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I look at a picture and I think: where there are these monks?

in search of Abbey

the Introduction

Happen it: you look at something, you fascinating. Everything is good, but something is missing to rush to encyclopedias and, convulsively turning pages, to look for, for, for any, even the most insignificant information.

There is one picture which wakes up in me such feelings.

It was always interesting to me: who these people where they go what think of? It seems that everything represented in a picture can be real. In the head the episode from the movie “With Widely Closed Eyes“ where the hero appears among the people dressed in loose overalls with the covered faces emerges.

Having kept the picture, I forgot about it for long time.

Sometimes it is necessary to take the second time in hand the book, a box with DVD or to look once again at the picture that process was started.

Often happens that as motive by the beginning something serves the episode from the past. So occurred also at me.

is casual on the Internet I saw a picture which mistakenly took for that which saw davny - long ago. In me interest in the striding monks flared again. Where they go in the middle of night what for?

Despite a difference in details, in fact pictures are identical.

on my disk appeared Then the folder under the name “Analogies“.

the Name of pictures looked as abracadabra from figures and letters - any sense. Having looked for

a little more, I once again left monks to stride in silent silence.

Search history I read to

In April of this year the book which marked a new stage in my life. Neil Stephenson`s “mercury“ expanded my interests and urged on to knowledge of all with what it is filled. After that I spent the day and spent the night on Wikipedia. New tabs with something interesting that is only for a moment mentioned in the book, began to read off scale for 100 pieces. I felt like the researcher, the pioneer, the alchemist.

Sir Isaac Newton, the main character of the novel, struck me so that there was a wish to find the town called in his honor - Newtown. Search gave the first reference “Newtown - Saint - Bosvells“ - the town in Scotland, an administrative center of area the Scottish borders. Having passed

on it, I got on Google Maps.

My attention was drawn by the top part of ruins. She reminded those pictures which I with such love collect and which still remain a riddle for me.

The photo was called “Dryburgh Abbey“. This name became for me inspiration. Now it was clear what word to introduce into search to find similar images.

And here I saw the picture. It was called “Abbey in the Oak Forest“ (Abbey in the oak wood).

Searches brought me in the Internet to surprising to opening. First of all, I learned a name of the author - it is Caspar David Friedrich (“the German artist, one of the largest representatives of the romantic direction in painting of Germany“). I Remember

how I was clung by his pictures (and I well know many of its cloths). In them there was what I love in books of an era of romanticism and Gothic novels: mysteriousness, spirit of adventures, fascinating opening.

Then I for the first time realized that the subject of the people going to ruins repeats over and over again. Only scenery - every time ruins new are replaced and two similar pictures are absent.

Who the main character in these pictures - monks or abbey? The spirit of these pictures - spirit of romanticism and a gotichnost - turned into games. And in games main - ourselves, and now it is possible to answer this question.

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin, I already visited among these ruins. And you?