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The website - acquaintances... what is it?

the 21st century - a century of high technologies: difficult software products, fancy mobile phones, the high-speed Internet, the last, in turn, replaces real life and transfers to the world virtual, tightens as a bog and to be chosen from here sometimes happens very difficult. Yes, we feel that something goes not so, but we cannot do anything with it. Poisoned Sohn it is spiritually empty, dangerous, cannot satisfy our requirements, but we will never be able to get out of it if we do not understand that we are in it. Marshall Maklugan is remembered at once, he liked to repeat that he does not know who invented water, but it precisely were not fishes. If you wallowed in the bog, then will hardly be able to consider it properly. Fortunately, we are not fishes …

All this was the preface, further the most interesting … Stay with me these minutes, if came.

Contact, schoolmates, mail, dating sites etc. here everything dazzles yarkimy with paints, various statements, video and photos, looking at which there is a question: “who here real person, and who someone`s invention, imitation, copy, ersatz?“ Many create pages and questionnaires here, subscribing not by the name and spreading “faces“ of other people … in hope for what? Many often at all have no names. Me turns from questionnaires with pogonyalovy inside out: “A kitten, the Riddle, the Sun, the Camomile, Sexy Bitch, Mickey - Rourke, Mister, Treasure, Druid, Oncoming Traffic, Vivalavida, Lil Di, “. There is a name given at the birth. And pulls to tell: did not remember it - write the serial number. There is no name - there is no brain.

For the sake of interest it decided to be registered on a dating site and to look that for inhabitants live there. Saw hundreds of questionnaires, and not only guys, but also girls, it became very interesting that is wanted and looked for here by people. Young ladies, of course, surprised more … Judging by questionnaires, one STARS are not normal, … and here such stars, it is better for them to zvezdit near a bar counter in night club where the price to them from 3 to 15 rubles in a night... in a word, looking for the sponsor, and in Russian - the veiled prostitutes (sorry for cynicism … facts of life). Such on a stake put earlier, chetvertovat and kolesovat at the same time.

The quote from one questionnaire: “Boys, darlings I want presents and if you generous present the VIP) I Invite to coffee and not only...) It is pure as cocaine, I stupefy as Jim (orininat, did not correct an error).

If to translate literally, then, I think, it will be somehow so: at me for cellular minus 200 rubles, and a shutdown threshold minus 300. So write me the number of a mobile phone quicker, come around until I paint cosmetics tons, I will dress as it seems to me the best things, I will make a hairdress and with pleasure from. sou to you for sushi (that the nastiest).

Oh, Gods where we slide. Guys sell soul at the similar price, and girls trade in bodies, without hesitating of anything and without hiding … a dating site - the good way to raise a self-assessment to the girl who except the body has more and nothing to brag also to guys who it is more terrible than atomic warfare, with intelligence below, than at the Neanderthal man, and with the vital principle: “It is unimportant with whom, it is unimportant where and when, it is important as - without attachments, obligations and “quicker, than rabbits“.

Examples, of course, not about all, but belong to vast majority of inhabitants of the website! Yes, it is sad … And all this only ascertaining of the facts about which all know, but pretend that it does not belong to them …