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What to surprise guests with? The flaring apples! I do not love

fall. Under legs slush, cold weather comes nearer … But at “the nature there is no bad weather“, any time, especially fall - harvesting time has undoubted advantages.

On disorders of the “collective-farm“ markets peaches, bananas and grapes, traditional (for a long time) for a midland, are restricted by local beauties - apples. Red - yellow - green, large and not really, sour and sweet, beautiful and previously tasted by a worm, juicy and sluggish, with glossy sides and covered with unclear black specks - the most different, for every taste, and under any culinary task.

Here about them, culinary tasks, we will also talk. What can be made with apples? Of course, it is the best of all to take and eat. Without having forgotten carefully them before it to wash up, certainly. Vitamins and useful substances in crude apples just a great lot.

Well, ate couple of pieces as option - to steam of kilograms. More somehow there is no wish. What with all other magnificence to do? Let`s compote weld, or here, to arrival of friends of pies with apples we will bake. It will be tasty, but it is habitual and uninteresting and whom apple pie can surprise?

And to surprise is than. I offer apples of a flambe. It is such way of cooking in a flame of the burning alcohol. If it is a little friends, and all of them find room in kitchen, then the tasty entertainment can be combined with effective fiery show. We start.

Apples it is required a little, on a frying pan to them it has to be rather free. Proceeding from this criterion, also we define quantity. If to fill ware densely, it is inconvenient to prepare. Will be a little? Do not worry, anyway will not be enough. It is sure how many to prepare - friends will sweep away everything without the rest and will demand repetition.

A selection criterion of apples - their hardness. The more firmly - the better. To taste - I believe, will approach turned sour better - sweet or in general sour because in a dish we will use sugar. However, on taste … the Prepared apples we wash

, we cut off a peel, we delete a core and we cut on portion pieces. Apple of the average sizes - on eight parts.

On a frying pan we heat butter and we fry in it apples. Creamy it is more preferable vegetable, the last can muffle apple aroma while creamy will only add the taste. The frying pan should not be covered, but you hold a cover near at hand, it can be useful in a few minutes.

The fried apples are plentifully sugared. The Sahara not to be sorry! Superfluous from apples will flow down and will remain on a frying pan, apples will take in themselves sweets so much how many it is required to them.

We continue to fry, without being lazy constantly to mix. When all sugar thaws, we remove a dish from fire and we fill in with cognac. Cognac not sugar, it is not required much, we affect an average frying pan about 50 g

quickly, precisely and carefully Further. A frying pan again on fire. If contents at the same time did not flash in itself - we strike a lighter, and together with the delighted audience loudly we shout modern “wow!“ without forgetting to mix apples stirring of a frying pan.

To burn out excess alcohol, one minute of burning suffices. The flame will go out in itself, as a last resort, cover a frying pan which (you remember?) has to be near at hand.

We spread ready apples on a plate and we sauce from a frying pan, we strew with cinnamon if guests not against. Nearby it is possible to put a jam spoon from any citrus, it is well combined to taste with our gifts of the nature.

All. It is possible to eat. If the cook shows some quickness - will get also to it. Otherwise only guests will enjoy taste.

Bon appetit!