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Is or is not … And if is, what?

Here truly an eternal question of the woman - that is when and in what quantities to have a fine figure and healthy complexion. All of us want to shake people around. But in any way not to shake by extra kilos around a waist. Toilet there is a lot of ways to make. And sometimes it seems that there is too much. And in this set the truth begins to be confused to an invention, a professional advice - with unshakable “and here Lyusya told“.

In modern society were created and perfectly to themselves there live steady myths about food and a way of life which, in actual fact, are not so truthful. You will tell: but so many people believe in them?! And I will answer: the myth - it on that and the myth to vanish.

But I am not a magician to dispel myths, and here my acquaintance whose surname is too known that to call it is quite capable. The position, so to speak, obliges. Get acquainted, my interlocutor the instructor of physiotherapy exercises - the Marine.

This story about myths began with the fact that I ran somehow in the evening to the Marine on a visit. Well and, naturally, tea, coffee, a cake, a chocolate - everything that is necessary for a heart-to-heart talk, at us was. And how differently? You imagine heart female to heart talk without cake and midnight tea drinking? I am not present. And we got to talking outright.

- Marines, well tell me the truth, well it is impossible to gorge on so for the night? You all life in medicine, you have to know.

- In - the first, I did not see you 100 years, and in - the second, in everything it is necessary to know when to stop. You think, the supper leads to emergence of excess weight? By no means. It will not be reflected in a figure in any way if not to overeat and if this dinner not the only meal in a day. Here we will tell, you had breakfast, had dinner today?

- Well.

- And now we will have supper. So, give some tea, and that will cool down.

- Oh, and what it at you interesting! It is a new look green?

- It is tea on herbs - the most useful option, especially for the night. It is a little melissa, mint, a camomile. In total individually. By the way, in 2 hours prior to a dream, it is better not to add liquid to an organism any more. But you will arrive home so far, the necessary time will pass.

- And how black and green? I usually green for the night drink. And in the morning - black, it invigorates.

- Invigorates just green, from - for high content of caffeine. However, it is not necessary to abuse. Even useful green tea.

- And than the melissa, mint and a camomile is useful?

- These grasses calm nervous system, improves work of heart and well influence a stomach.

- Well, just folk healer! Now I will always drink many herbal teas.

- You wait a moment. It is necessary to handle herbs accurately. Before to make something and to drink, especially in large numbers, not superfluous will be to open the reference book of herbs and to esteem what contraindications at a grass. And if you want to drink purposefully from some disease, then surely consult with the doctor. And that will be to you - “one we treat, another we cripple“. As a rule, course of treatment no more than ten days. Then it is necessary or to change players of herbs, or to pass to usual tea.

- Well, I will not flog a fever. Tea with herbs - it is fine and it is useful! If I decide to be treated by herbs, I will try not to be overzealous. It you convinced me. And once again I decided to drink correctly, I exclude alcohol from the life and I begin to drink only juice!

- Just told that you will try not to be overzealous.

- So I try! I will lead a healthy lifestyle. What again not so?

- And you know that “adherents of a healthy lifestyle“ who urge to exclude completely alcohol challenge opinion of scientists of the whole world? Because for a long time it is proved that, for example, red wine brings undoubted benefit to an organism. The components entering it exert beneficial influence on warmly - vascular system. Council can be only one here - it is not necessary to abuse this alcohol!

- Well … again I was mistaken. But with juice, I was right! It is precisely useful!

- I explain. Fruit juice which provides an organism with necessary vitamins are very rich with calories. The glass of grape or apple juice gives about 200 calories - as two big apples or a potato of the average size. Juice takes a little place in a stomach and is very quickly soaked up. While fruit and potato are acquired much longer, figure prominently and give feeling of satiety. So that`s that. It is a little on - medical, but you are a girl clever, you will understand that you to what will draw the correct conclusions.

- I will make, do not doubt. But you will not overpersuade me that this delightful, wonderful, melting in the mouth cake is as useful as, for example, tea with herbs! In it carbohydrates countless multitudes! And from them get fat, I heard.

- She heard! I beg you! Having reduced the content of carbohydrates in a diet, you will force an organism to pull out them from other components. From the same proteins. You understand, both proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates have to get to an organism! In total in a complex! The question of proportions is other question. Something has to be more, it is less of something, carbohydrates in the first half of day, a squirrel - in the second. And all these nonsenses with monodiets when begin to eat, for example, only proteins, and carbohydrates and fats completely exclude, well it is, I`m sorry, totally ludicrous! From it only harm. Weight is lost, but it can occur due to loss by an organism of water which these carbohydrates attract. Whether such weight loss is necessary? You will break a metabolism, then problems you will not be gathered.

- Here it as … It turns out, as bread is it is possible? And that many say that it should be excluded completely too.

- Well you look at it! And where you only find these which speak?! Bread - one of the most used food. It is possible to replace it hardly and it is not necessary. Here you should not abuse. Better that the most part of bread in a diet was presented by black grades or the bread baked of mix grain with bran etc. of

- And, well it is clear. I love black “Borodino“. I will eat it with quiet soul now. Well, you finished me. But! Today I all - overate, and for tomorrow - not to eat up my plan! You look, balance - that with harmony and will be restored.

- Yes nothing at you will be restored, and on the contrary will still be broken. Attempts to compensate an overeating by malnutrition the next day, as a rule, do not lead to anything. The number of calories underestimated excessively simply will lower a metabolism and will deprive an organism of necessary energy. It is necessary to you? You eat as usual, but do not overeat.

- It is direct, not so I tell everything! You still chocolate for the night offer me! Precisely there will be the correct council.

- Also I will offer. Only not for the night. The matter is that cocoa - beans contain in a large amount of substance, the hearts improving work and vessels. And “happiness hormone“ - serotonin - too here. The organism not for nothing sometimes just demands a chocolate! Only it is necessary to distinguish its reasonable demands and already “lag“ on sweet.

- You are able, Marin to convince. I understood, it is necessary to go some other way. Tomorrow morning I will make improving running! At once kilograms down with!

- And you are able to rush to extremes. Did not run, did not run and suddenly will run. Nobody argues, physical activities - a thing necessary. But it is not necessary straight away. In - the first, run is useful not to all in the mornings. It will seem to an organism of “owl“ uniform mockery from - for early rise. In - the second, it is necessary to approach everything individually. And rather morning jog - I will advise to replace it with morning walk. It will be useful for all, without contraindications, and at the same time will help an organism to remove the harmful substances which collected during a dream. To be aired, so to speak.

- Listen, Marin, you dispelled all my wrong myths. Now everything became more clear and simpler. So night would listen to you!

- And here about a dream, expensive, council is unambiguous - to get enough sleep! Here, of course, too there are various theories. Someone says that an ideal dream - 6 - 7 hours, the American scientists give figure - 9 hours. I will repeat again - everything strictly individually. Listen to the organism, do not exhaust it as a horse on jumps, but also do not give excess indulgences. And then will be as in a proverb - a sound mind in a sound body. You will have also a body vigorous, and the mood raised. And do not forget to smile yet is the best recipe!

- Thanks for everything, Marinochk! And for cake with tea, and for councils!

- On health! Run more often, also I will tell not it!