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Why mirrors in an interior?

by means of mirrors it is possible to create the most interesting art decisions in the house, turning usual and nothing, apparently, not the remarkable apartment into rather fantastic space.

In a hall

As in a hall most often the place to big mirrors is, I will begin with it. The mirror is never usually fixed to the utmost on a wall at the left or to the right of an entrance door, but - opposite. Such decision allows to expand visually a narrow corridor, so popular in some small-sized apartments of “new“ and “old“ city fund; the last began to remake from communal flats to multiroom “palaces“ on one floor of the building more often.

With the same purpose of visual effect of expansion of space it is possible even to make one wall completely mirror, having hanged out mirrors or having put cases with mirror shutters, and it is possible to exercise the wit even more originally - as I - to use the door with a glass shutter conducting to the neighboring room. By means of mirrors it is possible to solve a problem with uneven ceilings, especially effectively this decision looks in the same small-sized apartments which owners we in the majority and is. False ceilings with mirror panels not only “will not take away“ useful height, but also due to optical deception will present feeling of a scope.

the Mirror bathroom

One more place where often and traditionally mirrors - a bathroom meet. In separate bathrooms (and therefore a narrow bathroom, standard because being in uniform constructive “glass“) usually the mirror is hung up over a sink, its form, the size and registration is defined by the general concept of design.

But the bathroom is, in my opinion, something very intimate, comfortable and, perhaps, the only room in the house in which all surfaces can be mirror. Walls from a mirror tile look just perfectly. More elegant option - a combination of a mirror and ceramic tile of bright saturated flowers. In a bathroom the mirror which is hung up opposite to an entrance, separately or made in the form of a mirror door of furniture, does not fall under above the considered “anti-rule“ - “a mirror opposite to an entrance“ as the bathroom is, obviously, an exception to the rules.

In the uniform, combined bathroom of the place it is much more, and here a mirror of any form, including original deckle-edged and geometrically chaotic copy, can occupy any wall, as well as all wall can be a uniform mirror - to whom as it will be pleasant.

In a drawing room

are not obligatory for

In a drawing room of a mirror at all. But if in you there lives an experimenter if you want to make a drawing room unusual, then to you and cards in hands. For example, if to hang up a convex mirror over a dresser, behind the chimney shelf or a rack, then it will help to consider the objects placed there without need to take them in hand. Several mirrors located at an angle to each other create fancy illusions. Especially, if on glasses to make a stained-glass window of a mosaic.

If to hang up a mirror over a desktop or, for example, over a piano, then the person sitting at them will feel much more comfortably - thanks to an opportunity to see all entering the room. The smooth surface of a tea little table, including mobile, will make impression of abundance, everything that on it is, will be increased, awakening appetite and inducing to be as long as possible behind this cozy little table in a good company. Especially well play patches of light of a flame of candles at a romantic dinner; the dinner can be not only in a bedroom. whether

And … a bedroom

were felt by you, being long in a bedroom, unconscious concern? If this is so, then the most probable cause - from - for the closed space you do not see (do not control) an entrance door. For knocking over of it, quite clear discomfort, a bed have so that it was possible to see entering a bedroom door. The good review can achieve in this case by means of a mirror.

There is also one more important recommendation - the mirror should not settle down directly opposite to the sleeping person. So before installation of a mirror ceiling or before finishing of a wall a mirror tile think whether it is worth doing it, considering the sizes of a bedroom and complex registration of interiors.

Apparently, the mirror is one of universal tools in your hands, you become a designer on an interior in own house. And everyone can try this quality!