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Salads with man`s names: what on taste? From “George“ to “Ivanushka“ of

we Continue the review of the salad recipes called by the man`s names.


are “grain-grower“ - with Greek. Has the clear head, likes to vspomoshchestvovat, it is loveful, generous and generous. The gastronomic preferences expressed in salad execution at me were only in a transcription “George“.

George. we Stack on a bottom of a salad bowl of 4 boiled potatoes, having rubbed them previously on a large grater, from above - the cod liver mashed by a fork from banks. On it - the crumbled bulb, then grated boiled carrot, after it - boiled eggs, too iskroshenny on a small grater. Having greased a culinary design with mayonnaise, we continue “construction“ of a salad tower: we strew with grated cheese in number of 150 g, we cover it with mayonnaise again and we decorate with a setochka from red caviar, and in core of each small square we put black, but not sturgeon, and, for example, etc. of


the Name comes from a pike perch from Daniil that on Hebrew - “God to me the judge“. The carrier of a name consider as the pioneer, slow in thoughts, but, nevertheless, resolute, hard-working, valid, etc. For preparation of Danila salad to us it will be required to

: a quarter of a cabbage head of cabbage, bank of tinned corn, a bulb, 2 - 3 garlic gloves, 1 - 2 sour apple and mayonnaise for gas station. About gas station - a bit later. We slice cabbage and slightly we rumple with salt, and then we pour in it in 1 tablespoon of vinegar and we leave for about 20 minutes. Apple we rub on a large grater, garlic - on small (or we pass through a press), we cut onions half rings. Having merged vinegar from cabbage, we connect it to other products and we add corn. Having salted and having peppered, we fill. But I there still would crumble greens...


Denis is derivative of Dionysus, god of fertility and winemaking. Denis is the cheerful person, he, is considered, is practically always cheerful and mobile. However, it is a little crafty and needs instilling of sense of proportion. Not therefore whether salatik in his honor assumes simple ingredients and very few efforts in preparation?

Deniska. we Slice several leaves of cabbage, three one carrot, one cucumber, one egg, we add a half ring of one onion, a half-can of corn, we salt and we dress with mayonnaise. Though, in principle, it is possible also sour cream.


Dmitry - belonging to Demetra, the goddess of the earth and fertility. He is a merry fellow and the activist, but - that is important - it is strong, reliable. It is detailed. For a salatik in honor of Dmitry it is necessary to stock up with one fresh-salted seledochka, several boiled potatoes, a bulb, a can of white beans.

Fish, potato and onions is cut for cubes, we add haricot, we fill with vegetable oil - to taste to which we add a little vinegar. That`s all, it is possible to call the birthday man to a table.


the Name is translated to

with Greek as “noble“. It is characterized by independence, will power, maximalism, persistence. For Evgeny salad it is boiled 100 g of rice and 3 eggs which, having crushed, we add to bank of crabs. Rice - there. Gas station requires mayonnaise. And where onions? It is not in the recipe, but I nevertheless put, and still on the quiet I rub a boiled morkovochka because the husband assures that he does not transfer it to spirit.


is a patron of agriculture. On character it is efficient, practical, judiciousness is peculiar to it. And I just adore salad of his name, though not often it happens to prepare: the fern for which conceived a liking in Buryatia is necessary. They say that it is possible to take dried, but such never came across to me, took marinated (grams 200), fried, added the crushed onion, the crumbled garlic glove, and soy sauce.


Joseph is the same as Iosif. The name means enhancement, profit. It is appeasable, goodhearted, likes to help. For this purpose, of course, it is necessary to have force. Here therefore - that and Joseph salad - dense. It is necessary to put couple of raspolosovanny chicken breasts, grams of the 200th ham cut on bars, even half a kilo of the boiled champignons in it and to add one grated fresh cucumber. We salt, we pepper as it will want and we dress with mayonnaise. As to prepare, very nourishing dish.


“Grace of God“, - here that this name, popular in all the time, which analogs in other countries are John, Giovanni, Hans, Jean, Juan means. It is considered that Ivanam kindness, trustfulness, responsiveness, tranquility, altruism, commitment to customs, and also … some lukavinka are inherent. And, certainly, he likes to eat well. Therefore also salad is called:

Full Ivan. Probably, the man to whom the dish intends loves that each product in it was felt separately, because and components layers keep within:

- the boiled breast which is small cut, watered with mayonnaise with addition of ground pepper;

- the crushed onion;

- 2 boiled eggs, largely rubbed and watered with mayonnaise;

- half-jars of tinned corn (and again mayonnaise);

- 2 boiled potatoes rubbed on a large grater plus mayonnaise with pepper;

- 150 g of the kroshenny marinated mushrooms strewed with greens.

Such is salad for Ivan, and here for Ivanushki it, though too puff, and also is partially similar regarding ingredients, but nevertheless differs.

Ivanushka. This tender image is formed of the products which are consistently laid the friend on the friend:

- small cubes of one boiled chicken breast;

- small chopped onion;

- shavings from 2 pickles;

- 3 boiled eggs which are small cut manually.

Top “plateau“ is watered plentifully with mayonnaise (3 - 4 tablespoons), and just before giving it is poured out by the crackling wheat croutons.

We will continue?.