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That costs to us... to construct a country house? From personal experience I will tell

Ya about the house now, but that it did not seem that my story and - la “The rich cry too“, at once I will make a reservation. I will not justify myself, will make a reservation.

For the life I “tried“, perhaps, all types of housing. With parents in a close lodge, in the house it is more; in the car wooden, badly heated, with the baby on hands; in the six-meter room of a hostel without windows (the former storeroom). Well, and now - in the big house in the closest suburb of Minsk. And my family now very big.

So if you will tell “And you try …“, so I - already! Already tried everything.

We will omit conversation about housing inconvenient - was and passed, thank God. Let`s begin with convenient. For example, from the three-room apartment in the downtown.

The good apartment in the new brick red beautiful house, in most - the presamy center of Minsk. For me it is better in the village with an oven and a well, than here so every morning to hear how the neigbour the floor below from a toilet directs actions of the husband in the mornings: “There, in the lower box, more warmly to it put on tights! No, not white, white by a holiday let lie. And not in florets, will not approach this short skirt …“ On days off in general there is no place to get to - weddings, holidays, advertizing shouts, the people, having got drunk beer, on entrances not locked tychtsya … Horror, well. It is possible to get used, of course. And I did not want.

Bothered to watch TV after work, to look out of the windows - TVs, to walk on the central streets through crowds of visitors.

And here, at last, the dream was achieved - we sold the expensive apartment instantly, for couple of days, having surprised with the act all family and acquaintances. By several purchases - sales and exchanges we achieved what we have now - the big house in the nearest suburb (4 km from the capital) with a big site - a garden.

Why there were several exchanges? Delov the fact that houses are under construction somehow without brains I would tell. You will not live in it, “wrong“ yet, you will not understand. The house in which we live now was bought unfinished. Bearing walls were, and here we did internal planning, taking into account the desires. What

it, house correct, convenient to all family members?

As the realtor I see a set of houses, the cottages constructed on different projects. What in them the general? What different they would not seem, the general is in all big houses: the first floor - household, the second - sleeping.

Who buys or rather big, a cottage builds the house? Correctly, big family. And in a big family or is or there will be both old men, and children.

This circumstance at once reveals the unpleasant moments - for old men with their sore legs and the kids who only are starting walking, ladders become the main and main inconvenience. Therefore in the house which is inhabited by a big family on the first floor just surely there has to be at least one living room and a bathroom.

the Roof

Well, the best and expensive - tile, of course. From inexpensive it is the best of all ondulin. This soft and durable covering. A tin - too it is cheap. But here when a thunder-storm, heavy rain, a hail - it is possible to go crazy from noise!

Tell the Sizes of rooms to

to become the close friend to the friend, dear people have to embrace at least eight times a day. And how here to embrace the daughter, the son or the husband if for this purpose it is necessary to stamp on other floor? How to chat about school, about friends, about work? The big bedrooms equipped with the TV, the computer, a bookcase and a case with toys - the evil and harm in education of children. Big houses separate a family, my opinion firm.

You can be the whole day in one house and not the nobility, than there lives your child. What watches what plays that at it now in computer bookmarks, who calls him what speak about. Freedom - it is good, but it is dangerous, the child so far - still the child and furthermore the teenager. To overhear, spot - of course, badly. But it is necessary to look after for a long time. Therefore it is better to cut down the bedroom sizes, having left it an opportunity to become “my house - my fortress“ it is exclusive for the night, and on the first floor, is closer to kitchen, a mother`s ancestral lands, to allocate the room - an office.

The kitchen can be and absolutely small, and here big table needs to be had by all means - the family has to gather more often behind a table d`hote.

The most important that I wanted to achieve when planning the first, most functional floor, - to make very spacious hall, long and wide. Also was not mistaken. The hall in our house is separated by a symbolical big arch from the chimney hall. When we want to retire with guests to more chamber situation, we draw the heavy dense portiere dividing a hall and the hall - a drawing room with a fireplace.

My children, all family constantly nearby, at everyone are occupations here. Yesterday washed up a floor and when it dried up, settled to warm up bones, to relax the problem backbone. I lie, I inhale fresh air and I admire a floor - what I am a good fellow that for a covering chose a laminate! Why? I tell. Advantages - the sea!

No, the choice was! Could both lay a parquet, and just good board, and a carpet, and … is not present, well, linoleum - it is frivolous.

On one covering as on a laminate, it is impossible to ride a small tricycle, and now when kids grew up, rollers. On a laminate it is possible to dance, it is possible to drop heavy sharp, it is possible to drag some furniture if it is very heavy. The laminate is a pleasure to wash, a laminate inexpensive, the laminate can be laid in drawing, it is possible to disperse in Czeches and to go meters five …

A as guests when they say to them that the footwear can be not removed are glad!

I here lay and captiously under a ray of sunlight the surface examined - any tsarapinka! And a floor is six years old!

On the second, sleeping floor it has to be soft and silent - there a carpet. the Floor in kitchen

Here I do not even know

what to advise. Perhaps on the contrary, you share a secret with me? I in kitchen have a tile. Beautiful, big, “soft“. About! How many I ware on it broke! Even from the tempered glass, “unbreakable“. It seems, both flew not quickly, and landed slowly, and it is worth touching - a bang - Bach!

It is a pity … Well, put a rug. But they are continuous cleaning, it is constantly wet, wool from a cat, a peel from onions drips on it, … Nonsense, well. It seems. Or in kitchen to get disposable tableware? Or plastic. Ceilings

I Hate

just white, boring, as in hospital. I surely decorate them with something that in case of sleeplessness it was not dull to look in a ceiling. Or I will cut out some element from wall-paper and I will arrange beautiful drawing, or I will scatter rare asterisks in a children`s bedroom. In the chimney hall thought up drawing some surrealistic, it very much in a subject.

Guests see ceilings not at once, did not get used to examine them. And then some even photograph. It is pleasant.

the Porch

Well, is an obligatory element. The peak needs to be had over a porch. From a rain, from the sun. But it is better to turn this porch into the real verandah, with huge windows, warmed in the winter here to leave “domestic“, footwear on duty and clothes. And still is an element of safety. Not at once you open an entrance door for the sudden visitor, and through a peculiar cordon, a barrier honor.

the Yard

With what impatience all of us wait for holiday, there is nothing even to speak. And here my supervision - as soon as we moved from the apartment to the downtown to a country house, I stopped thinking in general about need of rest.

After work, having hardly moored the car on our parking at gate, I right there throw off shoes and barefoot I go on a grass. We, by the way, too any organized a lawn. But in a garden at us - the usual grass, a clover seeded, dandelions grow. Ten minutes in the morning on dew - and a charge for the whole day! Ten minutes you forgot to lie down in a garden under an apple-tree after work - and about exhaust gases in the city, about “traffic jams“ and crowds of the pedestrians who are scurrying about to and fro.

Listen to birds, eat a sweet cherry handful, feed dogs and a cat. Live!

Dear reader, sincerely wish you and your family to live in the cozy house out of town! If you have a desire and an opportunity - carry out!

You will not regret.