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How many there are services of the realtor?

For our country a profession the realtor relatively young, and it gained rapid development from the moment of adoption of law on privatization of housing stock.

People ceased to believe slogans and promises that each family will be sometime provided with the housing, and actively were engaged in the independent solution of “housing problem“. There were also intermediaries.

There was a demand - there was also an offer. There was a service - there was also a price of this service. Addressing to real estate agency, you have to understand accurately that it is business - structure, but not the charitable organization, but any business is created for generation of profit (and this business, even despite the post-crisis period, remains to one of the most profitable).

But you - that interests not their profit, but your money !

Of what there is cost of services of the realtor? The realtor does not sell and does not buy real estate - it is someone else`s property. The realtor sells information! Also estimates this information in the different cities differently. Usually from 2 to 6% of a project cost of real estate.

The one who orders service pays the commission usually: the seller, if he addressed to agency and signed the contract for rendering services in sale of the apartment or house, a site, etc., the buyer - if it made the inquiry in agency.

But recently a tendency such is - are paid by both (halve commission charges, that is not 6%, but everyone on 3%). But even 3%, suppose, from 2 000 000 - this serious sum. Why there is a lot of? They made nothing! Showed me only 3, 4, 10 apartments, and I chose! Or even if they brought to me only one buyer, and he buys my apartment what I have to pay such fantastic sum for?

You pay for information. Therefore it is necessary to agree with realtors on “coast“ . Be not too lazy to arrive to agency before you begin to sell or buy, talk to the manager, but not to the agent, he is authorized to make the decision on the sum of commission charges. It is possible to insist on the concrete sum, but not on percent.

Sign with agency or with the private realtor (realtors - singles now quite a lot) the contract on rendering services. Better at office. It is your safety.

Why at office and and here safety? At office you have an opportunity, in - the first , to estimate the company - or it is a snack bar without signs and inscriptions, or this operating agency.

In - the second, you have an opportunity to read and discuss quietly with the manager of the term of the contract, but not to sign already before display when and to read - that will be once, the contract on rendering information services where all percent are already registered.

In - the third, you will be able to sign not the standard contract on services, and that which will suit you. Accurately stipulate both dates of performance, and those actions which will be taken by agency for implementation of your dream of purchase or sale of the new apartment or the house (it is possible to include in the contract and preparation of documents, both check of purity of the transaction, and the organization of moving - all in your hands).

In - the fourth, you have an opportunity to get acquainted with the specific performer before begin to work with you. And if you do not like color of eyes of the agent - you will be able to ask to invite another. It is important - as communication is necessary rather long, it is better that the person was pleasant to you initially.

Believe, agency is interested in you as in the client and will meet requirements of you! If something does not suit you - you have a choice: to find other agency or the realtor (it is better according to the recommendation) or to deal with real estate issues most (if there are time and confidence in the forces).