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How to spend time in transport? Without boredom and with advantage!

the Long tiresome road, the exhausting traffic jams, boredom, irritation and hours without advantage of the killed time... Were tired of this senseless expenditure of precious minutes? An exit is! I do not suggest you to refuse transport or to learn to fly. Everything is much simpler - you can productively use that time which you usually mercilessly kill on jolting and boredom. So, than to be engaged in public transport?

1. Plunge into the world of melodies ! Turn on the music or catch favourite radio station. Good songs in high-quality earphones will help to get rid of weariness and to load with vital energy.

2. You can read the magazine or the interesting book in a way if lighting and lack of potholes on the road allows. But what to do in case of intolerable jolting and darkness? Audiobooks will become excellent alternative! Sounded by professional announcers and actors, audiobooks do not demand special conditions as books printing - for their listening are necessary only earphones and a player / the mobile phone. Today shops and the Internet provide the wide range of audiobooks among which educational, scientific, classical and modern literature. Prepare for examinations, listen to fascinating stories, enjoy jokes in tiresome traffic jams of the megalopolis!

3. Use achievements of modern equipment ! The player, the laptop or a communicator will help to brighten up to you a trip. Thanks to these devices, you can wander on the World wide web, reduce stress killing of monsters in a computer game, watch good film or the telecast... I think, you with ease continue this list!

4. And in traffic jams you can be engaged … in in self-education and development of intelligence. Be not surprised! (And not dull) training of memory crossword puzzles, skanvorda and the Japanese puzzles will become excellent a pike perch. Besides, you can devote “free“ time in transport to learning of foreign language. For training in bases of language and for perception of the speech aurally it is necessary to get audiocourses, the read songs, verses, fairy tales, and for replenishment of a lexicon to use method of cards. The essence of this method is simple: on one party of the card made independently or bought the foreign word, and on another - its translation is written. So, overturning and thumbing through cards, you with little effort learn about 20 words in a day that in a month will make a decent lexicon - 500 words! Dare!

5. Give vent to the sociability ! Train communicative abilities, having started talking and having got acquainted with a row the sitting passengers - time will pass quickly, and unexpectedly for yourself you will find pleasant and interesting interlocutors. If there is no wish to conduct conversation with strangers, communicate by phone: call (but do not forget about rules of decency, you lower voice), begin correspondence with friends by the SMS or ICQ.

6. Present: you go out of the bus in an hour - peak fresh, well rested, full of strength... It is impossible? Here not, it is possible, the main thing - to be able to relax . Rest is one of the most pleasant ways to spend time in transport. For a relaxation sit down more conveniently, lean back on a seatback, turn on in earphones the weakening music - for example, classics or noise of a surf, present yourself in a pleasant situation - in the childhood, at home, during the holiday. Have a rest, but do not pass, staying in dreamland, the stop!

As you see, there is a set of ways not to start missing in public transport. Add the ideas that invaluable hours of your life did not leave for nothing to this list. Not dull to you trips!