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Whether it is necessary to write lectures to the modern student?

Outside 21st century, time of information technologies and innovations. But process of receiving the higher education is still far from perfect. Higher education institutions do not keep up with the appearing innovations and in the majority work in the old manner. The younger generation aspires behind new developments and technologies, and here teachers do not hurry to change the settled, habitual methods of teaching. Therefore in the majority of educational institutions teachers demand writing of lectures from students. How to arrive?

To write or not to write lectures, everyone for himself solves. On the one hand, it is really huge waste of time, sometimes and really useless. But there is in this requirement also a reverse side which plays into the hands of students.

I will give several reasons for which it is necessary to write lecture everything-.

1. Already process of writing of lecture gives you plus. Most of teachers look, the student of lecture writes or not. During lecture they go on audience and observe. If it seems to the first-year student “us - much, he - one, I will be imperceptible, he also will not remember who wrote and who is not present“, then students of older years already precisely know that by the end of a semester the teacher of almost all the students knows by sight, and by the end of a course remembers all on names. Therefore, having come to offset, know, the teacher perfectly saw your work at his lectures and already made about you a certain opinion.

2. One more plus of process of writing of lecture. As at record it is necessary to concentrate on sense of what you write, will - bondage you remember what wrote. Let not everything, let only several phrases, the main thing that the sense caught and it was postponed in memory. Already the fact that you remembered at least a lecture subject gives a guarantee not to get into a comical situation when on the teacher`s question: “What color textbook?“ indignation of students is distributed: “In the reptile brings down!“

3. The notebook with abstracts of lectures can serve as the admission on offset or examination. Some teachers lay down a condition: to come to offset (examination) and to show to the teacher the abstract. At the same time the teacher can undersign practically on each page of your abstract that it was repeatedly not brought by other, less diligent student.

4. Well written abstract can increase chances of receiving offset automatically. In my practice there were cases when having the full abstract and a couple of pluses for work at seminars, I passed a test automatically. However, there were some more nuances. Abstracts looked rather beautifully, i.e. when writing different ink was used, quotes were selected, thoughts in the text were shared according to paragraphs. In some places even additional pages with excerpts from other sources on this subject were pasted. Of course it was necessary to make a little more efforts, but the result was worth it. The type of the abstract made due impression on the teacher - a test was passed by automatic machine, and it was not necessary to spend time for cramming. Well and it is natural, absolute attendance of this subject.

5. Some teachers allow to use during passing an examination the abstract openly. The only condition - the abstract has to be written by you. Plus, after the answer under the ticket, several questions on other subject.

6. The abstract can be used at examination as a crib. There are such cribs of “bomb“ when at examination the pure leaf is imperceptibly replaced with in advance prepared answer to a question. But in this case lecture should write only with one ink color and to begin each question with the new page. A lack of such application of the abstract is that the teacher has enough experience to define, you learned or used a crib. Therefore additional questions will be far from those which were in your ticket.

7. One more plus from the fact that you will have a full abstract of lectures, that at night before examination it is much easier to read a commonplace book and quicker, than a pile of textbooks.

8. After use of the abstract to destination you do not hurry to throw out it. The next year other students will come to your place, and among them for certain will be not such responsible as you. Here - that is also useful your abstract which can be exchanged for things, more useful to you.

9. It is necessary to define necessity of a subject in which you had abstract. In certain cases it needs to be stored. Simple example from my student`s life. On the fifth year, before the last externship to us read the list of objects which submitted for state examination. Most of students was shocked - from seven objects two were passed on the second and third year, and abstracts on them are thrown safely out. And one of these two objects was handed over only on lecture material as textbooks were not absolutely, and the author of lectures was the teacher.

It is possible that in the course of training you will have not less important reasons for which it is necessary to write lectures. And maybe, you were not convinced even by these, and you the strong knowledge gained by means of modern technologies, will manage to convince teachers of uselessness of hand-written lectures.

Successful to you studies!