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What system of protection to choose for the car? Part 2

Need for anti-theft devices ripened practically right after emergence of the first cars. Together with growth of quantity of a car also the number of stealings and consequently, demand for means of anticreeping protection increased grew. Today we will continue the conversation about the leading producers of the anticreeping equipment begun in the previous article.

of “Magic Systems“ the producer of production under the MS brands and of “Agent“ is. The first company which managed to let out system with dialogue authorization. Now “Magic Systems“ lets out not only alarm systems, but also immobilizers of the highest security level, and also poiskovo - security systems with unique service of control of a communication channel that is important since. for anybody not a secret that GSM/GPS signals can be muffled successfully. This company also what not just makes systems differs, and thoroughly studies the “car security“ market that is expressed in continuous monitoring of methods of stealing and technical base. It allows the company to let out the equipment answering to modern realities and to be one of the strongest players in our market.

of “Defengroup“ the producer of such famous brands as of MERITEC, DEFEN TIME, MEGALOCK etc. is. Most of users already managed to estimate high quality of DEFEN TIME and MEGALOCK locks, someone from users is familiar also with MERITEC autoalarm systems. However, these alarm systems, in my opinion, already morally became outdated (in this regard the company started in production the new devices meeting the modern requirements for “protection against stealing“, for example, of I - ROOT CARFON ). And here DEFEN TIME locks still are one of the best. At competent installation and the subsequent correct service they are capable to solve the highest problems of “protection against stealing“ of yours of “the iron friend“. The company is one of leaders in the market, however in the technical plan to call her the innovator or the leader it is impossible. I recommend to pay attention to the locks made by this company and quite good quality the budgetary immobilizers of DF - DI (in combination with the cowl lock they are ideally suited under requirements of the majority of insurance companies).

of LLC FLIM - one of the brightest representatives on market “ of protection against stealing“, releasing locks. The Guarantor brand does not need additional advertizing and recommendations for a long time. The majority of independent tests speak about the highest resistance of Guarantor locks to attempts of round and breaking. Cooperation with the ABLOY company allowed the company to achieve magnificent indicators: on elimination of the put lock at least 12 minutes are required. The only lack of this device is that it is not really convenient to them to use, but nevertheless it is ideal option for long parking at hypermarkets and night parking in the yard. Not so long ago the company started in production and besshtyrevy locks on a transmission “the GUARANTOR the CONSUL“ . Also the company makes immobilizers, automobile safes, locks for motorcycles.

“the Cerberus - M“ - the Russian company releasing mechanical anti-theft devices under the DRAGON trademark . Quite long period of time mechanical locks on a transmission were a serious barrier in attempt of stealing and often stopped unauthorized infringement of the car, but now the situation changed a little. If the lock on a steering shaft is a quite good universal barrier, then the lock on a transmission, unfortunately, does not cause a stupor in car thieves any more. For this reason before the choice of the lock on a box I recommend to address professional fitters and only after it to make the final choice as for the majority of cars such locks are only protection “model“. In general, the company working by the way, 10 years, lets out the qualitative product demanding knowledge and a creative in installation: excellent locks on a steering shaft and, for some models of cars, locks on transmissions. Locks on a cowl can also be considered as reliable addition, but it is exclusive for satisfaction of requirements of insurance companies.