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Dummy on your figure or How to repeat … itself?

If you agree with me that fabric from which you sew clothes deserves respect if you like to put on so that to emphasize yourself, but not a brand if, eventually, you understand that life one and it is necessary to live it, looking magnificently. this absolutely simple council - for you.

For anybody not a secret that model figures with notorious centimeters on a waist, hips and a breast most often occur at the Chinese dummies which load in parts in carts in the evening or leave to misbehave in empty show-windows with illumination. The ideal figure does not happen as there is no ideal appearance. Otherwise, and I am sure of it seriously, the mankind would remain without art.

So what we have? So-called non-standard figure. A leg too long, in a waist there is a bit too much, shoulders too wide, or there is not enough in any way time to press that banner above once and for all to increase the breast to 6 - go the size two simple exercises … Moreover, a charm of our figures that we - are asymmetric. To take me - in general a nightmare. The right shoulder is two centimeters higher than left. Agree that neither to a usual tailor`s dummy, nor and the more to the clothes we have no relation to standard patterns of clothes.

We are going to sew, take in, put on a figure. We just got the streaming dress from soft cashmere and we realize that it has to merge with us, be remained sitting on our figure - in general, between us, any new thing needs to live on a body to sit on it it is ideal. We do not love terrible constructions, patterns and curves, we consider ourselves as ingenious artists and great Nadezhda Lamanova`s successors. Means - we need our copy. And we will have it! And it is easy, cheerful and interesting to make it. The recipe of cozy cheerful evening for all family - is ready, thanks of English-speaking part of the Internet.

We need dense packing paper (the brown packages for products sparing the planet, or similar to them packing), scissors, two coils of a wide adhesive tape, polyurethane foam and the ally ready to make of you a mummy.

We cut out “pattern“ of an undershirt of that length which will be enough for display of your hips from paper. Besides - two strips for a neck, in front and behind, under the chin. Then we get up exactly, it is desirable in front of the mirror (interestingly!) and our devoted ally begins to wind us with an adhesive tape: without drawing, but it is rather dense. We begin with the line of a breast, carefully connecting details of a paper back and before. You breathe deeply and quietly, to stand for a long time: the adhesive tape needs to be reeled up in two - three layers. So, as a cocoon, from a breast to most that at us there below - we were rolled up. Feelings are strange. Now accurately we stick the line of shoulders, armpits, the line of a decollete, we put “throat“ and primatyvay an adhesive tape to it (do not forget to pick up properly hair).

Try to resemble. And what to aliens and any monsters in their suits? That is the same. And we here about soft cashmeres … Meanwhile your ally with expression on a face and tailor`s scissors creeps with

behind and … accurately cuts your future dummy in the area of a backbone. We get the figure carefully, and at once we are surprised to similarity: unusual feelings, truth?

Further our double it is necessary to dry: accurately we put on it as a shirt, on a heater for about fifteen minutes. After that we stick behind and we start internal contents.

are possible options Here: it is possible to fill in a dummy with polyurethane foam. Rather difficult process as foam will be heavy, will not begin to dry up yet, and can deform your bends, besides, very difficult to foresee up to what volume it will increase (by a banner - that we did not press so we will not exaggerate). Therefore the simplest option - to close a neck and sleeves by means of fabric and the same adhesive tape and to inside thrust unnecessary scraps, rags, pieces something. It is possible to make a grist, by the way, or to hide there something compromising and especially personal - own Ministry of Internal Affairs!

The most convenient option is possible combined, and in my opinion: we fill in with polyurethane foam openings “a neck - hands“ and we are slightly passed in us to strengthen. And after drying we gorge on rags.

If you want that the dummy repeated your growth, pick up a stick from a mop or an unnecessary design of the suitable size, and a basis in which this stick will keep. As a basis supports for artificial and not only - New Year trees are good. And as a full-fledged stick with a basis the old floor lamp which everything in any way not to throw out very much is useful.

Here so. Now once again be surprised to similarity to yourself. Isn`t that so, little strange feeling? With what we see ourselves in a mirror in this or that thing or without it - absolutely biased information. We precisely know HOW we have to look, and our consciousness gives us the ready picture. And here you in the form of a dummy are quite another matter. Now you will begin new life.

For a start thank the ally. Then it is possible to flirt for himself - to paint, for example, with paint from a cylinder (you descend only together on a balcony). By the way, at collision of such materials as excess polyurethane foam and paint in cylinders, can happen inspiration which is difficult for overcoming … And further -

you precisely know how to cut on yourself.

you can plan how to take in, remake, add an accessory.

you can allow to otvisetsya to that live cashmere which is cruelly tormented with a hanger or pressed down in folded form on the shelf, or a new knitted thing.

you will hang up in advance ironed toilet on yourself, but not on a hanger.

you can help new clothes to get your forms.

you can frighten relatives for Halloween, crows in a kitchen garden, curious, looking in windows.

to you is with whom to have a heart-to-heart talk and to get absolute support - same poured out you!

A now - behind an adhesive tape and paper. Yes clones are well!