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Problem zone? About the questions connected with intimate parts of a body at children of

of Many parents seriously disturbs both a question of hygiene of genitals of children, and a question of sex education. Honestly - these places are very sensitive, skin on them gentle and subject to inflammations in case of pollution, and mucous membranes easily give in to attack of any microbes. Besides, growing up, children even more often pay attention to the places below a belt, they serve as a subject of quite serious discussions in children`s collective, and disturbs adults whether will come to which of children to mind of “unnecessary and harmful“ thought.

But actually these problems are easily solved if adults adequately react to them and impart own useful experience with children. The problem of external urinogenital bodies actually is not more terrible than questions of hygiene of an oral cavity, a nasopharynx, ear channels and any other part of our body inclined to become soiled and collect on itself microbes at all. In our educated century means of hygiene and leaving which we need to use are available to us, without hoping on otherworldly spirits which on beliefs of primitive people accompanied all parts of a body of the person.

In infancy parents just wash children, here it is necessary just to remember that gentle places wash in one of the last turns, before stupnyam of legs (it is possible to pour at first over all child water). Genitals wash without soap, in case of irritation traces on skin are rinsed with weak solution of a camomile - here it is worth avoiding popular cosmetics where the camomile allegedly is present and to use only natural means, - potassium permanganate as means of disinfection cannot be abused as it in serious cases can only do much harm.

When the child grows up and begins to serve himself, it is necessary to explain him rules of hygiene - the same as we brush teeth, we wash a nose and ears, it is necessary to watch purity of a lower body as unpleasant smells are caused by a congestion of microbes. Genitals, and then an anus, wash with a pure bast or a mitten, it is also whenever possible necessary to wash them after a toilet, hands before visit of a toilet should be washed up too not to bring on intimate bodies of microbes. It is necessary to explain rules of hygiene as usual rules of everyday life (traffic, behavior in public places and at a table) - so the child will accept them easily and naturally and will begin to follow them, having understood that all adults and children act this way.

That sensitive places disturbed the child less, it is necessary to buy to him rather free shorts, and outerwear - from quite dense, but not too rigid matter that it was on a body an easy fit and adequately protected it. You paid attention as children on a holiday when they are dressed in the clothes standing a stake from starch, firm footwear and prickly tights uncomfortably feel - the similar clothes bringing discomfort should be avoided if “the ceremonial shape“ is required, then it is necessary to tell children that the similar clothes serve for exceptional cases, and for every day put on simpler and convenient.

The head of a penis and extreme flesh at boys do not require to themselves especially close attention if with them there are problems, then by this time they for certain will notice it and will tell adults. Of course, it is better if they treat genitals just as to part of a body and will not begin to hesitate to start talking about the related problems. The same treats vulvar lips and a vagina of girls. It is usually rather simple to keep genitals clean and not to touch them without need, especially dirty hands. The same as people do not put dirty hands to themselves in a mouth.

In the summer children run on air, having on themselves very few clothes. I assure you, during games they pay a minimum of attention to the intimate places. Parents should not worry especially in this occasion too. Unless to take measures against stings of bees and mosquitoes. However, here it is enough to explain to the child, than these insects are dangerous. If in shorts the ant creeps, the child for certain will notice it and will tell you.

During bathing or games on the beach children can remain a naked child. However, years from four or from five many prefer bathing suits and swimming trunks. If children continue to treat quietly nakedness - you should not continue this subject persistently. Children will put on when they consider it necessary. The girl can sometimes want to go to the beach in a full swimwear, and after that - stark naked or in one swimming trunks. Similar change of preferences is quite natural both to adults, and to children. It is necessary to remind only sometimes children that those places which adjoin to sand should be washed carefully after visit of the beach. And, of course, to sit down only where it is pure, and it is better on a plank bed or a laying. Shorts do not give absolute protection - when leaving from the beach change them on pure and dry at once, and in what the child was on the beach should be washed.

Of course, among peers at preschool age there can be talk on “an indecent subject“. Children often study obscene jokes at seniors, and in practice not so much to jokes, how many the attitude towards them. Here it is necessary simply to react to the similar words and expressions heard from children more quietly. It is enough to tell once that such words are used badly by well-mannered people to touch others and that you are not going to support this subject. If your child told that someone from his peers and companions on games released some joke about his “piska“, then tell that it does not concern people around and he should not pay attention to similar remarks as only the doctor at survey can do them. In general let know to the child that confusion and constraint he shows the weakness and the fact that there is with it something not as it should be. Intimate parts of a body - the subject concerning only him, and his body - it what it was created by the nature, and nothing to be confused to it. It will warn shame at visit public shower and medical examination at the doctor at school or summer camp of rest.

Years in 10 - 11 that is before children become teenagers, it is possible to tell them about how adults watch over the health, observe purity of a body and visit the doctor. At this age children already seek to be like in everything adults, appreciate trust and respect from seniors, and the gained knowledge will be useful to them in teenage collective where they should be more independent, and at the next planned medical examination which is carried out among 12 - summer.