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The human weakness turning into dependence of

The more I look narrowly at Homo sapiens, the less often I notice behind them this sapiens. A species of primacies from family a hominid, capable to the speech (see Wikipedia) I the weakening sight still can behold, but it is possible make out in them sapienses not often. From - for it I, will - not will, begin to look slantwise at the democracy proclaimed us, writing off human weakness for its account. We, of course, became better to live, and someone from us lives more cheerfully, but this fun often looks like a fiddle while Rome burns. And to say that this fun from great reason, language does not turn. Yes unless the reasonable person can fall into any dependence. And dependences before us the great variety opened. Here to you and alcoholic dependence which is suffered by considerable part of the population. A little the fact that this dependence especially our, “raseysky“ calms. And here differently as also you will not call other dependence overseas. Nicotine addiction came to us to not so old times from the far abroad. Came and clouded Russia a smoke screen. And men were the main creators of a smoke screen, mainly. Well, some filthy prostitute will be connected to them in ecstasy, or the muzhlanisty revolutionary will tastefully drag on the bedraggled papirosky. But, generally smoking remained the privilege man`s. And now women try to reserve this privilege, one of those privileges which brightly shows male weakness for themselves Russian and foreign. Well and god with them, with foreigners, they have heads on shoulders and they smoke, more from the hopelessness which arose because that the real men are translated in the abroad. And here for compatriots offensively. Existence in a cigarette mouth is absolutely optional to their Russian beauty, a charming smile and congenital warm-heartedness. Darlings you ours, set an example to men, and then nicotine, as well as other drugs, will not be able to advertize human weakness. And it is so bitter to watch that at this weakness human day by day. It would be desirable to devote several lines and to other weakness which before reorganization was so obviously not shown. Passing by a supermarket and just a market, it is necessary to observe an unattractive picture when our Russian consumer taxis from him with the crowded cart. The first thought which comes to my mind at present: really some cataclysm approaches and it is necessary to stock up with products for the future? An, no, any cataclysms, it seems, is not supposed. Perhaps, Russians got big families? But the official statistics indicates the opposite. Then the crunch with products precisely becomes ripe. Today is, and tomorrow can not be. But, it appears, and it not so. Today stability is provided to us. Also only one argument in favor of the crowded carts occurs - there are we now became, misters - companions, in three throats. And such food as we know, leads or to the excessive weight of an individual, or national obesity. In the West it is shown through the use of cheap and fast products, type of cheeseburgers and hamburgers, at us in excessive eating of any products. The main thing that packing was brighter and contents more. And as for an eructation, so it is unpleasant only in the beginning, and over time and is not noticed. To write about human weaknesses - business ungrateful, but also not to notice them too not a reason. Therefore I also decided to remind Russians that we, though treat a species of primacies from family a hominid (see Wikipedia), but nevertheless we are the cheloveka conceiving and reasonable. And the reason has to set us thinking not only on the present, but also on the future. And in general, whether so we are weak?