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Salads with man`s names: what on taste? From “Nikita“ to “Savushka“ of

Who will refuse a dish in the honor? Especially as the choice is quite broad. Let`s continue?


the Proud name meaning “victorious“. Characterizes the owner as the practical, active, sincere person. Impatient nature, perhaps, became the reason for creation of “high-speed“ salad: quickly we slice a half of a kilogram kochanchik of cabbage, we add 300 g of the ham chopped by straws, we dress with mayonnaise and we strew with croutons.


the Name defining a victory of people. Nikolay needs to be bright, reliable, laconic and a little conservative that does not prevent to find nontrivial solutions in vital questions. And salad in his honor can be built, the name near at hand 200 - 250 of boiled beef, several marinated cucumbers, apple and is a little cheese (100 - 200, on circumstances). We cut all products straws, we mix and we dress with mayonnaise.

But it is possible to arrive and in a different way.

Nicolas. we Mix 200 g of the Korean carrot with straws from the same weight of ham or smoked sausage, several grated eggs (from two to four), we dress with mayonnaise and we decorate with ringlets from olives.


Oleg - means light. Nature is intelligent, sociable and fond. And salatik nominal I had only one, but with tender the name and sweet on taste.

Olezhka. On couple of bananas, oranges and apples we cut cubes, we add a half-glass of walnuts and 100 g of ice cream. In two hours when it is drawn, it is possible to taste.


It “a God`s spear“. It is sociable, restless, persistent and inquisitive. So far as the name has the Scandinavian origin at salad there is fresh-salted red fish. Much, gram 200 is necessary it not really. We cut straws and we add boiled and shabby eggs (2 - 3 pieces), potatoes (2 pieces) and also that is surprising, after half-bank of sweet corn and tinned pineapples. Well, and greens still, including several plumelets of onions. Having salted, having peppered and having mixed, we give to salad spherical shape and we spread on lettuce leaves.


In translation from Latin this name means “small“. It is quiet, sympathetic and hardworking. The recipe of salad does not assume long efforts. It is enough to rub 1 radish, one carrot and 100 g of cheese, to add salt, caraway seeds and mayonnaise to taste, - And “Pavel“ is ready!

the Novel

the Name is translated to

as “Roman“. The character which is fond, not suffering monotony with leader bents. Salad - on the fan, concordant that to add the same weight of the chopped boiled squid to a half of the chopped smoked chicken breast and steam of sweet pepper, and to dress then with mayonnaise and to strew with greens.


also did not know

Ya earlier that this name is meant by “Sagittarius“, and his owner - generous and pure soul, the good-natured, quiet, sympathetic person. And salatik in his honor in my collection is called tenderly:

Savushka. we Boil couple of potatoes and as much - eggs, we cut quite largely. We add fried onions with carrots, after bank of a tinned saury and corn, greens. We dress with mayonnaise.

To you your name did not meet yet?.