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“Karate - the boy“: I the karateka would become, let I will be taught?

In - the first, Jaden Smith are a son of Will Smith who acts here not only as the father, but also the producer of the movie. In - the second, “Karate - the boy“ is a remake of the same name (translated at us as “The guy - the karateka“ or “The kid - the karateka“) John Evildsen`s pictures of 1984. On it the facts and - la “Captain Obvious“ is finished therefore we will start directly the review.

Creators of a remake, and I include the director Harold Tsvart, screenwriters Robert Mark Kamen and Christopher Murphy, and also numerous producers in their number (Will Smith, Jada Pinkett - Smith, Gerry Uayntraub, etc.) tried to make the new movie as close as possible to the original. Therefore, paying your attention to a plot, I will try to be short. So, Sherry Parker and her twelve-year-old son Dre (in dubbing-in his name is Drey) come to China on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. Detroit which in the eightieth was considered as the most criminal city of America still maintains reputation, risking to become the real ghost town soon. Here and Sherry`s plant was safely closed in this connection she is forced or to move for the street, or to move to others country where it will be employed in the specialty. The choice is, of course, not obvious, but Parkeram, most likely, was especially nothing to lose.

Beijing was accepted by Parkerov hospitably, but is modest, having allocated them the small apartment under the humiliating sign “Beverley Hills - Royal Apartments“. Neither Dre, nor his mummy even of language plainly know, however they should live, work and study in the country whose culture and traditions cardinally differ from the American. However, this fact does not strain authors of a tape therefore most of Chinese whom the main characters should face, or understand a sign language, or tolerably speak in English. Those that do not speak are either minor characters, or villains who should pay for the ignorance closer to the final.

Dre`s attempt to make friends with local population in the person of the nice violinist ended with unpleasant and painful skirmish with the squabbler Chen who nakostylyal to the poor fellow on the first. Misfortunes never come alone, because Chen - a bride at every wedding. He studies at the same school, as Dre, and he trains at local school a shelter - faugh where the young former resident of Detroit so dreams to get. Whatever one may do, everywhere ambush and troubles. Angry Chen does not give to the guy to pass anywhere, and at desire also thrashes a goat as a sidorova. Thank God, at the next such moment Dre is come to the rescue by the local plumber Mr. Khan, he is in combination Jackie Chan to whom bothered that the boy is thrashed how much in vain.

All plot is farther develops on an original curve, with small lyrical digressions: Mr. Khan agrees to otmazat the boy from offenders, but as a result runs into a bigger call as agrees to train Dre to tournament on a shelter - faugh. Then persistent trainings, the amorous line with the violinist, the solution of psychological problems of Mr. Chan and final tournament where Dre will show all a kuzkina mother follow, will win against all enemies and will provide to a tape absolute Hollywood hepp - and.

It happens seldom, but Harold Tsvart`s tape caused in me very inconsistent, dual feelings., It seems, and not bad, but places such lazha that even it becomes a shame. Therefore we will begin, as usual, for health, and we will finish … the it will turn out, the and we will finish.

Pleasantly Jaden Smith for whom “Karate - the boy“ is only the third work at cinema surprised. The first time Will took synulyu in the tape “In a Pursuit of Happiness“ where to juvenile Jaden and that it was not necessary to play - for it everything was made by the father and the strong scenario. In 2008 there was a fantastic thriller “Day when Earth Stopped“ (by the way, too a remake) in which Jaden unambiguously irritated 99% of all audience. Therefore, having learned that it was given a role in alteration of a cult teenage hit 80 - x, many rasplevatsya (including your obedient servant) and swore to avoid this poverty. But, I repeat, Smith - younger pleasantly surprised with the fact that in general coped with a leading role though, of course, (a scene about a ping - a pong) did not do without replaying. But we will not forget that Jaden - not young talent, but the son of the producer.

Jackie Chan too once again showed that he by an old age grew up in the big actor, but did not forget focuses which brought him deserved international glory. Unfortunately, in the movie only one battle scene with its participation, but very effective. To the middle Chan very professionally even squeezed out of himself a tear though his history and smells slightly of a terry gollivudshchina. However, according to the scenario to Mr. Khan it is necessary not only to train the offspring in oriental martial arts, but also to say periodically all high-moral text. Does not strain, but guards because Chan at the same time does such serious face that at once there is a wish to register in Red army.

Pleased the quite good soundtrack to the movie including both fashionable dancing hits, and a vigorous rhythm of AC/DC group. The musical subject of James Horner to whom I forgive all for music to “Kommando“ and “A red heat“ seemed to me a little traditional, typical for family Hollywood movies, without highlight. Scenes of hand-to-hand fights too at the level, however, having near at hand Jackie Chan who would doubt.

Now about bad. The main claim to the scenario. Friends, I understand everything, but movie duration 2 hours 20 minutes... You scoff? The same family cinema about a shelter - faugh, but not the epic saga about Frodo and a ring. Yes, I know, the original lasts two hours too, but if it is honest, these excess twenty minutes did not do Tsvart`s movie good. In places action of a picture frankly sags, and a scene with visit something there with the Dragon at mountain top so in general obviously superfluous. I am silent about any cliches like trainings on the Great Wall and other absurdities which fine spoil impression of the movie. In other words, authors excessively tightened the creation that, as we know, does not give dynamism, and forces the viewer to look periodically for hours.

At all Taradzhi Hanson as mummy Parker was not pleasant. Her face seemed to me the acquaintance at once. Not for nothing, because the actress acted in “Trump aces“ where she played the bright killer - the lesbian. It was successful that role unlike more, than a role of the clumsy, but loving mother. Especially the final scene on tournament where her heroine, seeing as the native child is crippled simply on a ring, jumps surprised and builds grimaces as a uniform monkey.

Well and, by itself, the most unpleasant feelings leaves company Hollywood hepp - and which smears all dramatic nature of a tape strenuously cultivated by creators in process on a wall at all. Really it was impossible to approach an ending with the bigger imagination? I understand, film conventions and the final of the original put before authors certain restrictions, but not to the same degree! The final of a tape is an iron two with minus because the amount of pathos reads off scale so that it is even inconvenient to look at the screen. I all was afraid that Jackie Chan will be forced something to sing (he is able). Thank God, managed.

I summarize. In comparison with the original where the old Japanese Pat Morita taught the fellow of karate, Jackie Chan and his shelter - faugh look adequately (though karate here at anything, of course). In the original, however, the beauty Elisabeth Shiu was the main passion of the hero and the villain was pokharizmatichny (in my opinion). Authors did not manage to repeat fully Evildsen`s success and his teams, and “Karate - the boy“ even if will receive continuation, will hardly become so popular. In general the tape looks not bad and deserves viewing. Only stock up with patience and sandwiches as timing of a tape obliges.