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Than lemons are useful? About health and beauty of

the Lemon was known since ancient times in many corners of the world. If to trust a legend, fragrant it is bright - yellow fruits were presented on a wedding to Hera when she married Zeus that it remained always it is young and beautiful: “Its aroma amuses mind, the peel and grains are useful to heart, pulp - excellent food, and juice satisfies thirst“. In the Scandinavian legends it is possible to find mentions of “gold apples of immortality“, and in the Russian national fairy tales - about “rejuvenating apples“. Actually are lemons.

The first mentions of lemons are found at Teofrast in 300 years B.C. However then the lemon was not eaten at all, and used as means from a moth - fragrant slices were put in clothes folds. The solar fruit is from India, and here its name comes from the Chinese “limung“ that means “it is useful for mothers“.

However, lemons not only are useful to mothers. Yogis called a lemon a universal remedy of maintenance of health at all times.

Avicenna applied lemons to removal of toxicosis at pregnant women and even made a compounding of treatment of gonorrhea. This method reached up to now and over time was improved to a vaccine.

Lemons are vitamin-rich - B1, B2, D, P. In them there are a sugar and organic acids, also the most large number of a tsitrin among all known products is a lot of potassium. Unique aroma to them is given by essential oils. But the main vitamin - ascorbic acid. Vitamin C plays an important role in a metabolism and promotes food of all body tissues. Lemons strengthen, do elastic walls of small blood vessels.

Undiluted lemon juice it is necessary to rinse a throat at quinsy, diluted - a good febrifuge. And rinsing of an oral cavity by it removes an inflammation of mucous.

Lemon juice is recommended to drink at gout and adjournment of salts, violation of a cholesteric exchange in an organism, at loss of appetite, the lowered acidity of gastric juice. Also the lemon is applied at treatment of an urolithic illness. Thanks to easy diuretic action, it normalizes a metabolism in kidney tubules. Even at radiculitis lemon juice is capable to help - its use gradually returns sensitivity of the struck area. Many recipes of treatment of a sclerosis include a lemon.

It is better to drink, of course, lemon juice not in pure form, and having diluted juice of one lemon with a glass of moderately hot water, it is possible to add a little sugar. It is necessary to remember also that any citrus is capable to cause an allergy. Therefore it is worth using such drink 2 - 3 times a week.

The recipe of treatment by means of a lemon of an amenorea, omission of a uterus, postnatal clarification came from the East. The compounding is is as follows: to crush a shell of 5 crude eggs, to mix with 2 - 3 small cut crude lemons (the quantity depends on fruit size). To insist one day. Then to add a floor - vodka liter. To accept 50 ml 3 times a day in 20 minutes after food. To drink 3 - 6 months. Well will help also at omission of a stomach.

Female beauty lemon too faithful assistant. It is used, for example, in face packs.

For dry skin . To mix 1 tablespoon of sour cream and on 1 h l. honey, lemon juice and castor oil. To put a mask on a face for 7 - 10 minutes before morning washing, and also it is possible to apply on the cleared face skin in the evening. The result will not keep itself waiting long, skin will considerably be smoothed.

For fat skin . To beat egg white in foam to bubbles, to add a teaspoon of lemon juice. To put several times on a face with an interval of 5 - 7 minutes. To unmask the wadded tampon moistened in tea.

To get rid of freckles and pigmentary spots, it is necessary to wipe skin with a lemon slice daily.

Strengthening of nails. Nails soft, fragile also lost gloss? Wipe them with the tampon moistened in lemon juice, and their state considerably will improve.

For a dyed hair : you propolosnit after washing hair water with addition of lemon juice - on 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon. This means will perfectly strengthen them, will make healthy and brilliant.

From dandruff : 3 tablespoons of burdock or olive oil need to be mixed from 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, to rub the received mix in head skin, to wrap up cellophane and to hold 15 - 20 minutes, then to wash out the head shampoo.

Lemons are stored best of all than citrus and keep vitamins throughout all winter. By the way, at the choice of lemons you should not pursue large tolstokory fruits - they can be old. The matter is that lemon fruits do not fall down on the first year of fructification. If not to cut off them in the fall, in the spring they turn green again, during the summer as if again keep up, becoming more largely. But the content of useful substances in them is less, than in young people.

It is not necessary to take and overripe fruits soft to the touch - they will very quickly deteriorate even in the refrigerator. It is better to choose, on the contrary, slightly immature, opaque and firmer. By the way, saturated yellow color of a lemon - not always a ripeness guarantee. And it is better to store lemons in the lowermost office of the refrigerator.