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How the tsar fought against corruption also what from this left?

Somehow time in the afternoon, right after a lunch, decided to fight the tsar against corruption. Brought together boyars true and asks them terribly:

- Is among you such who never took bribes for faithful all the service?

Boyars Zardetsya and began to brood. Thought and such answer the tsar was given evasive:

- If to the cart of a wheel not to grease, far it will not leave in any way!

The tsar-father fell apart and guessed that lackeys its true not on one salary imperial life live. Also he decided pravezh just to arrange. Like, everything that was gathered by boyars for years of service, immediately imperial to bring to treasury. And who will disobey, that to the executioner on an executioner`s block let stands at once in line.

Boyars grieved. To lose money, abroad there are a lot of years taken out and in a mansion anglitsky and the small boats self-propelled put, nobody wanted. It is Like, better to lose the head, than all good with such work acquired.

Also all of them were built as one at Red Square, on execution I am ferocious, the tsar-father thought up.

And the tsar - the sovereign took a place of honor of spectator in the forefront. To a press invited that that imperial fair recorded court and to a narodishka informed. Ambassadors overseas tozh. Let see, as in our kingdom - the state everything under the law is created. And not somehow, as those thought earlier.

To the people unknown gathered for a show probably - it is invisible. All wanted to look how they from the boyars who bothered to death of the head will depart. And on the square meanwhile buffoons have a good time, warm public before a show amusing.

Here fanfares played, drums hammered, and the executioner imperial left. The axe in a hurry governs whetstone yes with interest commercial glances at boyars.

And those to it in a whisper:

- Like, give we entot we will buy the axe from you for the sum great. And Cambridge we will provide school to your children. And shank all in bellows will start walking. And itself only on sofas will lie also kofiya to drink cups big. And to serve the tsar-father for a salary barefaced it is more and not nadobnot.

The executioner seigniorial became interested in the offer, but the axe still continues to govern. And narodishko already hoots discontentedly meanwhile. And ambassadors overseas for hours look. And the tsar impatiently stamps a leg. Painfully it this was eager for shows.

But the executioner betrayed by a back to him turned and began to agree with boyars. It would be Like, quite good also crew of aglitskiya on wheels exaggerated. And the axe new became German for further work in emigration. And shank in furs not nadobnot. Better to pick up another. More young and with appearance model.

On all boyars concordant if only the executioner the axe ceased to govern. And that that already glints yes in the sun is poured. At last, hit on hands. The executioner in an executioner`s block wooden thrust the axe and so told the speech farewell to the tsar-father:

- Do not order to execute, order to pardon. I served you honor on honor twenty years and three years. Also the corner removable on boondocks of your palace and hemorrhoids painful from sitting long in works expectation acquired just. And here in five minutes solved all the problems moreover and got rid of the zhenka which bothered. Farewell, the tsar - the sovereign, and do not harbor malice against me.

Also the executioner right there sat down in crew of aglitskiya on wheels exaggerated. Embraced to a molodukh of appearance model, boyars in that crew placed, new productions German put between legs the axe and left abroad life new to adjust.

And the tsar-father all sits as despised. Ambassadors overseas over it in open grin, and narodishko, shows deprived, hoots discontentedly and whistles.

And boyars, by miracle from death fierce saved, so told the tsar:

- Like, it is not necessary in our country enty to fight against corruption. Just it is better to get used to it, and it imperceptible will become.

Also the tsar had to agree with them. Also it went to itself(himself) to the palace to have supper. Went and thought:

“New of - for a boundary to write out Nadobnot of the executioner. There, say, experts good and bribes do not take“.

“There, of course, do not take, - boyars thought in reply. - Here all take“.

Eh, Rassey!