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What to do with fresh-gathered mushrooms? We cook, we fry, we soar

How to process fresh-gathered mushrooms at once after came from the wood, I already told. And now - about what it is possible to make from turned out following the results of processing.

Of course after sorted, cleaned, washed and boiled, from an incomplete ten-liter plastic bucket of a different combined mushroom trifle in a colander remained not so much. But also a small trifle to call this rest somehow language does not turn. Nearly two liters of boiled mushrooms and a floor - liter of the concentrated mushroom broth … Not too bad at all.

For a start we take a half-liter jar of the concentrated mushroom broth and we dilute it. In a proportion one to six. On 0,5 liters of broth three - pure cold water. Respectively, we need a pan of liters on 5. We pour in it in a concentrate, we part with water, we stir, we put on a plate. Liquid will begin to boil, we add boiled mushrooms, the potato peeled and cut with medium-sized cubes there.

Mushrooms on soup we take a floor - liter. One to one in a proportion with a concentrate. And potatoes on three and a half liters of liquid … There will be enough pieces six. Not the largest, but also not a trifle. Averages.

As liquid, after addition in it of mushrooms and potato, will begin to boil repeatedly, fire was lowered, closed a pan a cover and left it for a while. And we will be engaged in a zazharka.

We clean two bulbs which we slice half rings. We pour vegetable oil on already previously warmed frying pan … Attention! - not to feel sorry for oil. Mushrooms “love“ it and “take“ (absorb in themselves) - much. Therefore oil has to cover a frying pan bottom continuous, at least with a millimetric layer. As it will be heated, we spread poshinkovanny onions in a frying pan and, stirring slowly, we begin to fry it.

While this process goes, we clean couple of carrots, we rub them on a large grater and we add to the onions which already became golden. Still minutes 5 - 7, without forgetting to stir slowly, we conjure with a frying pan. And as time left - everything, the zazharka is ready.

Without disconnecting fire, a half of what at us lies on a frying pan, we shift in a saucepan. As in soup excess oil is not necessary at all, we take or a special spoon, with holes, or we use usual, but, having gathered in it a zazharka, we do not hurry, and, having leaned against a frying pan wall, slightly we incline and we wait for several seconds, allowing to flow down surplus of oil. Only after that we spread spoon contents in a saucepan.

As shifted the browned onions and carrots, prisalivay already almost ready dish, we allow to boil to it some more minutes and … It is possible to spill mushroom soup on plates. In each of which - a tablespoon of low-fat sour cream. And already they are to strew lightly from above with small chopped greens.

However, to spill soup from a pan on portion plates still early. Not because it is not ready. Not before so far. A half of roasting - on a frying pan. And besides it we had one and a half more liters of boiled mushrooms.

We take a half of them, we add to a frying pan, to onions and carrots, plus about ten small peas of black pepper and we continue to fry already everything together. But it is short. Minutes 7 - 10. Then we pour out hundred low-fat sour creams on a frying pan of grams, we mix, we diminish fire to a minimum, we close a cover and it is left to be extinguished a quarter more of hour.

While mushrooms, stewed in sour cream , reach readiness, time to be engaged in what remained from what was boiled right at the beginning came. These are about 3/4 one-liter jars. Grams 700 - 750. Though, “remained“ - it is pure theoretically. Mushroom caviar can be prepared in parallel for both first course, and the second.

As soon as boiled mushrooms cooled down, scrolled them via the meat grinder. It is possible to use, of course, and the blender, but me old, kind, still the grandmother`s unit is pleasant much more. Perhaps conservatism this pure and the obscurantism denying technical progress, but as on my taste, the mushrooms crushed in the meat grinder turn out also vozdushny, and more magnificently. And the most important - is more tasty.

Generally, scrolled mushrooms via the meat grinder and - on their frying pan with the warmed vegetable oil. There we cut three - four fresh pomidorka, we add couple of cloves of small cut garlic and all this mix, stirring slowly, we fry on average fire until tomatoes “do not disperse“. I.e. there will be from them such thin red shkurochka. Them from a frying pan - wons, and her it is possible to remove from fire. But it is better - simply to switch off a plate, and caviar let costs, reaches under a cover. Excess heat will not prevent it.

Here and all culinary process. On which result we on a plate have both a lunch, and a dinner, and a breakfast.

Yes, yes - a breakfast. Of course, nobody forbids to eat mushroom caviar and as hot the second. For example, for dinner. But it is better as it podostynt, to shift it in a glass jar, to close a cover and - in holodilnichek. And in the morning - made a seagull, cut off a piece of gray bread, smeared it with oil over which - a mushroom ikorka.

And this everything … Yes a vprikusochka under hot sweet seagulls … It is far better than some traditional sandwich. Goodness knows what on meat-processing plant in that sausage was stuffed. And here - natural protein. Interfering letsitina cholesterol adjournment. Plus glycerides of fatty acids, lipoida, fosfatida. And other, other …

Not - et, sandwich to any comparison does not go with mushroom caviar. And if who does not trust, so come. Popr about you but, zats e to Nita the Karelian natural product. Only hurry up … How many there at us on a result of caviar it turned out? Almost one-liter jar. For a week has to be enough. If, of course, assistants on loud champing and an appetizing savor do not run.

Well, and will run, so too nothing terrible. You will arrive, together in the wood we descend. For mushrooms. It is necessary once that theory what I here diligently painted, and in practice to fix?.