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Who such Alexander Panayotov?

Let`s walk at first a little according to the biography. Sasha arrived to submit Moscow from Ukraine, and is more specific - from Zaporizhia. The father and mother - simple workers. Supported the son when that went to music school. Then our hero tried to act with domestic groups. There was a wish bigger. Also began trips, test to win various competitions: in Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia. And there and to “People`s artist“ - no distance. Now Sasha already lets out own albums.

is a little more concrete Now.

Parents. Mother, literally, lives Sasha. “Loves me more life!“ - the actor admits. Unfortunately, now she sees the son only on the TV, and speaks only by phone. But, in spite of the fact that Panayotov misses - does not hurry to transport mother to Moscow. “Just when mother will arrive, she will interfere with my private life, to count my money, to read all newspapers and to state the discontent. I know the mother. And I want to arrange at first the private life, to buy also to it on the apartment, and only then to invite her to Moscow. So far early …“ - the son reasons. Mother very much likes to feed. When Sasha comes home, always criticizes him and says that it “exhausted“. Such family tradition is also interesting: to decorate a Christmas tree in the night from 31 on 1. At a New Year`s table surely there had to be a rabbit baked in sour cream.

Friends. Alexander Panayotov, in general, well understands people. “And I can understand three minutes of conversation that the person is. In total at once it is visible on eyes, according to the first phrases …“ - he says. Very few people bring it. And all because Sasha tries to surround himself with people who never betray. In Moscow he communicates with children from “People`s artist“. Well, it, in principle, is natural. Actors together go by a tour. “In Moscow I have no other so close friends …“ - Panayotov admits. We meet they always when there is opportunity. Often visit to each other. Sometimes even birthdays note in common. “And our friendship, - Sasha is sure, will last until the end of life!“

Creativity. Singing - of course, business good, but … If the person is talented, so he is talented in everything. As Alexander Panayotov proves. Recently he added own book “Apples in Clouds“. As the actor, a thing strange speaks. It is full of philosophy, psychology and, of course, love. Also Sasha wants to act in at film. Dreams to try the hand in Nikita Mikhalkov or Renata Litvinova`s works. Wants to see himself on the wide screen and to estimate what it is capable of. “I felt in myself inclinations at school when was engaged in theatrical circles“ - the young man notices. Also the singer of the house has a recording studio. Alexander Panayotov himself writes music!

In general, Sasha always aspires to something new. Is eager to move forward. Is engaged in self-improvement. Let`s wish it good luck - and it will please us with the creativity still more than once!