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Mushroom kingdom. To be in time or enjoy?

suddenly somehow strange affected Abnormal bad summer: the remained forests burst with cepes. Of course, those woods which I know and which are territorially available: situated near Moscow, Tver, Novgorod.

Routes are filled, more than ever, on each forest road on car roadsides - almost in a row. Cars are the most different, it is possible also very jazzy to meet in a full solitude. Such impression that all left - and those for whom mushrooms - considerable help in food, and those who just want to look at a miracle. An ordinary mushroom miracle which happens not so often.

And the woods - those which remained, - surprising beauty. In pine the moss is poured in all flowers as corals on a seabed (who to what compares). And everywhere - mushrooms, improbable, unknown quantity. And that is interesting: strong, not worm-eaten, healthy, just “the very picture of health“.

Both walk, and pleasure, and awareness of importance of involvement in serious business go families, to children. “Young collectors“ can quite explain rules of collecting mushrooms. But you will not give a knife to them, and big-eyed children the first see production, and the first direct to it. Will grow up - all will learn to do correctly for now for them there is too much all interesting. The world of the big wood for the city child - still too gripping show. And such rough pleasure at each find, and such reluctance to come back to the dacha or to go home.

We leave. Behind the back

the Wall the wood motionless,

Where in beauty of terrestrial

Burned down day suddenly

(B. Pasternak. “On mushrooms“).

But what it is possible to be in time for such short days off? They are always short, but with mushrooms which require almost immediate attention and immediate work, especially.

Here any more not to jokes. Soup - mushroom (both Russian cabbage soup, and noodles, and a rassolnik), and is also refined options - for example, Orekhovo - mushroom cream soup. On hot the choice is grandiose: mushrooms fried with potato, juliennes, mushrooms, stewed in cream, stuffed cabbage with mushrooms, pancakes and mushrooms pies, mushrooms dumplings, fried eggs, salads, baked puddings and porridges with mushrooms. Both vegetable marrows, and eggplants, and it is even possible to make pumpkin with mushrooms. And aspic can be made of the same mushrooms. Pilaf too with mushrooms (at once I ask forgiveness from those, for whom the word “pilaf“ - sacred which cannot be soiled nothing alien). And how many still options in only one Italian cuisine: both risotto, and papardell, and fetuchchin - there are not afraid to add various grasses and spices (which can kill natural taste), garlic and wine are obligatory.

Other dishes if someone else has a desire to eat more (that a rarity), move or the stuffed mushrooms too, or with mushroom sauce. On an oven the same mushrooms dry (and log huts are filled with dense tasty spirit). To whom nearby - at once to the city, to freezers. Who remains - also pickle. Works - too much.

Of course, in such mode and mushrooms can be not in pleasure. Therefore - “tranquility, only tranquility“, we do that is possible and it is convenient, we do together and cheerfully. And it is the action, the second for the importance, connected with miracle of mushrooms. Will argue on properties and advantage of mushrooms for a long time. But nobody ever will challenge what mushrooms unite. And in pleasure of a find, and in pleasure of joint making.

And finally, couple of recipes, perhaps, long ago known and without special delicacy. Baked pudding with options

Couple of glasses of the boiled mushrooms slightly to fry

with onions (option - already stewed mushrooms in sour cream), to lay out in a form, to fill up with grated cheese (option - mushrooms after frying to mix with breadcrumbs and the shaken-up eggs). As optional addition small cut parsley, black pepper and a nutmeg are allowed. But classics nevertheless natural taste is considered - when still with all the heart to it to be glad how not during a season? Eggplants with mushrooms

Eggplants we cut

in half, in each half we do deep dredging, slightly we fry. In dredging - mushrooms, from above cheese, fried with onions. In an oven. But all options “eggplants plus mushrooms“ are very tasty.

It is far more difficult to prepare the Italian dishes with mushrooms, but it is possible to contrive and think up the “Italians in Russia“. The main thing - is successful to pick up pasta. But it already at home, at all conveniences.

There is a lot of recipes. - it is even more mushrooms this year. - it is not enough days off. We will not do of cult mushrooms, and just with pleasure we will go once again and we will just take a walk in the autumn silent wood. Let`s communicate to the wood and with each other.

And unintentional production it is possible to try to take to the house and to freeze. To remember in the winter these days, this fun and to involve all other, still “the recipes which are not tried out“.