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We fight against mosquitoes. Fumigant injectors. Who does not know

what it - at last having reached a desired pillow and having only covered eyes, to hear in the silence of the night the ringing peep! The sleep is interrupted, the mood is spoiled. What can be worse? Only the itch from the stings of these insatiable dipterous blood-suckers

found next morning That was not necessary to refuse to itself late walks in the fresh air in the summer and in pleasure to sleep at open windows, it is necessary to be prepared and stock up with antimosquito means in time. All chemical preparations against mosquitoes are divided into two look: repellents and insecticides. The first frighten off blood-sicking a strong smell or disorient them, the second poison. Repellents and insecticides of the Russian companies Upeco (Raptor and Gardex brand) and “Biogard“ (Mosquitall brand), by the American SC Johnson are widely presented at our market (Raid and Off!) the Dutch Sara Lee With (Flaer and “Fumitoks“), the Korean Henkel Home Care Korea (Combat), etc. Besides, for scaring away and extermination of harmful insects constructed for today the mass of smart electrotechnical and electronic devices about which the speech in our article will also go. Unfortunately, in this segment of the market about recognition of brands and the speech is not present because they simply do not exist. The majority of similar products is let out in the People`s Republic of China.


Repellents usually are issued in the form of means for external application - lotions, creams and aerosols which should be applied on skin and clothes. Both natural, and synthetic substances can form a basis for these structures. It is considered that from vegetable smells effectively frighten off mosquitoes essential oils of a citrus, firs, laurels, an eucalyptus, a carnation, a lavender, a geranium, etc. But they do not provide absolute protection. It is possible to get rid of mosquitoes also means of modern chemistry, for example, using preparations on the basis of a dimetilft - lat and diethyltoluamide (the repellent structure with it at the time of the USSR was known under the name “DETA“), - they do not irritate skin and for the person of a malotoksichna.

fumigant injectors


The most effective way of poisoning of insects - toxic fumes or gases - is called fumigation. And these most toxic agents - fumigants. And, being nontoxical for warm-blooded (people and pets), fumigants are a strong insecticide. As fumigants usually use natural pyrethrins (contain in flowers of a long-term camomile of Pirethrum and tansy of Tanacetum) or their more effective synthetic substitutes - pyrethroids.

Devices for “fumigating“ of insects - fumigant injectors - happen electric and pyrotechnic. The electrofumigant injector represents the tiny electric device inserted into the socket (220 V). The low-power heating element provides weak evaporation of substance, poisonous for mosquitoes, from a bottle (it is calculated on 30 - 60 nights) or a plate (it is necessary to change every day). Electric fumigant injectors use only for disinsection (cleaning of insects) of premises because in the open air flying fumigants instantly dissipate, without reaching the required concentration.

fumigant injectors

the Pyrotechnic fumigant injector represents the spiral operating by the principle of the smoldering aromatic stick. The porous combustible weight impregnated with an insecticide at decay emits vapors, pernicious for insects. Spirals are, as a rule, intended for use in the open air.

Them have on platform perimeter where the camp is set up or picnic is carried out. Inconvenience of application of pyrospirals is that the poisonous smoke not only frightens off mosquitoes, but also shrouds people that can cause some discomfort. Besides, insecticides instantly vanish therefore absolute protection against mosquitoes on the street will not be. And wind so in general can bring to naught operation of pyrotechnic fumigant injectors.


Electronic otpugivatel of mosquitoes represent the generator of sound frequency imitating disturbing hum of mosquitoes - males which is intolerable for female individuals during reproduction, but at the same time is hardly distinguishable for the person in usual city and even country cacophony. Most often use frequencies in the range of 4 - 12 kHz. The possibility of frequency control allows to expand a range of operation of the device as at mosquitoes of different types (often division happens even on a regional sign) height of peep does not coincide. There are models with a floating frequency or arranged manually. Portable models with power supply from batteries can be carried with themselves as a charm everywhere or to fix on clothes. In rooms use stationary devices with the network adapter. For today absolute efficiency of such devices is not proved, but, according to reviews, with them forest walks become much more comfortable.

fumigant injectors


the Principle of action of many electric exterminators of mosquitoes is based on attraction of the flying insects. Most often for this purpose use the light sources imitating a daylight. The lamp is surrounded by the metal gauze on which the direct current, almost safe for the person and pets, but pernicious for insects moves. Mosquitoes and midges are flown on light of a lamp. Creeping between grid rods, they perish and are poured in the special container. As a rule, similar devices of a statsionarna also work from a network of 220 V, but exist also accumulator

of model. In the open air for achievement of bigger effect recommend to use several devices, having surrounded with them location of people. It is possible to refer low efficiency at a daylight to minuses of such models and the fact that besides blood-sicking they destroy quite harmless winged insects who are flown on light.

fumigant injectors

Work of more expensive traps - exterminators is based on imitation of breath of the person by the thermal radiation and change of gas composition of air near the device. And these are that devices fight only against blood-sicking creatures. Both mosquitoes, and other bloodsuckers determine location of the victim, first of all, by the carbon dioxide exhaled by it. There are different technologies of generation of carbon dioxide - beginning from application of barrels with C02 (as for a siphon) and finishing with various catalytic reactions (for example, with use of the liquefied propane or the photocatalyst with UF - a lamp), In the most expensive and advanced models is also considered that at a short distance blood-sicking react to smells of skin and hair - respectively, such devices imitate also a smell of sweat and sebaceous glands of the person for what the special attraktant attracting insects are used. Thermal radiation and production of carbonic acid change eventually, creating “a mobile image“. The attracted insects fly up to traps and are sucked in inside by the fan then perish or on the metal gauze energized, or from dehydration. However, all traps - the exterminators emitting carbonic acid are intended only for use in the open air. According to producers, these devices possess the prolonged action: the first noticeable results appear in 7 - 10 days, and within several weeks exterminators allow to get rid almost completely of insects on a site up to several tens hundred parts.

P fumigant injectors. S.

it is impossible to claim that all repellents of a natural origin are harmless. Many of them possess a strong smell and can cause a headache in people and allergic reactions

a mosquito family

Mosquitoes belong to family of dipterous insects, to group of dlinnousy. They have four phases of development: egg, larva, doll and imago. At the same time all phases, except an imago, live in reservoirs. Larvae eat water microorganisms, and here food of an imago is dual: females of the majority of types suck blood of vertebrata (mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians) while males of all types eat nectar of flowering plants. During pairing of a female of mosquitoes draw attention of males with the characteristic thin sound reminding peep which is created by means of wings. For removal of posterity the impregnated females need blood. They lay 30 - 150 eggs (and females of a malarial mosquito - to 280) each 2 - 3 days, and within a week egg develops in an adult individual, electrofumigant injectors apply in rooms with good ventilation or at open windows and window leaves, but no more than 8 h in a row, and in the enclosed space not longer than 2 h.