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To whom mutton eggs? To the most dear visitors! Nervous and especially susceptible individuals man`s to a floor this article, probably, should pass


My husband is a dish prepared, but what I should forcing it have to believed that it will be tasty! And with what awe and as it is timid and guilty it cut a product and turned it inside out...

However, once you tasted then a small slice, it was proud - the miracle, but not food turned out!

The New Year`s table was successful - still, to each guest the recipe was retold only after it, the guest, with astonishment asked on what for a dish, unusual on taste, is offered to it.

You for certain know that in the Caucasus (and in Asia generally) mutton eggs are considered as a delicacy

and are offered as an entertainment to the most dear visitors.

A dish really very gentle and tasty - I advise to try.

Necessary ingredients:

- 4 mutton eggs;

- 3 enough large bulbs;

- a couple of sweet pepper (it is better than different flowers - so more cheerfully);

- 400 g of mix from broccoli and a cauliflower (at me was not, did also without cabbage);

- 2 average garlic gloves;

- oil for frying.

As mutton eggs are on sale crude, it is necessary to remove a rigid cover from them. For this purpose a cover we make an incision also accurately vylushchivay gentle internal part (separates quite easily). We turn inside out.

When everything is cleared, each copy is cut lengthways on 8 parts. We cut straws.

It should be noted that mutton eggs at thermal treatment emit a lot of liquid. Not to suffer with evaporation of the last on a frying pan, we boil the cut product in the added some salt water within 15 minutes.

Meanwhile not really small we cut onions and we fry it to semi-readiness on olive oil (I fried on vegetable and added color, creamy for preservation).

We add to onions the pepper and broccoli cut by straws with a cauliflower. We send small cut garlic glove there. We salt. We fry under a cover to readiness.

On other frying pan we fry the boiled eggs with addition of black and red pepper (on a pinch) and small cut garlic glove. Salt to taste. Fried on mutton fat as at us is it much, the whole ram bought before New year.

On reaching readiness of all ingredients we mix them and we leave under a cover on small fire for about 5-7 minutes. In total together.

All. The dish is ready. Bon appetit! We ate with pleasure!

There was such happiness that delicious mutton eggs at us was much (or dear visitors in a shortcoming), and I risked to prepare one of the favourite salatik in own way, having replaced the put shrimps (forgot to buy) cut by straws and prepared according to the recipe described above, mutton eggs.

It was divinely tasty!

I will tell you the recipe of that salad with shrimps, and there you watch that now it is more available and lovelier to you, ok?

shrimps Salad “Gentle“

- Shrimps to boil a couple of minutes, to clear, tear on small 2 - 3 pieces (and I mutton put eggs!);

- grapefruit to clear of a film (from bitterness), to cut small;

- a fruit of avocado to cut straws;

- carrot to boil;

- to add boiled egg (chicken!);

- mayonnaise.

Well, here... Once again appetite pleasant to you! Call on!