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The baby has a diathesis? The help to the kid of

Usually, we, parents, begin to be afraid of citrus, any nuts, any red fruit, and even tomato, suspecting that they can cause diathesis. “hot hand“ is come also by condensed milk, eggs.

If to trust WHO statistics, then more than seventy percent of children suffer from diathesis. The reasons for that is and violation of balance of intestines, improper feeding, an allergy on what much - that products, bad ecology of the cities. As a result on a body, a face, hands, legs, crusts, raschesa, an itch appear. All this affects behavior of children - concern, a bad dream, children are hyperactive. It and is shown by the fact that at the child sensitivity to some food thereof there are heat-spots, crusts is increased, cheeks of kids are shelled.

Of course, all of us know that strawberry, raspberry, sweets, a citrus can cause all this. But it is not all list: the redness can arise from carrots juice, from egg, products from soy, fish, nuts.

But with diathesis as, it appeared, there was a confusion. Diathesis is not the diagnosis, it is predisposition. Children suffer from atopic dermatitis.

It is difficult to treat diathesis. But it needs to be done as diathesis is the first stage of atopic dermatitis, and then maybe the second - neurodermatitis. At treatment of diathesis antihistamines, sometimes, if the disease is already started, hormonal ointments can be required.

But it is necessary to notice that some diseases which happen at children at adults are not observed. Think whether much you saw women and men with crimson cheeks after they ate, for example, avocado? The organism grows, it has the whole complex of features in activity of a gastrointestinal tract, in development of infectious diseases, development of reactions to civilization factors, it concerns also means of household chemicals and drugs.

That children were not allergic persons, it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible. Then, it will be very difficult to cope with atopic dermatitis. If it is correct to carry out treatment, then the person can be relieved of an illness. At the person with age adaptation improves, immunity becomes stronger. The healthy organism neutralizes and brings allergens out of an organism. But all of us live in the world of allergens and from them not to get to anywhere. Even if there are no products which contain them, they are in air (pollen), it is hair of pets, clothes and you never know in whom what substance can cause an allergy, all this very individually. And at children immunity is still very weak, about six months it is absent at all. That is why mothers nursing do not need to eat products which can cause an allergy in children. Often allergic children who have available a dysbacteriosis therefore, it is necessary to make the test which will disprove are subject to diseases or will confirm this diagnosis. The broken microflora is not capable to maintain immunity up to standard. The main thing, it is necessary to understand in what the diathesis reason. Wash children`s things the powder which is specially intended for children`s linen or children`s soap. It is possible to bathe in a train, but it not always helps, to allow to drink camomile broth. Good luck!