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Suitcase - the station - Europe

All rich people of Russia are in external emigration. That is, if whistles tomorrow morning, then by the evening they and their families (those which did not leave yet, it is natural) will already be in Evropakh. Consequences of 1917 are studied by our oligarchs not bad. Assets are removed in the offshore for a long time. Children to Cambridge. Mistresses to Tahiti. On low start. Only the starting signal or a shot from the judicial gun is necessary.

The people who are actually living abroad operate national economy. And to live in French riviera and at the same time to remain the patriot of Russia very difficult. Breath of fresh Mediterranean air disturbs. Through its romantic haze there is no wish to consider the country burning in literal and figurative sense.

Russia seems to modern elite as a black hole from where big pipes stick out and on them constantly something runs. And so far on it something she buys mansions and yachts, about what occurs in this hole it is possible to ozabochivatsya not strongly.

Any owner of mine will not get into it to learn: as there miners on - the mountain get a piece of coal. And why they such terrible and dirty. The owner needs rate of return and that on one million tons no more than one miner it was bent. Within statistical norm.

To do reforms in a black hole - yes perish the thought! There it is so dark that nobody will see fruits of this activity, and nobody will estimate. And the fact that the country became a hole in every sense, the elite of the fault in it does not see. The small fry drinks, is lazy - here and lives as in the 19th century. And some and as in 17. With conveniences in the yard and heating by firewood at the gas pipe passing by to safe Europe.

Though historical shoot movies on ready scenery. So in the Ryazan villages of Kriush or Rebusinessmen it was possible to shoot in the summer of 2010 film about invasion of Germans in far 41. The same sticking-out chimneys, the same women howling from melancholy.

But from the Mediterranean yacht with a glass of martini and in an environment of women in bikini nothing it is visible.

it is possible to Operate a black hole for the present and from there. So far in a hole of this will not whistle, and at the command of the judge from low start it will be necessary to run as soon as possible. With suitcases in teeth to the station.

“The train goes to Europe from the second platform. For those who not in a subject, we repeat. The train goes to Europe with the third and fourth rails. Seeing off we ask to go out of cars. Before departure there are five minutes“.

In principle, still it is possible to return the ticket and to remain on the platform. Only hardly anyone - that will want. All places were bought up in advance.