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How to calculate “to itself cost“ and how to change it?

Small experiment: close eyes, try to present the portrait drawn with someone another. Consider what it, try to make it, without opening eyes. Tell yourself whether it is pleasant to you, define what size your portrait? Now eyes can be opened.

If you presented a portrait the paper size the A4 format, at you normal “to yourself cost“ if the size is less - underestimated if above - overestimated. The difference is directly proportional to the image sizes.

“To itself cost“ is an indicator of that, what do you think of itself as you appreciate yourself, created proceeding from a subjective ratio “is realized“ good and “unconsciously“ bad qualities. Usually people are inclined to notice more bad, than good. Good is taken for granted, and the excessive attention is usually focused on bad.

Perhaps, “appraisers“ from outside will be with you and do not agree, but it is not so important. They will make a start anyway from your personal assessment.

What requires the positive attitude towards itself? Strangely enough, but if it is, the person is capable to love himself and to forgive and, as a result - to test something similar to someone to another.

Low “to itself cost“ can be due to various reasons, it is possible to consider basic of which - negatively adjusted environment, the mediocre relation of friends and acquaintances, doubtful criticism of external data and I.Q., own failures and defeats, existence of false sense of guilt.

Do not try to compare “cost“ to “cost“ of other people, all of us different and to everyone are given the scale of jewelry, and the ratio can be distorted and not in your advantage.

As the emergency help auto-suggestion very often comes. For a start it is worth beginning to look more often at himself in a mirror, at the same time it is necessary to praise itself, to speak to itself about the success, love, self-confidence, to emphasize the positive lines.

It is possible to get “the diary of achievements“, writing down in it everything that was already realized from earlier planned. It will be better if it turns out to forget a negative, the worst and gloomy days.

Psychologists advise to try to create an image of themselves in the head. Not to copy what is already put by life, and to recreate other detailed picture with more accurate characteristics. In other words - what you would like to see yourself. For fixing it is necessary “to scroll“ this representation at least once a day.

And, at last, self-advertisement. The sheet of paper on which the text of approximate contents is written undertakes: “allow you to present the good person, such qualities as …“ are inherent in him (you do not stint pleasant words). The text of self-advertisement is read also in front of the mirror.

These simple, but effective councils will help to shift the car of adequate perception from the place.

It is absolutely simple to realize that “I“ am “I“ and in this world is not present any more same as “I“. Everything that is in me, everything that is made by me, belongs to me, I can learn myself, change myself and lead full-fledged harmonious life.

On an ancient legend, for the life the person wears out eight couples of lenses.

The first couple of lenses allows to see the body.

The second - reflects our thoughts (intelligence).

The third - opens a way to the world of feelings and emotions.

The fourth - shows work of sense organs.

The fifth - defines relationship with people.

The sixth - visualizes perception of space, time and world around.

The seventh - gives ideas of food (food).

The eighth lens is eyes of soul.

All lenses are equally important, they function a whole the mechanism.

If to put a mosaic from the drawn lenses in the form of multi-colored circles in one circle, the power pattern of an inner self will turn out.

Never late to begin:

• To care for own body.

• To develop multilaterally the thoughts and intelligence.

• To learn to operate the feelings.

• To be attentive to the feelings, they connect our internal and external worlds.

• To try to avoid the conflicts, to study honest relationship and harmony.

• To learn the physical party of requirements and to learn to satisfy them without excesses. • To be able to find

comfort in the space weaved from heat, sounds, light, color, air. • To feel

as a part of the Universe, not to be afraid to open and prove to be.

Try … And be afraid of nothing!