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What coat to choose this fall?

Each woman wants to look fashionably and elegantly at all seasons of the year, and with it we will be helped by correctly picked up coat. What models are preferable in this season?

The women`s coat with a smell will become the last word in fashion this fall. It is sewed from the soft, streaming fabrics, and can be both long, and a midi. Such coat has no fasteners, and is tied on a belt. It from wool, cashmere, a tweed is sewed. On a silhouette of a coat can be: classical with the English collar, sports with a hood, modern with the sleeves extending from top to bottom in three quarters, romantic with puffs on sleeves and a skirt - the sun, original with an asymmetric bottom. For a car - the lady will be ideally suited a short coat - a jacket with a hood.

Also actual will be coats from plashchevy fabric, with fur finishing. Fabric from which these models are sewed is to the touch similar to silk, but is the synthetic material which is well protecting from a rain and a sleet, it is easily purified of pollution. In such models for finishing of sleeves and a hood the natural fur is, as a rule, used and this combination nobly looks. Unlike last year`s options the fur acts not just as the decorating element, and is part of a sleeve. Such coats are very practical and convenient during any bad weather, and look very elegantly.

The quilted coats - dutik can also continue to be worn this fall. They suit people active and young. These easy jackets are sewed from modern synthetic fabrics which keep heat. New technologies allow such outerwear not only to protect us from bad weather, but also do clothes “breathing“ that creates additional comfort. With such coat as an accessory it is possible to wear a wide leather belt. What to choose: quilted coat of a sports silhouette, or the graceful fitted option with a magnificent bottom and a shalevy collar with finishing from rabbit fur, - to solve to you.

A classical style of a diplomat coat out of time and fashion. At the expense of a special cut: it reminds a direct jacket with the fitted extended silhouette, this model does a female figure more harmonous and higher and looks very presentably.

“Trench coat“ does not get out of fashion since World War I, this year popularity of this model is connected with 65 - the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. “Trench“ reminds an overcoat of military times, single-breasted or double-breasted, with a belt, lapels and pockets with valves.

English “redingote“ - the tselnokroyeny, extending to a bottom coat, it well fits a figure in a breast, has a high collar and two rows of buttons. This model is popular not only with jockeys.

The color palette of autumn coats is very various. Here are presented pastel tone: beige, blue, lilac. Gray and black colors of models are practical. If you want to be original and to differ from all, then choose deep saturated colors: blue, eggplant, cranberry, coral, turquoise.

Depending on type of your figure it is necessary to pick up the correct silhouette of a coat which has to sit ideally and hide figure shortcomings.

There are following silhouettes of a coat:

A - a silhouette or trapezoidal, represents narrow shoulders and an expanded bottom.

N - a silhouette - a coat of direct breed without accurate waistline. If necessary the waist can be emphasized with a belt or a belt.

O - a silhouette - a coat - a cocoon, roundish breed with sleeves ¾ it is very popular with women of fashion.

X - a silhouette or “hourglasses“ - the most womanly option, narrow in a waist and extending to a bottom. It can be carried with a belt.

Will be suitable for tall and thin women fitted or with the overestimated waist of a coat of average are long. Here well will approach as option X - and About - a silhouette.

If you have a thickset figure: big shoulders and hips, not accurately expressed waist, it is necessary to refuse patchpockets and to prefer direct N - a silhouette, having emphasized a waist with a thong or a belt.

Will improve a low figure with a big breast And - a coat silhouette with the overestimated waist in empire style style, and also with a fur collar and cuffs.

The woman in a body: a breast, a tummy, hips available, it is necessary to emphasize the advantages and at the same time to drape shortcomings with smooth lines of fabric. A high waistline, the semi-adjacent silhouette, the English collar opening a neck. As option a double-breasted coat of average are long direct N - a silhouette. In this case things of loose fit since they look baggy are contraindicated and hide figure advantages together with shortcomings.

If you small growth with a full waist, then the single-breasted coat aspiring to And - to a silhouette, long to a knee, with an angular collar and patchpockets, is your choice.