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Really it so was? Once the beauty of Earth had

four husbands: wise and cunning East, adventurous and haughty West, thoughtless and temperamental South, phlegmatic and balanced North.

The earth in turn invited husbands in the rooms, every time enjoying a variety of their love joys.

It was very pleasant to it to listen to gentle cooings of the East and as all the body to feel dot touches of his trained hands. What - what, and the East was able to mass and humour the beauty better than others.

The West conquered Earth expensive gifts and stories about the feats in far-away countries. It accompanied the stories with rollicking whistle, pistol juggling and firing at the hat thrown up.

It was not seldom passed by a cowboy`s lash on the beauty`s body, exciting and bringing it to an orgasm.

And the South rushed into Earth rooms, singing something pleasant, rushed to her legs and from finger-tips of legs began to cover the beauty`s body with hot kisses. His excited body merged with a body of the excited beauty, and their voluptuous shouts escaped from rooms, exciting vicinities. As the flashing rush of the South and its uncontrollable eruption of passion was fine.

Unlike the South, the balanced North excited Earth the fact that forced it to begin with the first love caress.

Caressing it, it brought itself to such excitement that the North could not constrain passions and slowly, over and over again, met her desires.

So differently, love entertainments brought the beauty Earth to the highest extent of excitement then in large numbers children, on appearance and character similar to the fathers were born.

Also there lived the beauty`s children in pleasure and love, in prosperity and a consent. As well as in each family, sometimes between children the black cat Envy or a cunning fox the Intrigue ran, and then there came time of squabbles and a fight, violence and murders.

But wisdom of the East and steadiness of the North, eventually, pacified temperament of the South and aggression of the West that allowed not to bring a bratousobitsa to a general apocalypse.

Over time Earth man`s visits of its rooms began to bother the beauty.

The first she ceased to invite in the bed curtains the North because she was tired to spend a great lot of time for bringing it to love standard.

Then she refused services of the West as that could not present anything new to it, and from laudatory stories about its feats began even to potashnivat.

The temperamental South continued to use Terrestrial favor until his passion did not turn into blind jealousy. Without any reasons he began to carp at the beauty to Earth and brought it to such state that it sent it to all devils.

And only the East continued to visit the beauty Earth as with age her body even more often needed a touch of his hands. Tender words which he pronounced, massing a body, still excited it.

Only children of the East began to be born, and the North, the West and the South tried to seek happiness elsewhere.

But on the party they humoured the lust without hint on continuation of posterity.

For a long time Earth watched the beauty from a skyscraper the lazy and devout Equator.

His laziness was natural, and devotion ostentatious, but it did not prevent it to rise from the bed and

to walk all over the world, having incorporated wisdom of the East, adventurism of the West, temperament of the South and steadiness of the North.

Having taken a walk all over the world, he did everything possible to catch sight to the beauty Earth.

At the first appointment it fascinated Earth by expensive gifts, and love games in its execution forced the beauty to forget about the husbands. The beauty spent all free time in passionate embraces of the Equator why its small copies began to be born. They appeared with regular sequence and gradually Light only children of the Equator occupied. Their congenital laziness was shown in everything, even in everyday prayers during which they addressed to the Master with the unique request that that presented them with happy life in luxury and grace.

They did not knock a finger about a finger to make the life happy and joyful.

Moreover, they absolutely forgot about the mother to Earth, and that slowly died in the not well-groomed dwelling.

Light began to turn into one big garbage can from which fetid smells, the asthma ruined Earth which lost beauty proceeded.

Really it so was?