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Where it is possible to have a rest on the velvet season? The review of the Review

the Velvet season - dream of everyone who was tired of city bustle and the hot sun which this year more than ever “pleased“ us with the scorching beams and the exhausting heat.

Being puzzled with a question where to go to the velvet season, pay your attention to the resorts of Bulgaria. There you are waited by the mass of impressions, undoubtedly, high-quality, good-natured and friendly service, a soft temperate climate, different entertainments, pure, well-groomed beaches and various medical procedures.

It is not the complete list of what is offered by hospitable Bulgaria. It, of course, can be continued. To whatever corner of this picturesque country you went, will be always glad to you and will surround with attention and care.

Choosing the vacation spot abroad, often we are guided by several criteria: low price level, high-quality service, practicality and receiving pleasure from beauty of the nature. The Review (Bulgaria) is also such place.

This rather small town was located in a picturesque corner between Varna and Bourgas. Directly to the sea mountains Stara Planina go down here, gentle slopes are covered with magnificent greens. The review is famous for the wide beaches with small golden sand more than 8 km long. Here one of the few environmentally friendly natural zones of Bulgaria. On it for rest it is generally chosen by practical Germans and Bulgarians.

You should not worry on the fact that in the small cities like the Review there will be no place to move in the evening. Infrastuktura is developed well here. At your service night discos, bars, small restaurants. A female half will be pleasantly surprised with large number of shops and a raciness of a market. In the center of the town the supermarket where you will find all necessary for pleasant rest settles down. Everything is all right in the Review and with beach entertainments. At your service a water ski, the scooter, driving on banana and parachutes.

It is not much sights in the city. Of them ruins of the ancient Roman temple of Jupiter are main. In the territory of city park in thickets of trees the small churchlet hid. And in vicinities you can visit the remains of Ancient Greek fortress. Here, perhaps, and all. But the favorable arrangement of this quiet resort disposes to numerous excursions, and not only across Bulgaria. In three hours you will be able to reach even Istanbul and with advantage to spend the whole day there.

Of course, here it is worth going with small children. Not populousness of beaches will allow you to watch without effort your child, and at restaurants and cafe will offer you the children`s menu.

By the way, it is worth talking about a culinary delicacy of Bulgarian cuisine separately. Give here just the huge portions which to eat it is unreal, and so there is a wish - aroma from them goes magnificent. You will find various meat, fish and vegetables dishes in the menu.

Especially it is worth tasting “Shopsky salad“, any meal of the Bulgarian does not do without it. Cold Tarator soup for dinner, something reminding our okroshka, refreshes and tones up an organism after nourishing, plentiful lunches. It is worth trying and “Sirene on - shopsk“, it is the baked mix from sheep cheese, eggs and tomatoes flavored with spices. Generally, kitchen here various, all with soul is also very tasty prepared. Wine belongs to traditional drinks of Bulgaria, of course. Magnificent taste will bring it a romanticism note in your mood.

Visit of the Review will be for you a real discovery. The silence, a cosiness, tranquility of this resort will do you good and will load with energy for all forthcoming working year.