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The box of dark thoughts

In each person where he was born and to what estate would not belong, is a box of dark thoughts.

From time to time this box consciously or recklessly opens the person. The next dark thought, having escaped from a box, begins to hypnotize will and reason of the person who let out it.

The person can agree for a while with it, but back drive into a black box any more not in forces.

The person with strong character without resistance, and, more precisely, with an insignificant resistance can give in to small dark thought. For example, it can, without reflecting, to deceive the neighbor on trifles. Not to deceive more true, and to hold back something, to play a cunning trick somewhere.

But the kramolny dark thought, that stronger such person resists it, the it is less probable to expect from this person of meanness and insidiousness. Unfortunately, such people are capable to be leaders only in sports competitions, but not in policy or business.

The person is honest, fair and disinterested in the people it is considered too correct, and, sometimes, and just the idiot.

As a rule, such person does not love big words, empty promises, foolishes of advances before people around. He, without excess facade, does the part, raises children, rejoices to each come day.

It is very often possible to hear: “The good has to be with fists“. In my opinion, if with fists, so it is not kind at all. Never (to me will tell: “never “never“ speak) by force you will not make the people surrounding you happy, and, therefore, and itself you will not be happy. Perhaps, it is satisfied, but is not happy.

However I distracted. What there we have about a box that?

Ah yes, the person sometimes opens him, letting out the next dark thought.

And so, the person is weaker, the more often he opens this box and the not more willingly resists the dark thoughts which are let out from a box. Dark thoughts climb to the person in soul, devouring thin structure of soul. Eventually, the person becomes heartless, cruel and cynical. He from a fright begins to bark, bite and, finally, to kill. To kill physically or morally that equally criminal.

There is such regularity: the more humiliations of people tests in the childhood owing to the weakness, the big despot it becomes at mature age. He cruelly revenges for the weakness, reveling in the right of the director, director of human destinies which fell to his lot at any step of a scale of ranks - whether it be the foreman, the director, the commander or the head of the state that is especially sad. Sadly because the irreparable loss brings to mankind.

Such person is ready to suffer around himself only same weak as he, people. Strong people are not necessary to it. They are not necessary also to its environment and environments of the people surrounding it. Now I speak about spiritual, but not physical force human.

So where in this case there are spiritually strong people? Of course at the basis of an everyday pyramid, but not at its top. On them, all - keeps human wellbeing. Because when the “fried“ rooster pecks in one not absolutely pleasant moment when there come times, heavy for mankind, all looks address spiritually strong people and they preserve mankind against full self-destruction.

But as soon as relative rest is established on the earth, so strong in spirit people are muffled again by bark of crowd and who barks more loudly, that also escapes on pyramid top.

And hardly soon there will come that moment when top with the basis trade places. In - the first because spiritually strong people do not aspire to the absolute power over mankind. They profess the principles of equality and a spiritual unification. And in - the second because the human defects which are a consequence of human weakness interfere with our everyday life more and more actively.

Examples of that great variety, both at the level of a family, and at the level of the state.

And the interstate relations are under construction most often without the principle of justice, and from force position.