pictures of a mummy, these modern researchers Was etc. revealed that, in comparison with other imperial tombs, Tutankhamun`s tomb was simply primitive and, most likely, intended for other person, a rank is lower.

Walls were painted hastily, very carelessly. At part of artifacts of an inscription were erased and replaced with a name of Tutankhamun. The body of the Pharaoh was injured when embalming and to hide it and possible traces of murder, was filled in with a large amount of aromas. At raying the X-ray in a skull found one or two wandering splinters and a trauma in the skull basis, as after a strong blow to the head behind. The analysis of persons of confidants of Tutankhamun who had means, opportunities and motive for murder led criminalists to the only possible candidate for a role of the murderer - to the regent Ay who became the following Pharaoh for what married Tutankhamun`s widow (it was the only lawful way to become the Pharaoh, without being a successor of a throne).

Researches of criminalists could not be considered indisputable, but also to reject them was early. It was necessary to use also other, more exact achievements of science of the 21st century. In 2005 installation for a computer tomography with which application the mummy of the Pharaoh was studied more carefully was brought to Egypt.

After the analysis of results of a tomography experts drew a conclusion that traces of violent death of Tutankhamun are absent, but traces of the fracture of femur of the left leg which occurred shortly before death and is not healed are found. Scientists came to a conclusion that the death of the Pharaoh was caused by the infection which got to a wound and, perhaps, caused gangrene.

In 2007 - 2009 anthropological, radiological and genetic researches of a mummy of Tutankhamun, and also mummies of 11 more Pharaohs and members of their families were conducted. At Tutankhamun, besides a fracture of the leg, the disease of tropical malaria which could lead to complications at a change and to death was revealed. The diagnosis is confirmed by the means found in a tomb against malaria.

The interesting version how Tutankhamun broke a leg, was put forward by the historian V. Deych. He considers that Tutankhamun died … in plane crash! The matter is that some members of imperial families, judging by their mummies, died with the broken legs and injuries of a trunk, such as though they fell from big height. In many Ancient Egyptian drawings and frescos primitive gliders are represented, and in burials models of such gliders meet. Egyptian scientist H. The Messiahs as such model were constructed by a glider sample, and it … departed! In general, in Ancient Egyptian society was considered that Pharaohs and their relatives as having the divine status, could fly like gods. Vot and Tutankhamun flew - flew … and was reached!

Of course, behind prescription of years (all - more than 3,5 thousand years passed) difficultly to judge such things authentically. So whether killed the young Pharaoh for the fact that he began to show independence, or he from a glider or from the chariot fell down, we hardly precisely learn about it: is much pros and cons. For example, say because Tutankhamun`s grave - only, remained not plundered - it was forged by G. Carter for greater glory as from the ordinary Egyptologist he turned into a star of the first magnitude at once.

Many strange things were done by G. Carter around this burial. On the place pitted up and down it suddenly opened such sensation! So there are people who put existence of Tutankhamun under doubts: before G. Carter`s opening practically nothing was known of such Pharaoh though about his father, the courtier Ay and the commander Horemkhebe - there is a lot of.

And we will wait for new sensations on this matter, the benefit new devices and methods of researches appear all...