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What to do with fresh-gathered mushrooms? We process

At the weekend was chosen in the wood. But … It is visible this time something I did not attract to the mushroom tsar. In three hours a ten-liter plastic bucket of a different combined mushroom trifle. And that is incomplete. For Karelia it is, generally, a miserable amount.

So if someone waits about a pickles and marinades, so will not be about it so far. Perhaps another time. When the mushroom tsar under good mood does not regret for us the citizens. And now about that processing that is not subject to long storage. Which prepared and ate. Not today, so tomorrow.

However, before to a plate to become, it is necessary to tinker with mushrooms a little more. There`s nothing to be done, if they are such. Do not love haste. Neither in the wood, nor in kitchen.

Of course, we made primary sorting, still when decided - to put this or that mushroom subject in a bucket or let remains in the place of a constant forest registration. But repetition - mother of the doctrine. And before cutting, as a rule, seven times should be measured.

Seven not seven, but will not be superfluous - still razik to lay out everything from a bucket on a kitchen table or other convenient town on which then it is convenient to process mushrooms. To lay out and see attentively. Whether mushrooms we are sure of all for all hundred twenty five percent? Are not sure?! Then that subject on whom there were doubts to what knowing person is better to show. If it is absent near at hand, then all doubts are treated not in favor of a pan and a frying pan.

A mushroom - the companion serious, thorough and flippant attitude himself does not love. Oh, as does not love. To the person can punish for neglect. Sometimes - it is very cruel. So with mushrooms it is better not to joke. Any, even the smallest doubts are treated in favor of a garbage can.

Throw out, throw out. Be not sorry. Not the last day we live. Let`s be chosen in the wood. And, I hope, not once.

What remained on a table after sorting and rejection should be cleaned.

For a start at slippery jacks and russulas we remove an integumentary film from hats. We take it on edge a knife blade, we press for fidelity a forefinger and we move a hand from edges of a hat to its center. Time, another, the third. So far the hat will not become white.

After that we separate a leg, and we cut a hat on the center on two parts. Also we look attentively: whether is not present where holes makhonky - the courses of mushroom worms. If those are available - in a garbage can this mushroom copy. However, if not really there is a lot of courses, it is possible to examine a mushroom more carefully. To cut both a hat, and a leg on smaller parts. Perhaps what of them will be pure, not worm-eaten. It is possible and to leave them.

Well and if all mushroom pure, we cut it swept (legs on “castors“ thickness centimeter - one and a half, and a hat - on small segments) and we put in the deep bowl which is specially prepared for this purpose. Or basin. Depending on that, how many at us mushrooms.

At mossiness mushrooms, birch mushrooms, aspen mushrooms, cepes on a hat of an integumentary film is not present. It is not necessary to remove it. It is enough to remove a knife or a hand the small branches which stuck to a mushroom, leaves, needles. And at those from them that is larger - to poskoblit a leg knife blade. To skim very little with them that the internal, pure and white, mushroom essence opened. And then - the same that with slippery jacks and russulas. We check for worminess and we cut. Legs - on castors, hats - on segments. And - in a bowl.

If cepes - not one - two, and in enough, then is better than them - in separate capacity. At thermal treatment, on that they and white, these mushrooms do not darken and do not paint the broth remaining svetlenky and beautiful.

But a plate to include - early. Mushrooms still should be washed.

We pour in a bowl of cold clear water so that mushrooms floated in capacity. Well and carefully we mix them. Then, having turned our palms with thumbs up into captures - buckets, we choose mushrooms from a bowl in what other capacity. Water with the motes floating in it and the sand which accumulated on a bottom is poured out, we change it for pure and we repeat operation still few times. Only after that it is possible to tell that mushrooms at us are ready for the subsequent thermal treatment.

Now them it is possible also in the saucepan suitable on volume. “Suitable“ is when we filled up mushrooms, and to edge still there are several centimeters. For a start we will pour water in our capacity. It is a little. A glass - no more. Is possible even a little less. At thermal treatment mushrooms will give juice and in a pan there will be enough liquid. Water is necessary in order that until until mushrooms begin to give juice, they did not burn and did not stick to a pan bottom.

Poured a glass of water in a pan, we include a plate on a maximum and we put on it our mushrooms. From time to time we stir slowly them that did not stick and did not burn slightly and as liquid will begin to boil, we diminish fire, prisalivay and we continue to monitor cooking process, from time to time, stirring slowly and removing foam.

Mushrooms until cook, will not emerge yet. On time it is minutes 15 - 20. We add, for fidelity, still heels of minutes and we throw back pan contents on a colander. But not just like that we throw back. It is necessary that the colander was fixed on small, but pure capacity. That everything that at us cooked, - was put to use. Both mushrooms, and mushroom broth.

And here is how and that from all this wealth to prepare, about that is the separate narration …