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Training of children in music. Solfeggio.

Training of children in music. Solfeggio.

of Solfeggio d ostatochno subject, difficult for perception of children. According to the author it is connected with obviously outdated methods of his teaching in modern, dynamically developing, conditions.

For the ordinary child is not absolutely clear what it is necessary for and the rare teacher can distinctly explain it to him in spite of the fact that good mastering any musical tools are impossible without theoretical knowledge and practical skills of solfeggio. The correct idea of solfeggio is a basis of musical training of children. Comprehension of essence of music, explanation of its basic laws, is the main objective of this subject.

Is frequent, at the first grade levels, some children quickly enough seize the tool without studying of fundamentals of solfeggio. Others, the most disciplined, study solfeggio and, finally, quickly enough “overtake“ the opponents in technology of game.

the Most widespread mistake in teaching solfeggio is what the teacher, in the course of training, cannot “force“ children to sing that he is “brake“ in further musical development of the child subsequently. Studying solfeggio it is formal, without concept of the basic principles of its mission of a technique of training of children in music, further improvement of development by the child of the tool considerably is at a loss that negatively affects also technology of game, development musically of hearing and, in general, limits development of its musical abilities.

for the purpose of elimination of negative consequences from shortcomings of the existing principles of training of children of solfeggio, the author tried “to transform“ a technique of his teaching, having as much as possible adapted it for features of modern, “kompyyutizirovanny“ generation of children.

Having used widely known examples of various programs of solfeggio, the author transformed them to an electronic look that is interesting, fascinating and available to modern children. In the e-book extensive material of an initial course of studying of solfeggio is built. Material is presented in process of its complication, in the form of originally represented color notes with drawings on which it is possible to sing each example, and then, by means of computer opportunities, “having clicked“ a ridiculous smilie, to start the musical file of this example for comparison. It causes obvious interest in children and the child to seek to learn all this independently. On each page of a methodical grant the electronic tuning fork is located, before exercise performance the child can be adjusted.

Possibilities of this grant are not limited to the given technique, the grant is a certain base by means of which it is possible to develop also the techniques of its use that is only welcomed by the author. The most important is “to force“ the child to sing independently, but not “from under a stick“, in it the author saw the main objective, when developing this methodical grant.

As showed practical experience, with such grant children not only quickly pass to independent work on solfeggio, but also teach time of the teachers to work with the program. It is no secret, that many music-masters, owing to the employment and features of the profession, unlike children, are far from computer technologies and perceive them with some caution.

Further developments of the author are directed to improvement of this program and set as the ultimate goal, an assessment of correctness sung, with a conclusion of the made mistakes, but it is already following stage of work with which the author undertakes to acquaint the readers further.