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Salads with man`s names: what on taste? From “Seryozha“ to “Yakov“ of

our travel according to salad recipes continues.


Sergey is “high, respectable“. The name is associated with the attentive, sympathetic person, the reliable friend and the good family man. The recipe in his honor is called “Seryozha“. In a salad bowl we place layers: 300 g of the boiled chicken fillet cut with cubes; 2 carrots, largely rubbed and fried with half rings 3 bulbs (at first we put onions on a frying pan as will get a golden shade, we add carrots), small crumbled 3 pickles and then 3 grated eggs from 100 g of cheese. We cover with mayonnaise, we strew with greens.


of Glories as it was already fairly noted, is a lot of: Vladislav, Vyacheslav, Stanislav etc. And salad in their part is called tenderly:

Slavik. we Take 200 g of the Beijing cabbage and we slice. We add 2 shabby carrots and we pickle minutes 20, having poured in mix from 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1. h a spoon of salt and as much - sugar. Meanwhile we will grate 1 boiled beet and 1 sour apple. Having connected products, we fill with either vegetable oil, or mix of sour cream and mayonnaise. In my opinion, there are not enough couple of garlic gloves. And some consider that it is necessary to add 100 g of sea cabbage.


the Name derivative of Stefan means a wreath, a crown. It is characterized by inspiration of nature, will power and reason, endurance and generosity. I have two salads devoted to this name.

Stepa. we Spread layers: one boiled potato rubbed on a large grater; 150 g of the boiled beef which is small cut; the crushed bulb previously scalded; 200 g of the fried champignons; 2 grated boiled eggs. We cover with a mayonnaise layer and we repeat all sequence once again. Well, and at the end - greens, of course.

Stepka. we Rub a green radish, we add the fried onions and 200 g of the boiled beef chopped by straws. We salt, we pepper, we dress with mayonnaise and over it we spread circles from a garden radish.


the Name is translated to

with Greek as “perturbing“. It is considered that Taras possesses enviable commitment and the persistence reaching obstinacy he is talented, willingly generates ideas.

In salad execution “Taras“ is as follows: we mix cubes of 5 potatoes welded in a uniform and 5 - 8 marinated cucumbers with bacon strips (400 g), we add the onions (one average head) which are small crumbled and pickled in vinegar or lemon juice and small small squares from 1 sweet pepper. We salt, we pepper, we dress with mayonnaise, we strew with fennel.


the Name is translated to

as “iron“. But on character, it appears, kind, appeasable, bright and well guided in a situation. For Timur salad it is necessary to have 100 g of the chicken fillet chopped by straws on a tablespoon of marinated mushrooms, a celery and grated cheese, 1 teaspoon of capers, salt and mayonnaise. We mix everything and we decorate with segments of tomatoes. Philip

the Name means

“loving horses“. Gives to the owner brightness and dynamism of nature, excellent intuition and outstanding organizing abilities. For salad in honor of Philip it is necessary to boil and cut with strips 300 g of squids, to tear hands a bunch of sheet salad, to add some 2 largely shabby boiled eggs, half-banks of tinned corn, and then to salt, pepper, dress with sour cream or mayonnaise and to lay out the second half of corn from above together with ringlets of olives. But I still pour a little soy sauce and if in the house there is other seafood, I put too.


the Name is translated to

as “guards of the city“. Its carrier is nature bright, sure, rectilinear. Salad requires a few products: on 150 g of fast smoked pork and firm cheese, a cucumber, tomato, greens, mayonnaise. Thinly we cut products and randomly we stack layers, slightly prisoliv if it wants - but it is optional, and then we water with mayonnaise and we strew with greens.


is “creator“, and therefore it is hardworking, hozyaystvenen, the adherent of love. For salad it is necessary to take 250 g of the boiled macaroni, to add to them the smoked ham cut on cubes, 200 g of tinned or boiled red beans, ten olives without stones cut in half and to dress with mayonnaise.

of Yaks

the Hebrew name which is translated as “following close“. Interpreters call Yakov practical, hardworking, able get on with people and to soften the conflicts. Salad is quite simple: 2 boiled (or baked) svekolka and 2 pickles we rub largely, we add a half ring of one onion, 1 - 2 crushed garlic glove, a teaspoon of lemon juice. We dress with mayonnaise. This salad is known to me from school lessons of housekeeping, but what it “Yaks“, I learned much later.