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Bill “About Police“. Whether we will be protected by new centurions?

Come to the end national discussion of the federal bill “About Police“. If attentively to read its text, then inevitably there is a mass of remarks and questions. What will be farther?

It is difficult to recognize this federal law (if it is adopted in the offered look) as the law of direct action. I counted in the text of this bill more than ten references on (I quote): “the basis and the order provided by the federal law“ . Here some other federal law or laws means. And as there is no direct reference then, these federal laws are not adopted yet. Also there are questions: when they are accepted what will be written to them?

From duties future centurions me most of all were admired by point 29 of part 1 of article 12: to carry out according to the federal law... obligatory state genomic registration .

And our local police inspector (who considers that the officer has to be washed purely up, smoothly shaved and a little drunk) conducting researches of human genome was presented to me.

“The police officer, addressing with the requirement to the citizen... it is obliged to show the official ID, except cases when such presentation is impossible or inappropriate“ (article 9).

Well, with impossibility clear, for example, the certificate is left at home on a dresser, and here what means “is inappropriate“ in this context? Perhaps, stay under water, at top of Elbrus or in the course of departure of natural needs means? Then and it was necessary to write.

And in the bill it is told (article 7): “Police officer... has to abstain from any actions which can discredit its advantage“.

It how to understand? Other persons can discredit someone`s advantage, having spread a damaging evidence, and it is stated in article 152 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. But how most to discredit the advantage?! To spread a damaging evidence on itself? Then the police officer has to and file a lawsuit against himself on 152 - y.

It were some of duties. And here with the rights new police any more not to jokes.

They will be able to check at citizens documents on streets during the whole hour and for this time to limit a freedom of movement; will be able freely to get acquainted in the organizations with necessary materials, documents and other data; will be able to use on a grant basis possibilities of mass media...

One more important point is fixed in article 15 of the bill:

“The police has the right to enter freely or to get at any time into inhabited and other rooms of citizens, on the land plots belonging to them, to territories, the land plots and into the rooms occupied by the organizations with damage if in it there is a need, the locking devices, elements and designs interfering an entrance...“

Certainly, such situation is direct violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation where it is told about inviolability of the dwelling. But what from that?! To new centurions the constitution without need.

“The police officer has the right not to warn about intention to use physical force, special means or firearms when actions of persons to which it is supposed to apply them create direct threat of life and to health of citizens or the police officer or when they can entail approach of other heavy consequences or when such prevention is inappropriate or impossible...“

is article 19 - I. After adoption of the bill in such look the police will be able to shoot down everyone. Legally and at any time. And then to tell that the person threatened health (yes any infectious patient threatens health of people around; you think, I distort? let`s look what will be), and to warn this person it was inappropriate. Most of all I do not envy doctors and nurses; with them new centurions will be able to do what will want and even to clap as flies. What to stand on ceremony with these murderers in white dressing gowns.

And here one more remarkable passage which contains in paragraph 2 of article 32: “The requirements of the police officer turned to citizens and officials, and actions taken by him are considered lawful until in the order provided by the law other is not established“.

Turns out that actions of the well-known major Evsyukov in a supermarket “Island“ when it shot the people surrounding it, would be considered as lawful, serve it in new Russian police. And only then, in several months when the sentence of Moscow City Court came into force, other would be established.

Misters authors of the bill, you lost mind like the colleague Evsyukov? It is a question. I wrote to “colleague“ as the bill “About Police“ appeared a subsoil of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

And maybe, this bill werewolves in shoulder straps with the purpose to legalize the anti-divine rights and to be called police officers composed. However if to remember history of the Great Patriotic War, then guerrillas hung up politsayev on lamps...