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Whether it is easy to create cars for solid clients? Pakkard - a rate on eminent clients of

Chic was the privilege of gangsters in those days.

In one of Chandler`s novels on blue six-seater Pakkarda the terrible murderer - the Indian by the name of the Second grave drove about.

For certain from the point of view of the law and morals owners of smart cars were engaged in very doubtful affairs - remember the novel “The Great Gatsby“. Sometimes it turned out that the car is hired on a nonexistent name or it is put several times.

Many magnificent limousines got on resale on bankruptcies and confiscations. James Tarber has a story about how a married couple with middle-income pritsenyalas to the magnificent car of the Poyndekster brand - just about that time.

Tarber really meant 16 - cylinder Cadillac - in the description is easily learned a city cabriolet of model 452 of 1931 of release, up to the nakapotny figure which appeared at the end of a model season.

It was very difficult to sell such car in 1931. It is constructive better the worked and easier, reliable and economic Marmon Sikstin resulted Howard Marmon`s firm in bankruptcy. “A pier - Errou“, the main competitor of “Pakkard“, it was in long crisis of which did not get out. Erret Loban the Cord Dyyuzenbergov did not get any profit on release magnificent - on the contrary, financed their production from own pocket.

In due time it put forward the principle - beautiful cars are on sale better, and thus lifted up the Auburn company. Now buyers were concerned, first of all, definitely not by(with) beauty. Exotic front-wheel Kord finally took away at Mr. Kord the taste to automobile business, and as a result it liquidated automobile “empire“. However nevertheless let out several hundreds of smart “spidster“ with compressor line “eights“ dispersing to 100 miles/h

“Pakkard“ too built spidster - as an excellent sample the copy on the chassis of model 745 of 1929 of assembly can serve. Style is emphasized literally with each trifle - indexes of turn on wings, graceful blocks of back lighting engineering, hexagons with a company inscription on naves of wheels. A stare of big headlights, scope of forward wings, from - for whom cars “steel cormorants“, the sculptural image of Mercury catching the wheel crowning monumental facing of a radiator - the original embodiment of art deco style received a pro-rank.

The pointed tail part of the case cast thoughts of aircraft. If to think, Pakkard and really it is possible to compare to plane: the spidster is similar on high-speed sports or about the military fighter or the intelligence agent, and the limousine is a comfortable passenger car for “flights“ from office in club or in country possession. Pakkarda really it were pleasant to pilots - to Charles Lindberg, “the woman - a thunder-storm“ Amelia Erkhardt...

Having finally decided to rely on the most provided circle of buyers, “Pakkard“ finished development of the new V12 motor by 1933. The new Twelve model was equipped with the bodies corresponding to big wheel base and a long cowl. Cars received smoothed, prompter, “thoroughbred“ forms. Headlights in streamline tear-shaped cases and an easy inclination of the well-known pakkardovsky false radiator facing were combined with wings of the form which is smoothly “flowing down“ back.

The program was not limited to the long-wheelbase closed limousine and a six-window sedan - there were still a four-window sports sedan, a four-door sedan - a cabriolet, five-window the opera - a compartment, klab - a compartment, Victoria - the compartment and Victoria - konvertibl with folding top, and also a town - carat with open office for the driver and dyyuel - kaul - a phaeton with two isolated cockpits in front and behind, everyone with the windshield - this type is sports - the tourist car was loved by Fittsdzherald`s heroes.

Faithful to the conservatism, the company continued to offer clients a phaeton with the lateral windows and wind-shelter window leaves which are fastened on buttons on windshield racks. Style of these imposing cars was created by Ray Dietrich and Howard Darrin. Darrin already had solid experience of creation of beautiful cars - worked in Paris in the Fernandez &Darrin studio financed by the banker Fernandez, using Ispano`s chassis - Syuiza, then in the States cooperated with the famous body master Tom Hibbard. Together they “sewed a dress“ for such handsome as Dyyuzenberg.

Four-door konvertibl - the sedan was presented as a gift to the glorified pilot Valery Chkalov after his well-known flight through the Arctic. During a way back Chkalov learned that by the same steamship Marlene Dietrich floats. Chkalov did not see its movies, he was bewitched by its image imprinted in photos. By steamship there was a flower boutique, Chkalov bought a huge bouquet of white roses and put at doors of its cabin. Without having decided to knock, it left a short note, having modestly subscribed by “V. Chkalov“, not thinking that now it is well-known not less movie star. All of them met once. Marlene remembered: “He was absolutely wild and crude, had no idea of decencies, but was capable to express the feelings as only Russians can do it, probably,“.

Presented to Chkalov open Pakkard, and to Voroshilov got closed six-window delyuks - a sedan. The closed cars were presented to the Soviet heads more solid and practical. If who thought of romantic shape of a cabriolet, then did not speak aloud - the hobby for “bourgeois excesses“ was not encouraged. Therefore in tables of ranks closed cars relied persons of higher rank. In district committees and other establishments phaetons as official cars were widely used. Sedans was less. And limousines were at all each and all.

Tom Hibbard and Ray Dietrich created the body workshop “Le Baron“ which was carrying out orders of the most eminent clients. Model of “Chrysler“ 80 - x years - a reminder on this workshop. They constructed “ranebnut a spidster“ with the shortened back part, unusual the fact that at the frankly sports character he was installed on the chassis 12 - cylinder Pakkard. Ordered this car Karol Lombard as a wedding gift to Clark Gable. Gable liked a car of such appearance that at policemen hands itched to write out a penalty for speeding even if they stand still. Dyyuzenberg made by his order is widely known to SSJ with the compressor and on the shortened chassis - same, as at Gary Cooper.

Karol and Clark got acquainted at a party in the estate Seong - Simeon of the publishing king William Hirst. Hirst considered himself not alien to art and sought for communication with the creative intellectuals. However Karol Lombard rejected his claims. Hirst gave Marion Davies`s heart, and she accepted this victim, having remained with it until the end of his life. As a gift she including received from it Dyyuzenberg SJ with a body “a compartment - - vill“, dispersing to 200 km/h - more expensive and magnificent car then just was not.

Limousines of that time including Pakkard, got off only according to tastes and needs of rich and famous clients - Lana Turner, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Lilian Harvey. Salons were upholstered with gobelins, the atlas, the thinnest manufacture by morocco. In them bars, humidors, offices for cosmetic accessories were established.

Karol asked Alfred Hitchcock to shoot the movie “about them with Clark“. Hitchcock, having grinned with the usual gloom, created a story about Mr. and Mrs. Smith, under the marriage contract obliged to share with each other the most undercover and intimate thoughts. As a result those understand that their marriage is not strong that, there is opportunity, they without regret would leave. It is easy to present it, isn`t it?

Karol Lombard died in plane crash over Atlantic in 1942. Clark Gable has nobody was to share the experiences.