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Who needs fairy tales today?

So were moved that fantastic or, in other words, tall and magic tales, pass from father to son throughout centuries, and find reflection in cultures of the different people. In them in an available form rise, it would seem at first sight, not considerable, and actually - important, actual and today problems. In them the good and evil, altruism and greed, courage and cowardice, mercy and cruelty, persistence and cowardice are opposed. They tell the reader that the world - difficult piece that in it there is an injustice that fear, a regret and despair - in the same degree part of our life as pleasure, optimism and confidence. But the most important - they say that if the person does not give up, even when situation seems desperate if he does not change the moral principles though the temptation and attracts it continually, he, eventually, will surely win.

It is true, and scientists demonstrate that miracles happen presently more and more seldom to it, nevertheless the faith of people in them steadily remains therefore we like not only to read, but to think out unusual stories.

What is the literary fairy tale? the Literary fairy tale as the separate literary phenomenon was selected to

last century and “long ago became a full literary genre“. Today the fairy tale is at a stage of active development. However, it is worth noticing, the also izmenchivy the world surrounding us is more modern, the nepredskazuyemy is also a fairy tale. At the moment it is already impossible to give definition of the literary fairy tale in a separation from other fantastic genres having the general roots.

We will give one of definitions of the literary fairy tale as an example: “The literary fairy tale we will call such work in which events, characters or situations, by means of certain techniques, going out of the observed world to the magic, “secondary“ world are represented“. This “secondary“, or fantastic, the world “forms a basis of the magic fairy tale which, in turn, transferred her to younger fantastic genres, such as the literary fairy tale, science fiction or a fantasy. “In the magic fairy tale extraordinary is not removed for a framework of system - it forms this framework“.

Modern author`s fairy tale “it is very free also in the material choice, and in the choice of a form“. As for “material“, it is necessary to tell that any literary work has to be actual, respectively, it bears the impress of the time, and “approach of the fairy tale to the present, action transferring changes both behavior of the hero, and idea of the fairy tale today“. As the outlook and attitude of the person changes, and “the modern literary fairy tale cannot remain in the power of former ideas of the world“.

Compose fairy tales and you give them to people

in the conditions of active approach of the popular literature some graphomania was inevitably shown, and destruction of canons of the traditional fairy tale followed, but nevertheless, in general it is possible to speak rather about development of this genre, but not about its degradation. Not without reason today speak about prosperity of “fairy tales for adults“, i.e. today there are already various forms of the literary fairy tale: the fairy tales intended especially for children, the fairy tales accumulating information on traditions of the past, the fairy tale universal interesting to both children, and adults, etc. Right there it is necessary to mention also the cousin of the literary fairy tale - science fiction. Exactly presently the “fantastic“ boom is observed on truth. And fantasy! The fantasy is inherently directed to “escape“ from real life by creation of the world of the rethought myths, legends and legends.

A conclusion arises quite simple - the literary fairy tale and today one of the most popular genres of art of the word. It is loved and clear to most of readers, regardless of age and intellectual development.

If you the author, and just think about volume what subject to choose for your future work, - write our council about improbable events of your life, compose the tale of modern villains and heroes!