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Oktoberfest and not only: where and when there take place gastronomic festivals?

the European cities are nice not only the architecture, history, but also numerous gastronomic holidays. Almost everyone is not enough - malsk the known city has the special celebration connected with the end of an agricultural season in the region, harvesting and tasting of its fruits.

Therefore fans to eat, gourmets of all countries, unite and go in the fall to Europe! Here you are waited by a name-day of heart and a holiday of a stomach!

If to speak about autumn gastronomic festivals, then it is simple not to mention a sin the most popular and large-scale of the European holidays - “ of Oktoberfest“ in Germany. Every year about six million fans of the German beer and sausages direct to Munich to join this tremendous action. On statistical data, for days of celebration about 600 million liters of beer are drunk, 600 thousand fried chickens and 80 perfectly of the fattened bulls are eaten.

But except joys for a stomach, you are waited by the most magnificent holiday of life! “Îêòîáåðôåñò“ are the fireworks which are so loved in Germany performances of the most excellent folklore ensembles, parades of brass bands, a fair, attractions, festivities and a lot of things are many other things!

Beer is brought in beer tents. In the largest beer tent - Hofbr ä uhaus, holds about 10 thousand people. The respectable public hangs out in K ä ferschenke, students and youth prefer to drink beer in Schotenhammel tent. For fans of beer with children beer Winzerer F ä is equipped; ndl where it is possible to spend time in the warm and quiet family atmosphere.

“Îêòîáåðôåñò“ is a miracle - a holiday! Come!

If you already arrived to Germany, then after Munich it is necessary to glance to Weimar. Here passes so-called “Onions festival“ . The ancient and well-known city where Goethe and Schiller, Liszt and Bach lived and created. In Weimar Friedrich Nietzsche lived and died. This city should be visited anyway, and in days of “An onions festival“ - especially.

On numerous scenic platforms you will be pleased with the skill by talented actor`s collectives including from Russia, and fans to eat will be able to try more than one hundred national dishes from onions.

You fan of sea dishes? Then to you - to England. In October, in the County of Wales, week of shrimps and mollusks begins, and in the city of Midlsboro there takes place one more festival - a festival of captain`s kitchen . It is carried out in honor of the famous captain James Cook whom, alas, natives have dinner.

Glance also to Spain. You will get on one more famous festival of fish among the European gourmets . In October to the Spanish town O - Grov , there come thousands of tourists from all over the world to regale on lobsters dishes, mussels, oysters and other fish delicacies. Certainly, except delights for a stomach you will be able to enjoy also a set of cultural actions: exhibitions, concerts, sports meets diversify your leisure after acceptance of refined seafood.

And European wine festivals!?

Cyprus. Tender sea, burning sun and wine festival. In September in Cyprus, in the city of Limassol , holds twelve-day a wine festival . Here it is possible not only to taste various Greek wines for a ridiculous payment, but also most to participate in ritual of pressing of wines. You remove footwear, you jump in a huge tub with grapes and rhythmically you dance under sounds of a Sirtaki and national songs.

Well and how not to mention the gastronomic festivals which are taking place in beautiful France!

“Beaujolais - Nouveau “ in France celebrate a holiday already two centuries. Beaujolais is the only French wine which goes on sale at once after harvesting. The slogan of a holiday - Beaujolais nouveau est arriv é (“Beaujolais - Nouveau arrived“). Beaujolais - the most beloved wine of French, and the holiday “Beaujolais - Nouveau“ in Burgundy also we love French as “Oktoberfest“ - Germans.

And in France “Week of taste“ is spent by . Gourmets have a unique opportunity to try dishes of the most refined European cuisine at hundreds of restaurants over all country which for one week in October will expose special tasting menus with low prices. A main goal of this culinary event - promotion of tasty and healthy food.

Willkommen in Europe!