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Salads with man`s names: what on taste? From “Ilyushenka“ to “Uncle Moysha“ of

How many salads are lovingly called in honor of man`s names! Here some more recipes.


are a form of a Hebrew name (Eli) meaning force or God`s fortress. On the existing interpretation, Ilya is the person economic, the possessing sharp mind, conscientious. However, it is quick-tempered, well and what here to do? And salad in what honor to prepare - a piece of cake.

Ilyushenka. we Cut several chunks of white loaf cubes and we add to the mashed cod liver fork from banks, there we rub 1 boiled egg, and from above we decorate with onions rings. That`s all.


the Name is translated to

from Latin as “innocent“. Kesha is closed, independent, polite. And salad of his name is as follows: We cut 200 g of boiled beef liver straws, we add sweet pepper and a cucumber - too in the form of strips, slices of 1 tomato and greens what will want. We salt, we pepper, we dress with mayonnaise. Kazimir

the Name means

: “reconciling, speaking about the world“. From here and the attributed character: benevolent, peaceful.

Without being troubled by a cutting subtlety, we cut on couple boiled kartoshin and cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, we tear manually several lettuce leaves, we add straws from 100 g of pork gammon and we strew 2 h with sesame spoons. For gas station we use 2 tablespoons olive weight, according to 1 h to a spoon of soy sauce and lemon juice, 2 h a spoon of honey, salt and ground white pepper. Any other greens - as much as necessary.


Kapiton is no more no less as “large-headed“. Impatient innovator, born leader, active enthusiast. It is simple “to bungle“ corresponding salatik.

Kapitoshka. we Take 300 g of ham, 1 sweet pepper, 1 fresh cucumber, 2 boiled eggs, 100 g of cheese - we cut all products straws, we add the crumbled greens and we dress with mayonnaise.


According to different versions, it “mister, the lord“ or even “sun“. It is considered that names the owner leadership skills, inquisitiveness and need for a praise. Salad in honor of Kirill assumes existence of 100 g of boiled haricot, 150 g of the ham cut with straws and packing of croutons with taste of bacon or cheese. Refuels mayonnaise.


Leonid means “similar to a lion“. A name, as if giving to the person ease of character, optimism, validity and steadiness. Salad includes a combination of one boiled beef liver cut with cubes from 150 g of mushrooms, fried with onions, in his honor and the eggs rubbed largely (1 or 2 - on the taste). It is possible to mix everything, it is possible to lay layers. Gas station - mayonnaise.

of Maxims

of Maxims - “greatest“. He ripened in judgments, early reaches manhood, is endowed with various abilities. Salad of his name, on my taste, delicious: on 150 - 200 the Korean carrot it is stacked small crumbled smoked chicken breast, we interlay with mayonnaise, on it - largely shabby cucumber, then couple of boiled eggs (it is necessary - grated, but I sometimes prefer slices), 100 g of cheese shaving, mayonnaise again.

And you know how “Maxim`s Dream“ looks ? It is the cucumber and couple cut with cubes a pomidorok, ten klyukvin, bank of a tinned kukuruzka, on a tablespoon of vegetable oil and lemon juice, and greens.


Is a name means “similar to God“. Its carrier needs to own excellent logic, to be kind, sympathetic and soft. And salad … well very tasty, believe.

Bear. we cover Gram of the 300th boiled chicken meat with a crumb from 100 g of walnuts, from above we put cubes the cut 2 oranges and then - half rings of the scalded onions. We hide everything under a layer of mayonnaise and we strew with favourite greens. But not at once we give - let at first our “Bear“ will be drawn.


the Name is translated to

as “from water the rescued“, its owner admits proud and strong, however not aggressive though character and rather heavy. But in my collection there is no Moisey salad, but there is …

an Uncle Moysha. Prepares not too difficult and absolutely not long: we rub 1 radish and 1 boiled egg, we add a medley from the fried half of a bulb and 1 branch of fennel. We mix, we dress with mayonnaise and we stack on a layer of slices of a pickle. It is possible to strew with croutons.

* * *

Well how - there was something to taste, or we will study recipes further?