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Jogging. What advantage from it? There are no

, no, I - not the sportswoman, I am an idler. Well, that is sportswoman on the contrary. The only thing for what, God of sport (if such is) can forgive me - I all life run in the mornings. And it would not be in my life, happen to me once in youth to get a serious doggie. Dobermanikh washing Welt (a kingdom to her heavenly!) could not use a toilet bowl, well, and it was necessary to walk her early in the morning. Nobody taught to go Dobermann terriers, here and ran a row, enjoyed the nature.

Since then every morning without alarm clock, exactly at half past five - rise, sneakers, a suit, according to a season, and - forward. Already, alas, without doggie. Also it became a habit for all seasons, for all years, on everyday life and holidays.

Well what for pleasure to rise in the morning from a warm bed, to take a warm shower, to drink hot coffee?! Another matter - all these procedures after communication with the nature, after a rain or snowfall! Only half an hour to listen to murmur of the forest or a rain, rustling of leaves or a scratch of snow - and you were loaded with mood, put in thought order, for today made the schedule.

Here came to a porch and I look at the yard … Well and … Well, beautifully, brightly, raznotsvetno. Birds, it seems, sing, cars, apparently, somewhere in the distance on the road grumble. Here the electric train whistled how the physical education teacher, quietly, but it is concrete …

A if to write down the same picture on video or to take a picture and look then, in the winter? My God, beauty what indescribable, even unreal some!

And here if to remember the same picture and then THERE to remember?! And suddenly, not to paradise? Even, it is almost absolute - not to paradise … And there it can not be, means. And there is already no time to find an aspen, to exhale in it a negative, and then - a birch that from it a positive to get drunk, so that passersby did not notice and at a temple did not twist. Though … Let twist! And, in general, - the fool!

And jogging opens in the mornings so many opportunities to remember all this bright, necessary, live! Yes, and advantage, how many! It is possible to notice, for example, incidentally and to make for steam of aspen mushrooms soup for a lunch mushroom, a pochatochka three kukuruzka are possible in wide trousers from the field to snatch, to dig an armful of field camomiles and against this beauty to be photographed, it is possible to see how someone leaves furtively the house of the neigbour and then to write a miniature about female loneliness, it is possible … From each jog I bring at least one new photo. Already whole collection gathered it that I will precisely remember both color and a smell, winter, summer, and even the most favourite - a smell of babyeletny crude leaves, a smoke from a fire, fog autumn.

And in the winter? Whether legs whether skis you run, and you will sometimes fall in a ravine, having been frightened of the cap of snow which fell down from a branchy fir-tree and, having stretched hands, you will lie down it is sensitive, as in the childhood, including clouds - kucheryashka. Well, where in the city, wrapped how candy in a candy wrapper, in a fur coat, on heels - stilts, you can fall down in a snowdrift not from a push of the running crowd, and just like that, at own will?!

How and when it is correct to run? Some consider that evening jog is much more useful morning, some consider that it is better to go a sports step, but not to be afraid in the mornings - to evenings. Some, in general, agreed to the fact that run in any kind is not useful to an organism.

Last year something took a back at me. Well, I addressed the doctor, illuminated all the organism some “sunbed“ on wheels. It is necessary to look at least once in thirty years what there inside to be created.

And the doctor joyfully so, in his opinion, prescribed the best to me. “The darling, - says, - you, - says, went crazy, perhaps?! With such curvature of a backbone to you to run in any time, nizzya“! Well, I as not doctor, naturally, obeyed and give the whole year on a floor ridiculous exercises to do - to repair a vertebral column. And in the mornings in a window I howl, I whine - so there is a wish to run woodward, just I die … And a shower - not a shower, and the husband - not the husband … Pleases nothing! Everything creaks, on overhaul asks.

The back hurts so that neither to sit, nor to lie, nor I can go. Treatment any was not appointed but only the backbone was ordered to protect. Well, here, I protect it, I protect, and another, I see, began to start - and put on weight so that just by winter on slaughter it is possible to hand over, and the mood handrozmatichesky some does not leave … About diets, even not the hungriest and checked for years, there is no wish to hear. Driving I go, I do not sit in place, but driving - they are reclining, in the car you will not run about.

And what to do?

And here at the beginning of spring decided that to run - that I will not obligatory, simply walk with the camera on my track of health, so to speak.

Went, went … Not ridiculously. Quicker, still slightly added speed - become already bright! Yes, also could not resist the legs and new easy krossovochka - ran!

Swore on me my house, the doctor goggled yesterday. At first, to abuse, and then - from surprise. From my curvature almost already and the trace caught a cold. And the back does not hurt me long ago. Whether and a miracle it, I do not know. I know one - me about smells of Indian summer, about spider lines with spiders in core, about the maple leaves rustling under legs about fog which I run in every morning to look younger for one day, to look for verses on verses. ru or som. or by. it is not necessary. I also now about all this beauty will write - I touch it every day!

And that specifically helped me - an enclasping with a birch or an aspen, hanging on an oak branch instead of a horizontal bar, walking on perimeter of a forest glade or all this, combined, - I do not know.

And the best council - on what own organism insists.

I know one - morning jogs - walks - it is healthy and healthy!

Wake up from the dawn and run to greet the nature!

And if still you still deliberate when it is better to begin, I prompt - now and is it is a high time - woman`s summer outside!

Ours is time, girls!