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Bublichki with smyky. Songs of our New Economic Policy?

the Chicken fried,

the Chicken soared

Went for a walk across the Nevsky

Surprising business, but this song continues to be remembered. Peripetias of a course of life of a poor chicken - and the passport ask to show it, and interrogate, and he, honest, reports about himself the following: that “not Soviet“, but “not cadet“ that “did not shoot , I did not interrogate, I only pecked kernels! “. But nothing helped it. And though “ a chicken is honut too to live! “, the penalty overtook it - “ caught it, arrested and ordered to shoot “ … it would Seem to

- full nonsense in the spirit of children`s rhymes. However, having been born in city folklore, the song remained. Why? Possibly, in it - quintessence of what the commonalty saw in an era of military communism. The fried chicken for hungry times is “firing article“.

Military communism if who remembers, was replaced by the New Economic Policy. And instead of kernels which hardly it was possible to peck, appeared in some separately taken places - an overabundance. In restaurant menus - dishes which and now you will not meet.

The power itself proclaimed New Economic Policy. But at the same time - at once tried to deride a nepman - the bourgeois and the new exploiter. And promotion needs propagandists, and them was much. There were also new songs, many of them still demand specification of authorship. But there is a number of the songs which remained in memory, which authorship more - is less defined.

And at night rainy

Me, unfortunate,

the Dealer private,

You regret...

Buy bagels

For all republic,

you Drive rublik

… Yakov Petrovich Yadov (a real name - Davydov) was

the Author of words of well-known “bagels“ . Allegedly was born in Kiev ( 1873 ), long lived in Odessa, then in Leningrad, then in Moscow where it died. Year of death is specified different - 1940 or 1942. But on a gravestone of the Don cemetery - accurate figures, year of death 1940 . And here days and months of the birth and death are absent.

Feuilletonist, continuity writer, estradnik, author of words of many songs. As the early newspaper publicist, in Odessa he was known under pseudonyms Yakov Botsman and Burn down.

Of course, Yadov was familiar with the famous contemporaries: I. Ilf and E. Petrov, and also with V. Katayev and K. Paustovsky. The last, by the way, wrote about Yadov in the “Story about life“.

Life of an estradnik in totalitarian times - not it happiness. It is possible to become the favourite of the power, and it is possible to fall into strong disgrace, and also to become a subject of envy of the colleagues. Colleagues on a platform smashed it angry speeches, after a slight cerebral hemorrhage Yadov at the suggestion of I. Stalin was treated in hospital, but died soon.

And its songs sing around the world (in comments it is possible to look and listen: from Japan to Paul Mauriat`s orchestra). What in them special? Let`s stop on “Bagels“.

“Bagels“ - it is unconditional, a symbol. It was written for one night, more precisely, words were written for that time while customers (the singer of satiric songs Krasavin with friends) drank tea in the neighboring room. It was in general Yadov`s manner - to write very quickly, with a typewriter speed, and then to give, forget, not to demand mentions and not to watch the fees of performers or just to work for pennies. But Odessa Yadov loved all the considerable and ardent Odessa soul.

The song was written “on topic of the day“. And the round-the-clock sale of bagels on city streets was rage of that day in Odessa. So, the subject was, a melody too (a foxtrot which authorship still needs to be established precisely), the image appeared: there is a poor hungry girl who is forced to stand for hours and to offer passersby hot bagels.

Night approaches,

the Lamp shakes,

I light rushes

Into a night haze...

A I, dirty,

Rags covered, Cost to

, forgotten,

Here - at the corner...

If to listen attentively - the text is full of the present, not thought up dramatic nature. Social motives and lap through the artless story about not set maiden life.

Here, on the suburb,

Year at the owner,

Damned Cain,

Ya I consist. Everything abuse I listen to


I Shiver all a pear, Slops I eat


Under a bench I sleep

Perhaps, detailed description of bitter destiny of the young inhabitant of Odessa Evgenia - one of the reasons of terrible popularity of a song:

The father my drunkard,

Hoots and boasts.

Mother reaches for a coffin

for a long time.

Absolutely lost,

Rubbish real -

the Sister idle,

A the brother the thief!

the Picture so bright that you trust and you see. Especially as history - not original not only for that time … the girl wants to

A the life, she understands the still unblown beauty:

Here I spend forces of

For days hateful,

A to me, darling,s

Sixteen years...

of an Eye tired, sponge

A scarlet, cheek

A hollow,

That poppies color

No, there is also a groom Senechka, but with grooms always such problem and full uncertainty! All the time they have reasons, from - for whom it is necessary to wait with flour:

Senechka goes on to me:

“Not hnykay, Zhenechka... Pozhdi`s

malenechko -

We will go to a registry office“.

I is waited by me with flour,

With immense boredom...

I halloo

Here in the rain So far.

in a week the song was sung by “all Odessa“, then it was asked in repertoire by Leonid Utesov, and went - went. At first - in the USSR, then wonderfully - over other countries. Sing as compassionate, sing - as criminal. Sing in different languages.

Utesov, by the way, considered this song of the darling:

- Your favourite song?

- the Song of a protest.

- Against what?

- has nothing and about what. About dough. To put it briefly, “Bagels“.

(Last interview of Leonid Utesov. “Theatre life“, No. 14, 1987 year).

I. Yadov was an author and other, not less well-known songs. It is enough to tell that to it are attributed to “Murka“ and “Hop with smyky“ . But here still it is necessary to understand. Though it is specified in Wikipedia: ““Murka“ - a classical tango. The initial version of a lyrics was written by the Odessa poet Yakov Yadov - the author of other famous songs “Bagels“ and “Hop with Smyky“ “.

His authorship in songs “Is Not Present on Our Liouba`s Light More More Beautiful“, “Limonchika“, “Small lamps“ and many others is precisely known. Many songs became just city folklore, and it is considered for songs very good destiny.

From these couplets you learn not less, than from “A short course of history VKPB“. Very substantial. The present songs are a reflection of time even if their plot - from category eternal (love and the subsequent to it sufferings). According to many songs of our time it is possible to tell too much. But it - already other history. Other bagels. And another Hop with other Smyk. Or not?

( In comments - several options of “Bagels“ from around the world ).