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How to solve a progress problem?

every day of the leaving summer inevitably came nearer the beginning of new academic year, and with it - and bad marks with all that it implies. Did not manage to look back as September was strictly knocked in a window with the thin teacher`s pointer. The summer harvest season is ended, came it is time “to couch“ a seed of knowledge which, unlike seeds sadovo - garden cultures, is given us oh as it is hard.

There passed the first week of month. She again proved to us that three and the six for our son - the everyday, normal and natural occurrence, and remarks in the diary “encourage“ gray sad school everyday life, the monotony of its pages pestret in the red color already half of the used red ampoule of the class teacher.

The solution of a question of progress came somehow unexpectedly and unexpectedly. It turned out so obvious and natural that, besides problems with estimates and behavior, allowed to get rid of one dilemma. My son has to grow up the real man able to earn independently money, but not eternally to ask from mother. I wanted that the understanding that money - an equivalent of persistent work and not differently already since childhood came in any way.

The new system of receiving money for personal needs completely was repaid. Though some teachers will also criticize, claiming that material encouragement is a destruction of internal motivation to study, it would be desirable to remind the following: we live for a long time in new society where external motives direct our daily activity. We go to work to earn money for life, health, study, but not to lift the moral and physical spirit, truly? Therefore also your child has to be able to adapt to modern life that he in old age did not want to discuss then on a shop with neighbors bad salaries, any government, price increase, inflation, etc. All this

that nobody teaches children at school of the life. They are given knowledge, but do not tell as well as where to put them into practice. To the public children leave blind kittens, besides also without moustaches, deprived of feeling of sense of smell and touch. And somewhere “sharks“ of business on whom it is necessary to kowtow, dictate the prices, policy, life … to

So, having carefully considered, I decided to undertake a role of the teacher of life. Each 5 points irrespective of, in the diary or a notebook they are delivered (the main thing that were not duplicated), were estimated at 30 rubles, each 4 points are equivalent to 20 rubles.

But not everything is so simple. Each negative assessment involved penalties, from fines before “freezing“ of the account, as in bank. Each got 2 points is minus 15 rubles, 1 point - minus of 30 rubles, plus blocking of “account“, say, for a week. 3 - neutral estimates for which nothing is provided.

One more condition. The saved-up money is stored at you (as in bank), but not at the child, and handed out only according to the oral instruction. For example, according to needs of your child per day it is possible to give 25 rubles of the saved-up money (it is possible to divide in proportion the saved-up sum for 30 calendar days, on days off to give out more, to allocate already more impressive sum for the considered purchase, etc.) .

And again - not everything is so simple. There is still a rule. The child is forbidden to spend money for harmful food and for rash, unnecessary trifles. It is necessary to teach rational distribution of finance. For violation of this rule the child loses an opportunity to daily cash at you the earned money, say, for 2 - 3 days, depending on complexity of offense (2 days - for an unnecessary thing, 3 days - for purchase of unhealthy products).

If resultant scores all 4 or 5 points, earned for a quarter (in a year) the sum grows by a certain quantity of rubles (or doubles, trebles, how you are ready to encourage financially your child). At the same time at the end of a quarter, year - cash disbursement to the child (any earned sum has to be guaranteed according to his first requirement, irrespective of small offenses). It very much surprised the son, but earned honestly - is earned and therefore it has to be given out. We teach earnings and justice! The person has to receive that he deserved that earned. Otherwise the disappointment of the child will cross out all your efforts.

What happens to the child working on this system? Having well performed tasks, he is able to increase the earnings. Receiving low marks right there affects its consumer ability. Every day, enjoying calculation of the expected profit, the child learns to plan the work, to minimize expenses and to optimize use of the resources.

Dear adults, you like to count too expected and furthermore, the got profit?! To plan its distribution to the future? This feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Present to his and children! Also try not to give money just like that supposedly buy a roll. Let will earn! Will feel all taste! Perhaps, in the future the child will have some valuable idea on earnings of money which, having realized, it will be able to develop in own business. You learn to earn, but not to ask or steal from you from a purse, in case of refusal.

Over time you will notice results. To you, in - the first, it will not be necessary to remind daily and repeatedly about not made lessons, in - the second, in a portfolio (but not houses) there will always be those textbooks and notebooks which are necessary at lessons, and, at last, in the diary as constant “residents“ the highest points will appear.

And the most interesting: having finished academic year, the child will ask about additional earnings. You remember, such opportunity is. For the summer at school give quite big list of references on reading, buy the collection of mathematical exercises, the adapted literature in a foreign language and control performance already of your tasks.

Thus, during the summer your child not only will not forget the material learned in a year, but also will seize new. The new designer or the machine on radio control is required - there is also a motivation to sit down at books. Besides, you can artificially urge on the child to study even if he has everything also does not want to buy it to him. Just you move on toy stores. Believe, the motivation to study will surely wake up. The child is a little person who wants something moderately the age.

Here you if you want the TV or the vacuum cleaner, work hard, save money, refuse to yourself something … Let and your child join our “predatory“ world. Earns by the knowledge, saves on croutons and chips, buys that it is necessary to it, but does not grow razbalovanny because of permissiveness. From it the people, unadapted to life, who are not able to earn, embittered and self-interested also grow up. The person knowing the price to money since the childhood will always save, find necessary vital options, it is correct to place priorities.

You will surely notice and appreciate the fact that in process of a growing your child will like to be successful what you will not tell about schoolmates. The self-assessment will rise, there will be a motivation to success which is not connected directly with money any more. Such motivation can be considered as an ultimate goal of your educational program.

The earned reputation, finally, will become end in itself for your successor prepared for life, who is not experiencing any difficulties on a successful course of life. And what inheritance - moral values - you enclose in your child, depends only on you. Do not waste time in vain, use each opportunity!