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We go to Karelia? Travel by motor ship

A what purpose of travel?

Rather, at first sight, banal question. Of course, to look. But Karelia - not Moscow, and, agape, it is simple to go on Red Square and to admire it will not turn out.

Open spaces are wide, the horizon it is not visible. The look rests against a taiga. And - what there behind a hillock not to understand. And there can be anything, it is sometimes perfect to you not necessary. Here therefore it is also necessary to be defined, first of all, and that I, actually, want to see.

It is possible to go in the simple way and to get on the next motor ship. They are moored in Petrozavodsk almost every day. Especially (between us, girls, speaking) I like a vessel with the proud name “Moscow“. Color of its lower part, bottom, successfully fits into Stephen King`s style. God`s fear. It is more logical to call it “in a final journey“.

The motor ship - it, of course, much more comfortably also exempts from an array of problems. But also you will see Valaam, Kizhi and the Solovki. If sometimes to leave bar, it is possible to look at a decline in the white night, islands and far coast with century pines. It is not enough. But the most outstanding.

Valaam is transferred to orthodox church, and there the laws. To take everything that is possible, on the state and at the same time on it not to depend. On the forthcoming population census there even copyists were not let. Themselves was counted. Well, and that there for a folk gathered, it is only possible to guess...

Locals were already moved, apparently. Out of harm`s way. But the cathedrals restored by means of the state stand, and rather beautiful. And the atmosphere of detachment from the world affects. Impress rocky coast of the island. And Lake Ladoga not without focuses. There rattles, a storm not in that party, “the flying Finn“ on the launch. There is enough everyone.

Kizhi . You hurry to be in time. Unfortunately, commerce concerned also this monument, I would tell more, a masterpiece. Power is unknown. Here when there are a small small insect at an entrance, and above you domes - somewhere in the sky... And all this from a tree.

But in crowd of tourists there is no time to feel greatness of the moment. To understand for the sake of what all this was under construction. What people dreamed of, lifting the fairy tale of the North in the sky. To us, one may say, to natives, it is unprofitable to get on the island already somehow. Not everyone will lay out one thousand rubles for “to look“. And it only - to reach on “comet“. And fairy tales about northern salaries and remained fairy tales.

Kizhi is closed for today. The entrance to Church of the Transfiguration is Or rather, closed. That, with domes. So to speak, on restoration. The group of enthusiasts cuts bucks. And instead of the project offered by professionals, are engaged in frank nonsense. Therefore I recommend to visit Kizhi Pogost. How restore, can not sustain.

It is curious to look on Belomor - the channel. That, constructed by convicts and an other unreliable social element. It will be possible to tell, float you by a long cemetery of the compelled builders of bright future. The channel demands repair. Therefore you will see the real old times.

Solovki . Well, here, as they say, - comments are excessive. It somehow already grew together. Solovki, Vorkuta, Kolyma. White Sea though not Northern, but sea. The humid climate also very much differs from Black Sea. In any case, palm trees and cypresses do not want grow. Only hardy pines and stones. The monastery in very even a decent state. To stand on the earth impregnated with blood of thousands of people it is a tin. But the grass turns green, and sometimes there is a sun.

Not each motor ship comes into Petrozavodsk. Some tour operators excluded it from a route. But who was lucky, can see, in some degree the known embankment of the city. It is kilometer of any parodies to a sculpture per se. Gifts of twin-cities from around the world.

Amusing there are things. Much like creation under the name “dream of the maniac“. The reclining lady with a breast on both sides. As do not move... Very conveniently! Unfortunately, in the city everything that had though some relation to the past, is destroyed. Bitterly to write about it, but such is it, a homespun truth.

Means, by motor ship we swam for a while. Conveniently, comfortably, but here to touch not everything will turn out. And impressions will turn out incomplete.

Not such it, Karelia. It not only in temples. It somewhere in soul. In the nature, in the wildness.

In the following review we will try to capture a little more widely. As far as there will be enough hands.