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Whether it is easy to create cars for solid clients? Pakkard - a limousine - a legend of

B Howard Darrin created 1940 a younger series of Pakkard - Klipper.

This car formed the basis of development of the Soviet ZIS - 110. It was expensive and solid, but the former chic in it was not. It corresponded to the former name 1 - 20. After its war began to designate as Eyt`s Standard, and model 1 - 60 - as Kastom Eyt.

Already not far off there was an attack on the Pearl - Harbor. This year stopped release 12 - cylinder cars. A limited series released open “Victoria“ - with the lowered profile and folding top of a prompt form. The windshield was extraordinary strongly inclined back, but it was not succeeded to get rid of conservative image.

In the company catalog the unusual model - “Steyshn a sedan“ with a body “station wagon“ in woodie style appeared. The wooden framework was not hidden, on the contrary - carefully vystrugan, otshkuren and is varnished. The top-quality oak went for its production, and inserts were from a maple. Such cars were at that time manufactured in extremely limited quantities - demand was minimum. For this reason at production of bodies the tree was applied - work of team of good cabinetmakers cost cheaper certain forming and welding lines. Before war it was constructed about two hundred “wooden“ Pakkardov, from them units remained - not without reason Americans called them “termitaries“.

During war at Pakkarda plants aircraft engines “Curtis - Wright“ were made - this company placed the contract with providing technologies as to it alone was not to pull the federal order - motors thousand a day were required for the front.

After war the company could resume only Klipper`s production. And the new model of 1948 was created on its basis, only separate wings were replaced by a continuous smooth board. It looked not really - the car was called “the turned bathroom“. In the drawn brochures and journal strips of the car diligently represented stocky and spread, but it was not true. Under a cowl there was outdated line “eight“. As the market demanded cars with automatic boxes, and everything was not possible to master their release, it was necessary to buy kadillakovsky units. Generally, the aura of glory of once great name began to grow dim.

Before war on Pakkardakh nakapotny figures - mascots (mascot) - Mercury catching a wheel, the girl in Bathsheba`s pose at the pool could be established various look... Now there was only a pelican. But it was increased in sizes.

In 1951 the young designer Richard Tig created the Karibbien model which name had to be associated with pleasant pastime in the smart resort. The first series of cars left with the old motor to which only increased extent of compression. But it looked not bad. It was possible to call it sports, in representation of Americans, of course.

At this time merger of companies “Pakkard“, “Studebeyker“, “Hudson“ and “Nash“ in the major concern capable to resist to the Big three from Detroit - “General motors“, to “Ford“ and “Chrysler“ as the managements of these companies not without justification believed that on the single not to be kept by it afloat reflected. But the sudden death of the president of the Nash - Kelvineytor company George U. Mason did not allow to finish business. So there were Ameriken Motors and Studebeyker - Pakkard companies.

Tig, being a fan of sports cars, created the double machine with a fiberglass body, the similar Chevrolet Corvette. In the beginning Gray Wolf II wanted to call it, but the retro was for those times irrelevant, and the glory of the small brave racing machine of the beginning of the XX century did not seem attractive to marketing specialists. The car called Panthers and when prepared the new motor with high degree of a forsirovka - Dighton`s Panthers. The sports dvukhmestka looked very stylishly. Its zone line smoothly went down to a back wing. In registration of a front pakkardovsky traditions were kept, but it did not look conservatively. Later Tig renewed to the machine design, having supplied it with tail plumage in the spirit of a perspective model range. But it did not reach a series.

In 1954 the market was entered by two new families of models - Karibbien and cheaper Klipper. They did not belong to the highest class any more, and there corresponded to cars the Buick, De Soto, Hudson Hornet. Stood on them new V - figurative 8 - the cylinder motor. A limited series the sports cabriolet which motor with three carburetors developed 275 forces was issued. The Four Handred model possessed a special exclusivity. It was intended especially for 400 richest families of America - attempt to revive the dying-away legend. It was a magnificent compartment with small salon and the extended line of the back wings decorated with corrugated aluminum panels. On wings there was a graceful stroke of “Four Hundred“.

In 1956 there were Patrishn and Karibbien models which served as a prototype of ours ZIL - 111 and GAS - 13 Chaika. On a back wing of Zyl even put down in cursive script “Hundred eleven“ in imitation the original.

But “Pakkard“ catastrophically did not keep up with the American automobile fashion which is promptly running in the future. Tomorrow came in a flame of turbines, in a roar dyuz, sparkling stabilizers and a nasal fairing. For 1957 Tig drew a model range of the most advanced shape - promptly pointed machines - rockets.

But to give to these dreams life was not represented possible. The Briggs company at which “Pakkard“ received bodies completely passed under control of “Chrysler“. Body production “Studebeykera“ was in other city, and besides had no sufficient capacities for an opespecheniye bodies (and new development) also “Pakkarda“. As a result simply closed Pakkarda plant in Detroit, and under the Pakkard brand began to sell slightly modified Studebeyker. The public refused to accept such car flatly, and in 1958 car sales under the Pakkard brand stopped.

In 2000 a certain American businessman conceived revival of legendary brand. The prototype with 12 - the cylinder motor, the full drive, an aluminum body and a characteristic contour of forward facing was presented to the press.

But already several years public feed with promises, and do not begin to take orders everything. It seems that everything will be the same as with similar projects (pipe dreams?) Dyyuzenberg, Stutts, Ispano`s revival - Syuiza, Izotta - Frachchini, Invikta, Jensen, Bristol, Li - Francis, Em - Dzhi, motorcycles Indian.

In an anime “The ghost in an armor: Innocence“ the cyberpolice officer Bato from 9 - go department goes by Pakkarda models Four Handred. Artists from Production I. G drew it faultlessly as well as Dyyuzenberg SJ Walton Boutteyl Spidster of the expert - the tracer Isikava.

Of course, in reality police officers do not drive such cars, but dream - another matter. The Japanese animators created the reality in which it is possible to meet own intimate thought, dream or a dream. We understand that the dream of Pakkarda will hardly be embodied in reality.

Here also we look old, still chyorno - white movies.

And our look involuntarily attracts an old photo with a roundish impressive contour of a limousine - reminiscence, a limousine - a legend, a limousine - dream.