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Forex is a deception?

Forex! Got already everything that is connected with this Forex! Without strong language, alas, already in any way. To earn by the head from the exchange and, eventually, at last to spoil the head on the chief …

of Hm, you think and that, cool... Here now I will learn everything, properly, I will understand. Not, well by itself all these is awfully difficult, but not gods really burn pots and is real, everything is reduced to the fact that the price either up or down will go … Yes hogwash question! Went well, I will be a trader! Also sounds, by the way, not badly - Vasya Pupkin is a forex trader. Hello, I am Vasya, the trader. Cool!

Ya was 3,5 years this Vasya. In already far summer of 2005 I, the full lamer on the Internet, came across in the newspaper the advertizing Forex of Club (FC) and potopat in a harmonous system of suckers, a name which - one million, to them in office, with hope for bright future and with self-confidence - darling. Skhodiv on their free seminar, both having beheld personally and having convinced that trifling matter and that directions at the price only two, I lit up all this business. And it is necessary to tell that I am able to light up. … Also rushed …

It is good that these kind uncles from FC except that they open eyes for all fools where it is necessary to dig to bury the money on the field of the same name, have also a shovel, and they obligingly sell it to all silly women …., fie you, to newly made traders, in the form of a course in exchange trade. And that was also not known by me at all that farther to do with all this baggage of free seminarny knowledge. But not without kind people and having bought the world, as well as learned, at FC, even for six thousand “A course in exchange trade“, and having secured with the promise in several weeks to receive also the certificate (and as without piece of paper - that, pieces of paper at us in honor) I plunged into all this diligently collected stuff of literature on Forex which, by the way, on the Internet and so lies free of charge. Well it is fine, then I it did not know and a trifle this money, of course, in comparison with future millions with which the world financial market had to present me. … Generally, bought and began to study, thinking in passing about … however, you also can guess what benefits of the world to me was dreamed then... In process of studying appeared, it still far, in a mind haze, feeling that make a fool of me. Considering that then to me in this subject everything was new and for the first time therefore I will power crushed, that arising feeling of disbelief and continued to plunge into the world of finance, Japanese candles, the fundamental and technical analysis. I learned as there is a trade in the most large world financial market under the name Forex, studied concepts of tendencies, trends, lines of support and resistance, penetrated into the theory of waves of Elliot and Fibonacci`s ratios, and of course Rumus - the program from FC for making of money on Forex studied, and at the same time tried to understand why it so brakes and execution of warrants detains (probably that it very clever and difficult...) . Generally, it was the period karandashno - konspektny which to me created a mental jam and the most important did not answer the main issue (and on the contrary generated a heap of questions) - so it is necessary to buy or to sell when muving up, oscillators in a perekuplennost zone, and do not understand Eliot`s wave where float. … Not, well, FC naturally for an additional fee were promised to give me a new piece of paper and to supply already the pro with courses, but the worm of a doubt already gnawed all my interior, and the soul demanded the valid truth and the answer to a question - so when all - has to be bought and when to sell.

As they say, there would be a herd, and the shepherd will be. And, about a miracle - the teacher not such as everything appeared, on demand in Yandex on the word “Forex“ most to see respected by search engines, the Dealing Centers (DC) hated in view of the fact that cut plain truth, and for the people called simply, modestly and with taste - the Master Forex (MF or MF - V further). Well, this new guru was horooosh! It had a full holder of tools on divorce of suckers, for our person who is not tempted with the Internet and not familiar with world financial, in the name of God, Forex. Here and idea that all around deception, and it is one D`Artagnan, and allegedly simplicity, and disclosure of all secrets of Forex (not free of charge of course, and so for a trifle, for $100).

I on Western Union sent to kind MF 100 Baku, and began to wait when to me all secrets come to mail how to become the millionaire. It was the fall of 2005, and forum MF only began the existence so I had number of registration one of the first there. It is possible to tell that only at this forum it became clear to me what is Forex. The FC, of course, did not give such practical knowledge, and actually just on the basis of the massive advertizing company attracted beginners and pushing it in principle for a fantastic sum that, as it is so possible to find free of charge in the Internet, in general, skimmed off all cream from interest of suckers in Forex, giving in exchange only a zilch. Forum MF, is divorce on other trajectory, on long-term, the blow in nerves, blow to destinies, is much more rigid and more dangerous to our person.

Here it is pertinent to state my relation to forum MF … A marketing mix of advance of his idea of the fighter for the truth, I already described above - all fools I am the most important guru and pravdarub. Well Let it pass, with advance of its business in a network. As well as at DTs, for MF Forex, is too just business, and not on trade, and on training in Forex. The main thing and this only thing that its forum gave, so it to the practician, forced to study. When several tens people sit and at the same time discuss a market situation, train, together study something, discuss - it at least stimulates to informative process, and, of course, it is good to eat it... But! - no trade system (TS) of MF exists in the nature! It cannot be understood none of his pupils! Everything masks under the fact that it, the HARDWARE, is very difficult to understanding, it is necessary to learn all FAQ (it is literary trash of the guru already for 4 years!) (Though MF writes in advertizing of the training everywhere that everything is allegedly simple to horror), examples of seemingly real pros of traders from the pupils who are allegedly already operating the mad sums (and therefore very important and therefore a request not to disturb them), but actually a steytment as well as MF are constantly given, and nobody ever saw his cool pupils. Everything keeps on warming up of interest in allegedly favorable business on Forex. And that allegedly there is a lot of the pro of traders, really ruining DTs. It is peculiar to people over time, having read all these heaped dregs on Forex, to begin to think that they something can now, time was learned to be understood what all speak such clever words here about. But it is real nobody there, on the medium-term period, steadily well trades. All regalia are distributed just for activity at a forum, for maintaining some branches, for a victory in a demo - a competition (here obvious public relations of academy - here type, our next pro won). And then such pro the trader, the VIP - the participant of academy or the moderator of a branch already himself begins to teach all and all and angry tone to send beginners to FAQ that they learned to talk in public language, but … alas, so when to buy or sell right now, this second, nobody ever will give the answer, will help with the accurate, clear trade plan, will tell Before everything occurred in the market how to work or arrive. Everything on it is tied - on hints, dual forecasts, and answers. It is a forum of analysts! All forum MF is a continuous similarity of the truth, allegedly the fighter for the truth - MF - V (V is Vyacheslav. The prefix V, appeared at our guru, after war with the administrators at an old forum, but it is other history). The trade Master Forex system (MF HARDWARE) is a set of market, well-known recommendations how to trade in session, a heap, literally a huge heap of the well-known dogmas remade, on another described, in general rewriting of old rules, with the MF prefix, and all.

By and large courses at DTs are more honest - they do not force you to kill so much time for all this rubbish. There it is simple - two weeks of the divorce paid by you be healthy further, bear to us the capital from under a pillow, and we will teach you as it is not necessary to earn already today! Forum MF - V, as a matter of fact, this following step in this big deception under the name Forex. This forum gives hope, forces you to trust, looking around you suspect others that all these the VIP - participants, moderators, are already a pro, and give to the life year after year trying to find a grain of truth in all these gigabytes of chatter about Forex and about a possibility of personal independence if at you suddenly it turns out. Inherently, MF - V, is the bigger evil, than stupid divorce of DTs on the grandma, it is more cruel as a result. Also I will not be surprised if MF - V appears in arrangement to DTs on big divorce of suckers on money (by the way, it advanced from the very beginning to DTs steam, advising at them to open accounts. For certain on referalny references earned additionally at first on poverty). Well it is fine - make a fool of us, and we grow stronger. It will not be eternal at us so - the CIS not puganny Forex - traders, tsentovy turned back Trim - a strit.

Well I distracted … Generally in the fall of 2005 I sat down for the trade MT4 terminal on a demoscheta, counting on the fact that somewhere from next spring I will begin to cut cabbage on “idle time“ of the MF HARDWARE. Aha, if everything was so easy... At a forum meanwhile “MF simple trade system“ began to acquire various frills from MF, Eliot`s waves from MF, indicators, various nuances and rules from MF, and then eventually turned into the slow monster (who, by the way, and still grows and swells). My schedule in the trade terminal was loaded, than it is only possible, and sometimes the price on it was difficult to be seen. Probably, this stage there pass all beginners.

It is necessary to tell still that I then had an opportunity to be engaged in Forex - the remains of my business brought me during this period about 1000 dollars a month (then less and less until I threw it) while I gave to my old business no more than 20 hours a week. And also in due time bought shop for the wife was not bad help. Generally, I sat in front of the computer for 15 hours every day and absorbed in myself everything that is necessary and that is not necessary what to me pointed MF finger to - V.

The principle of MF - the V transition from a demo to the real account - to increase a demo in a month three times at me well it did not turn out in any way and therefore I tried to increase a demo by 3 times from month to month, working on not clear and not accurate the MF HARDWARE - V at the period from the minute schedule to 15 minute, doing the analysis on H4 (one candle = 4 hours) and D1 (one candle = 1 day). In passing I won a competition on demoscheta what the VIP - the participant of academy and free lifelong access to forum MF - V received a cloak for. Generally it turned out to treble a demo the account at me only in a year and in the fall of 2006 I opened the first minireal for 500 dollars and … merged it in 2 months … Yes … as there was an experience on a demoscheta does not come within miles of work on real money on Forex. Where everything got to? - all year demo - experience, all such thorough preparation, all this talk at a forum, everything was shamed by the ruthless market and destroyed together with my self-conceit the VIP - the participant of academy … It was the blow below the belt. In usual life, you learn something, spend time, money, but as a result you also receive something in exchange: diploma, experience, respect, money. Right there all this did not work while you have no real result of work on the real money.

Sat down for a demo again … I could already increase it, and it is not bad enough in view of what in few months I already had a new real miniaccount which I merged already more carefully but equally well … This discharge of the second real was for me shock, like, as well as from discharge of first mine really of the account. I understood that in a root I do something not correctly. And I began to do the trade system founded on the MF HARDWARE - V, on trade in session, on schedules m1 again - m15. I began to simplify everything, gradually cleaning all not necessary from the schedule. Oh, then, I achieved truly strong results - I read all sessional movement on the minute schedule, I made the system based on the experience which then at me was already equal one and a half years of continuous tracking the price, one and a half years of life near a computer, behind the terminal. I was cool! I took points easily, I felt the price, I understood all movements. The next real before merging, I few times doubled in a month, but then all - merged, using such element for protection of an open position from the MF HARDWARE - V as the lock (opening of the counter transaction if the price was developed. I.e. instead of stop the position in other party opens and you hang in two multidirectional transactions which then you try to settle, opening the lock, having closed one of transactions counting on what the price on the remained open position will make profit.) . Eventually, the price confused me, and having unsuccessfully opened the lock I departed to concrete minus and as stop was not, I buried the account that brought me into it low - a state of shock which I never in life tested! For me it was just the blow under dy! It was not just a funeral of the account merged on others a miracle - the HARDWARE, it was a funeral my the HARDWARE, though based on the MF HARDWARE. It was the failed examination of all my one-and-a-half-year life of training in Forex!

But, the benefit that time and beer everything treat... Having condoled some time, but still without having lost self-confidence, and thinking that a mistake in me, in my behavior, in equipment at last, I returned to psychology on Forex. But since then I forever left trade in session, in day, and passed to a srednesrochka. The benefit and the guru who is suitable at once was - the person writing on the Internet on Forex forums under Alvibu nickname, and still calling himself the Father. It is necessary to tell that it was pleasant to me its Drag HARDWARE (obviously stolen by it somewhere on Internet open spaces), but at that time I already learned not to trust promises without having checked them. The father organized at forum MF - the V faculty of medium-term trade, volunteered to teach free of charge all to the Drag HARDWARE, and organized investment fund (AIF), and then took away all the pupils on the new website the devoted AIF. I did not trust the father already just because he allowed many mistakes in the analysis of the market (and I at that time already understood the movement, understood as the price behaves). It was visible that the person obviously from beginners, but with ambitions and the good organizer. And when it from a srednesrochka passed to trade on minute schedules and began to pipsovat 200 - 300 lots of investment Orsk money a few minutes ago … It simply did not climb in any gate! But the people for some reason trusted it, in difference from me. I consider that the most important to that I was taught by Forex, it to disbelief! Forex removed from me pink glasses of the inhabitant - the consumer. When day by day constantly you check something, you test, you work, will or not will you will learn to believe only what checked and rechecked, but not to someone else`s words, your personal expectations, hope or something else. Generally, the Father parted rough activity on the website, in chats, went across Ukraine with lectures, gathered a lot of investors, and then … merged the actual such sum of bourgeois dollars. Something seems about one million dollars. Anyhow - to pipsovat the mad sums on minute schedules, and in what a way then it was also without stops, in our Russian cuisine - DTs??? - it is a road to nowhere. On it opened criminal case in Ukraine...

And for me its initial the Drag HARDWARE marked transition to medium-term trade on Forex, and to search the HARDWARE. As last experience on the MF HARDWARE - V still affected, and my schedule still was uveshen indicators as a New Year tree, in passing I began to simplify everything, understanding that in such difficult market what Forex is, something is silly there still to complicate, and it is necessary to make everything as it is possible more simply. There were months, I sidnt sat at the monitor and it was gradually convinced of uselessness of this or that indicator or a method and touched different approaches to trade, began to observe MM (manimenedzhment) using no more than 0,3% of the capital in one transaction, rigidly put feet. Generally, there lived this Forex - zhito znye, constantly monitoring schedules and something is constant testing and adding, cleaning and observing. In 2,5 years of occupations, I opened next pass - real, and he lived at me the whole year, without increasing, but also without falling. I.e. for all this time I learned to stand still, but not to merge, but also not to add. Forex took away from me 3,5 years of life, I lived them, breathed them. I touched all indicators, methods (strangers, and then the), and eventually I simplified everything to almost blank schedule. I had a blank schedule without a thing, only the price and one oscillator for definition of divergence. And I traded on it, losing and adding, at the same time my account stood still as driven. I understood that everything that I learned all this time in Forex Club, at MF - V, U of the Father - all this did not make sense but only disturbed. To trade, at least without loss, it is enough to hold profitable transactions, to rigidly put feet, to use treyling and not to break MM. The continuous roulette is farther - guessed or did not guess.

Eventually I threw all this, having understood that there is no sense further, there is no future, there is nothing if I and Forex - the addict will continue to be! I just understood that I and now, 3,5 years, having cleaned, ottestirovav, having tested later and having simplified everything that, everything that is only possible concerns trading, I am in the beginning of a way. Because I still do not know where the price of currency pair will go today, tomorrow, and furthermore in a week. I just do not know it! Yes, by the way, and such approach I tried - to recognize too from what I do not know where the price will go and I do not try to predict its course, just stupidly I trade on the second step - she (price) takes a step, I proceeding from its first step make the decision on its possible second step, etc. But, nothing works! The movement of the price in the world financial market is very difficult to predict and predict Forex, so all these attempts on its catching, are senseless. To learn to stand still it is possible - to observe enough MM and to rigidly put feet, but to receive some stable plus in medium-term prospect, it is simply unreal. Roulette, in a word.

In this regard, having passed through all this hell, having thrown out all this time missed for another matters on a dump, having passed through misunderstanding of friends, relatives who consider you as the silly person rested against the computer, and all delights of signs of poverty, loss of money, losses of other opportunities, I call, you reading this article, one thousand times to think before deciding to spend the time for Forex, for beautiful dream of a dolce vita without chief. You are ready to spend obviously not several weeks as promise DTs, is obvious not year or two how it seems to you, namely all the life on this mad world, on that to become the intellectual addict bearing all the money in DTs?

The human nature is based on hope and belief that the whole world turns around itself - darling and that to you that, will precisely carry, you are such one special... Than also DTs use, stirring interest in game, but not work!... Only organizers of game earn from Forex, as well as in a casino. Why? - yes because all system of game is so arranged. DTs in such quantity would propagate if it was not favorable to them? As money of DTs does not remove anywhere, and all money turns in their office (for a real exit to the real Forex, the private trader needs millions of dollars), Forex, it also is this concrete DTs with which you work! You think - even 1 successful trader can take away all money from DTs! If the trader take constantly and steadily a profit, then matter only in mathematics and time is farther when money on accounts at DTs ends. But!... it does not occur! DTs grow, new offices and branches develop, open, invest a fantastic sum in advertizing. What follows from that in medium-term prospect of all 100% of clients of DTs is merged by the accounts. The management of DTs pays meneger a salary, and they post on Forex - forums, trigger curiosity, catch the new victims. I expect angry comments in response to this my article - well, it is pleasant to nobody when someone takes away your dream of beautiful life. Criticism it is good of course, but I am sure that it or just the shout of belief and hope supported only with the myth, the illusion which is skillfully fed by marketing specialists, interested party or posts from allegedly pro of traders, and actually from representatives of DTs. It is only possible to answer it one - a steytment of the real account in studio, about a minimum with year positive statistics, and show what you are a skillful devastator of DTs. And without steyt, it just words and anything more. I, by the way, never saw such steyt!