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Traditions and reality, or once again about splittings of a piano

it is short, for those who is not familiar with the historical background, I will state its essence. At the forum “Classics“ I tried to state the quite long and successful practical experience in restoration of a system of a piano in cases when seats of kolok in a vilberbanka are strongly worn-out and traditional methods of their restoration demand material inputs, incommensurable to residual cost of the tool, and, in most cases, are unacceptable for the customer.

the Offered way does not differ in originality and consists in use of laying under splittings, at the same time clogging a splitting is replaced with its screwing in a seat for what the carving a splitting is used. In the course of screwing material of laying collapses, surplus is just squeezed out, and, considering a small step of a carving, being condensed, fills all emptiness, creating thereby the considerable tightness of connection providing a necessary tension of a string in the wide range, as a rule with a considerable stock thereby allowing to provide regular setup of the tool and as shows experience, during the long time of its subsequent operation. Material of laying (corrugated cardboard) was chosen in the course of working off of this technology as appeared the most suitable for these purposes. I find an explanation for it that it is cellulose which under considerable pressure when screwing forms a whole with material of a wooden vilberbank. By the way, owing to closing of a subject, could not thank - on KLIZMA for the hint with the toilet paper consisting too of cellulose, it seems to me that its small thickness and uniformity of material will allow to provide even more reliable consolidation on all length a splitting, and not just in the most damaged place, its beginning as it happens to a corrugated cardboard, thanks, I will surely try. As for use as laying of an emery paper (the method offered by some American masters), I did not achieve still positive results. This technology assumes at a wraparound a splitting the static provision of laying from an emery paper which is provided due to increase in friction in its contact with material a vylberbanka. Even the thinnest emery paper at a wraparound a splitting is turned, that is there is not enough friction force and being turned such laying only aggravates situation, increasing diameter of a seat.

from the moment of publication of this technology at a forum practically all professionals reacted to it negatively. It seems to me that not attempt of judgment of physics of the phenomenon of process and a possibility of use of a method in the situations described by me is the cornerstone of it, and thought which was perfectly formulated by g - Bargo`s N, I quote: “Here at a forum there are adjusters - professionals with a long-term experience, and he to them tries “to vpyalit“ ordinary nonsense in sauce unusual “to no - Hau“. America, pancake, opened, ponimash... Well not the impudent fellow?“. Therefore practically did not find my vain attempts to direct discussion to its real technical course of responses. The elite of adjusters did not consider necessary to be got involved in discussion and to discuss is splittings a classical nail with a notch or it is the ordinary screw, or something, having properties and that and another, being limited humiliating and, according to authors, the destroying statements applying for profoundness and the ultimate truth and pursuing the only aim of removal of a subject from a forum. First I could not understand it, but when in my address letters from the practicing adjusters and salons of the corresponding profile on inadmissibility of broad advertizing of such simple, low-cost and effective method as it raises many questions at potential customers, not persons interested what their “elderly“ tools at control would beat with sledge hammers literally “fell down“, realized that at many professionals the amount of historically developed “deals“ are called into question that, quite naturally, is unacceptable and, moreover, harmful. Therefore, despite statistics of visit of the website, unknown for a forum, in quite short time (more than 10200 viewings and 174 answers) and results of poll of usefulness and uselessness of a subject which are obviously halved practically, despite interests of site administrators of a forum in the light of a raising of its rating, professional solidarity of the moderator won as the subject of discussion was contrary to the conclusions of deserved meter of control stated more than half a century back when nobody assumed that the park Soviet and, respectively, low-quality tools will be operated forcedly so long and can grow old and wear out so practically without replacement and theoretical developments and practical researches on extension of terms of its operation. After the conclusion applying for a fat point in this subject, dear - on Bargo, the disciplined follower of the teacher, material was removed from discussion, with a conclusion in other words: “It cannot be because can never be“. I am sorry only about one, initial, unedited version of this conclusion was much vozbuzhdyonny, there was even not censorship in my address, visitors could be obviously convinced on pages of the leading forum of culture and art of Russia “who there is who“. But, nevertheless, it seems to me that the main idea of technology “reached“ many as the number of the professionals who several voted, deserved, but interested, is incommensurable to total number of visits of a subject.

in the course of discussion of a subject I as could, commented on all statements on this matter, obtained a lot of useful information, is more grounded realized who is also I for what I express to all participants of discussion sincere gratitude, despite an obvious categoriality and even some humiliations and insults in my address as the majority of them have emotional character and are dictated not so much by a professional assessment, how many danger of possible material costs. I dare to hope that words of - on isbviktor1: “Nobody doubted Maxim`s conscientiousness“, express the general opinion of visitors of a subject, and are not only his conclusion.

Why screwing it is caustic, but not clogging?! Has to make a reservation at once that I will refer to own practice on repair of the Soviet pianos. Let`s begin one after another.

Cannot or be told more precisely, to incorrectly begin works on restoration of a seat a splitting, without knowing as how this of splittings was killed originally. It was made competently or the notorious human factor took place. What equipment was used on that, or other factory. The initial materials used at installation also take not the last place in ensuring stability of a system. Under materials, I mean, an initial state, first of all, (splittings - verbilbank - a string). Consciously I lower in this article, a condition of a shteg, pins and an agraffe as they also influence providing a system, but in more indirect form. It is caustic - verbilbank - a string the basic making elements which quality defines fully operation of the kolkovy mechanism. The main issue of repair of “this triple sheaf“ to be defined in compliance to the quality standard, put, directly at the time of production of a piano. Even the skilled repairman will give at once the objective answer to a question: “What materials and technologies were used at production of the concrete tool?“. And what to tell about the person from the province who control of a piano, and has very superficial ideas of a subject of repair of its main mechanisms in particular? Such “the beginning nonprofessional“, in accordance with the circumstances, forced to be engaged in repair of the kolkovy mechanism, maybe, what to be spoken “to commit many follies“ or at all to ruin the tool, staking on “a classical method“ of clogging is caustic. Danger will trap him and at procedure “insignificant the podbitiya is caustic“ as through the short period of time, the nestroyushchy, lined with it splittings, again “will go to free floating“. The reason of failure of a similar technique, is covered as it was already told earlier, in ignorance by the beginner, the fundamental laws of physics and all of the unqualified actions following from this. Without having the objective analysis why splittings does not hold a system, “the beginning nonprofessional“, will face a problem “it is necessary to treat the patient, but how?“. Why I seriously doubt that actions the inzhner - the technologist will be forced to be engaged in similar. The answer is obvious - to be engaged too ungrateful this business in repair of a piano, and the most important, non-monetary. More likely, the man, the music-master whom, administration of music school, forcibly will oblige “to restore a piano system“ will be engaged in similar works. Therefore I address, first of all, this category of citizens, the request of professionals - repairmen to keep the time and nerves and not to read mine “gubitelnoyo for their mentality“, reading matter.

So how to be and what to do, to the person who faced a system incontience problem?

the Main reason for an incontience of a system, on a piano of the Soviet production is a residual resource of a seat. If to tell simple words, an opening in a verbilbanka which initially provided necessary friction with established in it caustic, under the influence of a string tension, lost this friction for many years of operation. It is more correct to tell, partially or completely lost the main function, namely to provide neobkhodmy friction - coupling (verbilbank - it is caustic). Most often it is possible to observe that splittings of a piano caved in at a small angle down. Modern practice of repair work, with rare exception, assumes, or to line not fixing splittings by means of the ordinary hammer, and thus to provide friction necessary for us (verbilbank - it is caustic), or to dismantle completely splittings and to establish on its place, splittings of bigger diameter. And, again established splittings, it is hammered into a seat with the hammer. On the one hand everything is correct, the “eaten“ seat a verbilbanka is replaced caustic bigger diameter, and thus the friction necessary for us is provided so. However, it not and that is why. In practice I very seldom had to meet pianos which splittings completely did not provide friction. Rather similar defect meets selectively in different sectors of the tool. For example, do not hold a system of 5 - 7 sounds of a small octave. I can only assume that seats of these of a splitting were damaged even during their installation at factory, and the adjuster, periodically during all operation of the tool, was forced to arrange them. Here that is also shown the main contradiction. “Native“ did not build splittings, allegedly long period of time, without having found out the reason of this not system, it is hammered splittings of bigger diameter, destroying a seat a verbilbanka. Most often, hammered repair splittings it is not capable to provide long time a system guarantee. It speaks very simply, the resource, the lower part of a seat develops, and it is more correct to tell, a stopper in a pig-iron frame and the most top part of an opening a verbilbanka (the piano means), that is those wooden sites where there is power loading on splittings. Such distortion splitting, its non-standard situation in a verbilbanka, consequence of the appendix to it of force and gradual wear of strength properties verbilbanka. It was necessary to see in practice of a splitting, located not at right angle, and with a list more than 15 degrees. So that occurs when such nestroyushchy the splitting is hammered into a seat repair is caustic? At the time of clogging of splittings seeks to go on the smallest resistance, inevitably enters an opening not at right angle, and with shift down as it is promoted by the developed part of wood which already before repair did not provide the friction moment with “family“ caustic. If at this operation a difference in section between “native“ and repair caustic insignificant, then at the subsequent control of a piano, it is not able to provide reliable friction. Repair splittings with a considerable difference of section “native“ the splitting when clogging will “resist“ and is as a result deformed. The adjusting key just will not fit it. There is also a danger that the heavy-duty pressure created when clogging new repair it is caustic, with a big difference in section from “native“, will not give the chance subsequently of full setup of the tool as it will become difficult for adjuster “to catch a necessary sound“. One more of cautions, hammering repair it is caustic with a considerable difference in section, from “native“ it is caustic, there is a probability to break it at control. It is forced to share one more supervision. Very often it was necessary to see that after clogging of repair kolok, next, nearby, as a rule, do not build. Especially it concerns the range of a small octave where splittings are most close located to each other. From this a conclusion, the applied “classical method of clogging of kolok of bigger diameter“, is not capable to provide a full-fledged system. “21 Nobody puts patches from not bleached fabric to shabby clothes: otherwise again sewn will tear off from old, and the hole will be even worse. 22 Nobody pour in some wine young in bellows shabby: otherwise young wine will tear bellows, both wine will flow out, and bellows will be gone; but young it is necessary to pour in wine in bellows new.“ (“Sacred Annunciation from Brand 2:21, 2:22“). Also various laying from a tree, an interline interval, metal and other inserts, various glues and special liquids will not help. I do not want to consider option of gluing in of the various materials including made of a tree at all as at “classical zabitiya“ they either will crumble, or will be displaced and will not provide rigidity. The interline interval (0,3 - 0,5) mm offered by my opponents - “a mosquito sting for an elephant“. My categoriality in the choice of material is not result of my unhealthy ambitions. This choice is predetermined by numerous experimental experiences with various materials. Unsightly, vsemirugayemy, the tselliloza by-product, a corrugated cardboard, in actual fact appeared the only material capable at competent installation to provide in a seat reliable fixing a splitting in a seat.

Advantage of a method of a press fitting is caustic, screwings “native“ is caustic, consists that as it was told earlier, rykhlota, cracks and so forth defects of a seat a verbilbanka, are filled with a corrugated cardboard. At the same time it is necessary to understand accurately that for ensuring rigidity between caustic and a seat the corrugated cardboard which is not enclosed by us, and its particles which at the time of application of force press the destroyed sectors of working part a verbilbanka works. At the time of screwing it is caustic with gofrokartonovy laying, the seat suffers much less, splittings are not deformed. It is necessary to consider also that the moment that the musician - the fan when as clogging new repair the splitting demands considerable practical experience can do similar operation. It should be noted that this method absolutely not expensive. All you need is, is a corrugated cardboard and time. Both in our country now much. Be persistent and the good system is guaranteed to you! Yours faithfully, maxim_tuner