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What is a tattoo and as it becomes?

the Tattoo are an art form, identity manifestation, a way of an exit from a depression, change of destiny. Applying drawing on a body, you find the permanent defender, not removed charm.

Besides, a tattoo it is possible to close a scar or other defect of skin, to increase to itself intimate interest, to leave memory of any period of life or the person. It is also possible to designate that you - part of a certain social group, hierarchies. And just beautiful the tattoo will emphasize your feminity and sexuality. Will give special power, will lighten mood!

Who? What? What for? Where?

So, you decided to make a tattoo. For a start be defined - what it is necessary for you for. If initially you go to do a tattoo and yours if not the first, then second question is: “And how it can be removed?“ - that, maybe, you should not hurry. The tattoo remains for the rest of life …

Decided. What drawing to choose? Most often order hieroglyphs. There are purely female preferences - butterflies, elves, florets, a humming-bird. There are man`s - wolves, tigers, scorpions. The place of drawing a tattoo - a fruit of the imagination of the client and professionalism of the expert. It is better for Tatuirovaniye to do at a stare of the professional, that is in beauty shop or a tattoo - salon.

To find the good master rather difficult. The most ideal option - on acquaintance. If there is no such opportunity, rummage on the Internet, read forums, look at responses, just walk on streets. Saw a sign: come, ask works, look through a portfolio. If style and technology of execution approach - it is your master. There is also it that you call by telephone, speak with the person and understand: it suits you. Whether voice some magic, whether still something. The master has to be if not diplomaed artist, then, at least, to have feeling of beauty. A tattoo - a type of vanguard art.

An important factor are also pigments. They consist of paint (organic and inorganic substances of a natural origin, for example, of an umbr, Sienna, ochre, ultramarines, soot, etc.) and bases which turns paint into material (fats, alcohol, sorbitol, water). Pigments can be liquid or creamy. You should not mix dyes from various manufacturers. whether

Is safe it?

That did not bring an infection, ask a disposable needle and a tip (or the module). They surely have to be in the closed, soldered packing. Also the master has to give you the container with a pigment (looks as a tube for a disposable injection). There literally couple of drops of paint. Cut off, squeezed out and threw out. Look in what state the place of your “tortures“. Whether there are no bull-calves there, stubs. Whether elementary rules of hygiene are followed. The master before procedure has to put on gloves.

Removable parts of the machine are beforehand disinfected and will be sterilized. The car and electric wires are packed into disposable packages. All this will exclude risk of infection with various infections, and there is a lot of them. It is possible to catch hepatitis, clamidiosis and fungal diseases. And even AIDS and syphilis - because occurs direct contact with blood. The master took a needle not disposable, and all …

As it occurs?

At first on paper the sketch of drawing becomes (at desire, you can bring the, but details need to be coordinated with the expert). We discuss the size, a form. We put a special carbon paper on the chosen part of a body the size A - 4. The master takes the machine (induction or roterny) which the needle joins. Transfers drawing to a body. You coordinate features of a tattoo, a detail, the price. After applied drawing on a body, grease it with vaseline: in order that paint, getting on skin, did not spread and contours were accurately visible. The master leads round these contours one line. Wipes everything and begins to put pigments directly. The needle punctures the top layer of skin and injects paints there.

Time of drawing a tattoo depends on the size and complexity of drawing. It is black - the master will do the white image by the size about a matchbox approximately from 40 minutes to an hour. If you want “to disguise“ all back - procedure will last nearly a week, for 4 hours a day.

After completion of work process the place of drawing a tattoo antiseptics. Roll up bandage. After procedure it is necessary most to process some more days houses “wound“. It is possible to do it by various antiseptics as though you were scratched or got a graze. We disinfect, for example, calendula tincture. Only it is necessary to be accurate with hydrogen peroxide: it is impossible to put cotton wool for a long time (to turn in bandage) to the place of a tatuirovaniye. Because chemical reaction can go and some pigments can be erased, evaporate etc. Then to cover with ointment of the healing character. To wipe again with cotton wool that skin had an access to air, to oxygen. whether

Is sick it?


- procedure rather painful, but not deadly. Feelings are such as though to pull out on one volosinochka, only very quickly. Or as at an electrophoresis. That is, easy pricking. Only the painful first contour and a minute more of work are enough later. Then skin begins to get used. There is a so-called natural anesthesia when the organism produces endorphins - happiness hormones which take off unpleasant effects. Painfully in those places, where hypersensibility. That is, in all erogenous zones, in the sites of skin close to stones, on palms and inside of foot.

Constant or temporary?

the Constant tattoo is a usual tatuirovaniye. It is impossible to erase the image. There is no such concept as a temporary tattoo -. There is a tatuirovaniye paints which are used for a cosmetic permanent make-up (a permanent make-up). Is enough approximately for 3 - 5 years. Everything depends on type of skin, the general state of health, a way of life etc. There is still a biotattoo. It is put by means of various shades of henna: from faintly - pink to darkly - brown. All this eats in the top layer of skin and keeps approximately one or two weeks.

What is a cover - ap?

can put to

Over the output image new. This procedure is called a cover - the apostle. Or direct contours that were before, only take more saturated paint. If apply the new image, here all depends on that, how qualitatively to you removed an old tattoo. If you, for example, want to make “headdress“ with Elvis Presley`s portrait, and at you the tiger with planimetric lines thickness in centimeter was drawn before, - to make it is very problematic. Lines of such thickness cannot completely almost be removed, there will be traces. That is, on a face Elvis will have unclear “scars“, bruises whether and even the face is crossed out …

can remove a tattoo?

it is difficult, expensive and unreliable

. It is better to remove in beauty shops or clinics. Cosmetologists or dermatologists by means of the laser or milling do it. At these procedures the top layers of skin are removed. It is necessary to pass, at least, 7 - 10 sessions. Is of it much more expensive, than procedure of a tatuirovaniye.

There are “masters“ who undertake to solve this problem make-shifts. Several options meet, for example:

“Let`s hammer with milk“ . Take this product, fill in in the same machine to which do a tatuirovaniye, and inject under skin.

“Let`s fill in under color of a body“ . Take the pigments close to skin color. Inject. At first practically nothing is visible. In one or two months picture contours get out again. There is such law: lighter paint does not kill more dark. Not only that the image will appear again, gray stains will so also sideways be added. Especially ugly it looks after suntan - these strips become lighter than other image. And after suntan descended, stains darken.

“Let`s wind with meat of a dead sparrow“ . Why take a carcass of this poor birdie - unclear. Put the former sparrow on a tattoo, rewind bandage. Carry some time, the carcass begins to decay - there is a chemical reaction at which pigments are allegedly brought out of skin.

Potassium permanganate . Take strong solution. Fill in a tattoo, densely roll up bandage. Potassium permanganate eats away drawing. Some pieces of solution can reach nearly a bone …

generally, all this is dangerous not only to health, but also to life. But to remove completely a tattoo it will not turn out. There will be specks, blurring. And if the illiterate master, then also scars, to all other did.

Also you remember, a tattoo - very responsible step. With it to you to live always! But if drawing - the work of art is valid, it will please every day you and to cause only positive emotions.